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On October 18, 2019.

On October 18, 2019, “Heavenly Recordings” label released “Somebody’s Knocking”, the eleventh Mark Lanegan (credited to Mark Lanegan Band) studio album. It was recorded in 2019, and was produced by Alain Johannes.


  • Mark Lanegan – vocals
  • Alain Johannes – bass, drum machine, guitar, melodica, mixing, percussion, saxophone, synthesizer, background vocals
  • Rob Marshall – bass, drum programming, guitar, piano, synthesizer
  • Sietse von Gorkom – bass, drum programming, guitar, mellotron, organ, percussion, sound effects, synthesizer
  • Martin Jenkins – drum programming, synthesizer
  • Martyn LeNoble – bass
  • Greg Dulli – guitar, background vocals
  • Freek Cerutti – bass
  • Tom Nieuwenhuijs – drums
  • Shelley Green – background vocals

All tracks by Mark Lanegan.

  1. Disbelief Suspension
  2. Letter Never Sent
  3. Night Flight to Kabul
  4. Dark Disco Jag
  5. Gazing from the Shore
  6. Stitch It Up
  7. Playing Nero
  8. Penthouse High
  9. Paper Hat
  10. Name and Number
  11. War Horse
  12. Radio Silence
  13. She Loved You
  14. Two Bells Ringing at Once

On August 19, 2008.

On August 19, 2008, “Domino Recording Company” label released “Humbug”, the third Arctic Monkeys studio album. It was recorded November 2008 – April 2009, at “Pink Duck” in Burbank, California, “Rancho De La Luna” in Joshua Tree, California, “Mission Sound” in Brooklyn, New York, and was produced by James Ford and Josh Homme.


  • Alex Turner – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Jamie Cook – guitar, keyboards
  • Nick O’Malley – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Matt Helders – drums, backing vocals
  • John Ashton – backing vocals, keyboards
  • Alison Mosshart– additional vocals
  • Alain Johannes– engineer
  • Justin Smith – engineer assistance
  • Claudius Mittendorfer – additional engineering
  • Rich Costey– mixing
  • Howie Weinberg– mastering
  • Guy Aroch– cover, booklet photography
  • Chapman Baehler– booklet photography
  • Mark Bull – booklet photography
  • Justin Smith – booklet photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Alex Turner.

  1. My Propeller
  2. Crying Lightning
  3. Dangerous Animals
  4. Secret Door
  5. Potion Approaching
  6. Fire and the Thud
  7. Cornerstone
  8. Dance Little Liar
  9. Pretty Visitors
  10. The Jeweler’s Hands

On April 28, 2017.

On April 28, 2017, “Heavenly Recordings” label released “Gargoyle”, the tenth Mark Lanegan studio album (credited to Mark Lanegan Band). It was recorded in 2017, and was produced by Alain Johannes.


  • Mark Lanegan – vocals
  • Alain Johannes – guitar, bass, synthesizer, harmonium, mellotron, organ, harpsichord, percussion, background vocals
  • Rob Marshall – bass, guitar, synthesizer, piano, drums, drum programming, loops, horns
  • Greg Dulli– guitar, synthesizer, background vocals
  • Duke Garwood– horns, guitar
  • Martyn LeNoble– bass
  • Fred Lyenn Jacques – bass
  • Jean-Philippe de Gheest – drums
  • Jack Irons– drums
  • Aldo Struyf – piano, percussion, harp
  • Shelley Brien – background vocals
  • Josh Homme– background vocals

Track listing:

  1. Death’s Head Tattoo
  2. Nocturne
  3. Blue Blue Sea
  4. Beehive
  5. Sister
  6. Emperor
  7. Goodbye to Beauty
  8. Drunk On Destruction
  9. First Day of Winter
  10. Old Swan


On June 12, 2007.

On June 12, 2007, “Interscope” label released “Era Vulgaris”, the fifth Queens of the Stone Age stone album. It was recorded July 2006 – April 2007, and was produced by Chris Goss and Joshua Homme.


  • Josh Homme– lead and backing vocals, lead and acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, lap steel guitar, keyboard, electric piano, Rhodes piano, “badly tuned” piano, organ, percussion
  • Troy Van Leeuwen– keyboard, lead guitar , crazy delay” guitar, lap steel guitar, backing vocals, bass, the percussion part that’s a bitch, Moog, rhodes
  • Joey Castillo– drums, percussion, percussion ball
  • Alain Johannes– bass, acoustic and counterpoint guitar, harmonic guitar, counterpoint fiddle, cig” fiddle, marxaphone, backing vocals
  • Chris Goss– keyboard, the chicken pluckin guitar, twinkley bits, organ, electric piano, bass, backing vocals
  • Julian Casablancas– vocals, casio guitar
  • Serrina Sims, Brody Dalle-Homme, Liam Lynch– backing vocals
  • Mark Lanegan– harmony vocals
  • Alain Johannes − engineer
  • Alain Johannes, Joe Barresi− mixing
  • Justin Smith − mixing assistant
  • Stephen Marcussen − mastering
  • Jason Noto − design, illustrations
  • Mark A. Williams − A&R

Track listing:

All tracks by Joshua Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen and Joey Castillo, except where noted.

  1. Turnin’ on the Screw
  2. Sick Sick Sick – Joshua Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Joey Castillo
  3. I’m Designer
  4. Into the Hollow
  5. Misfit Love
  6. Battery Acid
  7. Make It wit Chu – Joshua Homme, Alain Johannes, Melchiondo
  8. 3’s & 7’s
  9. Suture Up Your Future
  10. River in the Road
  11. Run, Pig, Run

On March 30, 2007.

On March 30, 2007, “Eleven” label released “Young Modern”, the fifth and the final Silverchair album. It was recorded April – November 2008, at “Seedy Underbelly Studios” in Los Angeles, “Metalworks Studios” Mississauga, Canada, and was produced by Daniel Johns and Nick Launay.


  • Daniel Johns– vocals, guitar
  • Ben Gillies– drums
  • Chris Joannou– bass guitar
  • Matt Appleton – brass
  • Alain Johannes– slide guitar
  • Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Michelle Rose – pedal steel guitar
  • Paul Mac– keyboards, programming
  • Yonathan Garfias – guitar
  • Elysa Gomez, Nayo Wallace– backing vocals
  • Luke Steele– guitar, backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Daniel Johns, except where noted.

  1. Young Modern Station – Daniel Johns, Julian Hamilton)
  2. Straight Lines – Daniel Johns, Julian Hamilton
  3. If You Keep Losing Sleep
  4. Reflections of a Sound
  5. Those Thieving Birds (Part 1) / Strange Behaviour / Those Thieving Birds (Part 2)
  6. The Man That Knew Too Much
  7. Waiting All Day – Daniel Johns, Julian Hamilton
  8. Mind Reader – Daniel Johns, Julian Hamilton
  9. Low
  10. Insomnia
  11. All Across the World


On June 11, 2013.

On June 11, 2013, “RCA” label released “Damage”, the eighth Jimmy Eat World studio album. It was recorded in October 2012, in Los Angeles, and was produced by Alain Johannes, Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Rick Burch and Zach Lind.


  • Jim Adkins – lead vocals, guitar
  • Tom Linton – guitar, backing vocals, organ
  • Rick Burch – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Zach Lind – drums
  • Alain Johannes– additional guitar
  • James Brown – mixing
  • Ted Jensen – mastering
  • Morning Breath Inc. – art direction, design
  • Michael Elins – photographs

Track listing:

  1. Appreciation
  2. Damage
  3. Lean
  4. Book of Love
  5. I Will Steal You Back
  6. Please Say No
  7. How’d You Have Me
  8. No, Never
  9. Byebyelove
  10. You Were Good



On June 3, 2013.

On June 3, 2013, “Matador Records” label released “…Like Clockwork”, the sixth Queens of the Stone Age album. It was recorded August 2012-March 2013, at “Pink Duck Studios” in Burbank, California, and was produced by Josh Homme, James Lavelle, Troy Van Leeuwen, Dean Feritta and Michael Shuman. The album cover art was by British artist Boneface. “NME” magazine ranked it at number 335 in its list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Josh Homme– lead vocals, guitar, slide guitar, glass,  shakers, piano, Moog synthesizer, Roland SH-201,drums,  percussion, air ,frog and looper, twelve-string guitar, bass guitar
  • Troy Van Leeuwen– guitar, backing vocals, Moog synthesizer, shakers,  handclaps, lap steel guitar, twelve-string guitar, drone guitar, Korg synthesizer, percussion, acoustic guitar,  twelve-string slide guitar
  • Dean Fertita– keyboards, guitar, backing vocals, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, glass, slide guitar, Moog and Korg synthesizers, Rhodes piano, Korg MS-10, clavinet
  • Michael Shuman– bass guitar, backing vocals, cymbals, tambourine, twelve-string guitar, Moog synthesizer, guitar, claves, shakers and handclaps, mellotron
  • Dave Grohl– drums, percussion
  • Joey Castillo– drums, percussion, handclaps
  • Nick Oliveri– backing vocals
  • Mark Lanegan– backing vocals
  • Trent Reznor– co-lead vocals, kick and snare, backing vocals
  • Jake Shears– backing vocals
  • Alex Turner– backing vocals
  • Elton John– backing vocals, piano
  • Jon Theodore– drums, percussion
  • Charlie May– piano
  • Philip Sheppard– strings and arrangements
  • James Lavelle– arrangements
  • Mark Rankin– recording, mixing
  • Joe Barresi– mixing
  • Alain Johannes– additional engineering
  • Justin Smith – additional engineering
  • Gavin Lurssen– mastering
  • Boneface – design, illustrations
  • Liam Brazier – animations

Track listing:

All lyrics by Josh Homme; all music by Troy Van Leewen, Dean Fertita, Michael Shuman and Josh Homme,except where noted.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
  2. I Sat by the Ocean
  3. The Vampyre of Time and Memory
  4. If I Had a Tail
  5. My God Is the Sun
  6. Kalopsia
  7. Fairweather Friends – Mark Lanegan, Troy Van Leewen, Dean Fertita, Michael Shuman, Josh Homme
  8. Smooth Sailing
  9. I Appear Missing
  10. …Like Clockwork

On April 15, 2015.

In April 2015, “Island” label released “The Hope Six Demolition Project”, the ninth PJ Harvey studio album. It was recorded January-February 2015, at “Somerset House” in London, and was produced by Flood, John Parish and PJ Harvey.

  • PJ Harvey– vocals, guitar, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, violin, bass harmonica & autoharp, hand claps
  • John Parish– backing vocals, guitar, percussion, keyboards, variophon, accordion, Mellotron vibes, Baritone guitar & synth bass, autoharp, hand claps
  • Flood– backing vocals, synth bass, Sonic Maverick
  • Mick Harvey– backing vocals, percussion, Taurus pedals, slide guitar, keyboards, bass, guitar, hand claps
  • Jean-Marc Butty – backing vocals, percussion
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson– vocals
  • Terry Edwards– backing vocals, percussion, baritone saxophone, keyboards, guitar, flute & bass harmonica, saxophones, melodica
  • Mike Smith– backing vocals, baritone saxophone, piano, keyboards, saxophones, percussion, hand claps
  • James Johnston– backing vocals, keyboards, violin, guitar, organ
  • Alain Johannes– backing vocals, guitar, saxophone, keyboards, percussion, hand claps
  • Kenrick Rowe – backing vocals, percussion, hand claps
  • Enrico Gabrielli – backing vocals, percussion, bass clarinet, swanee whistle
  • Alessandro Stefana – backing vocals, guitars
  • Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett – backing vocals, bass
  • Flood – mixing
  • Drew Smith – mixing
  • Rob Kirwan – recording, engineering
  • Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett – additional engineering, mix engineering
  • Caesar Edmunds – mix engineering
  • Michelle Henning – artwork, art direction
  • Rob Crane – layout, design
  • Seamus Murphy – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by PJ Harvey.

  1. The Community of Hope
  2. The Ministry of Defence
  3. A Line in the Sand
  4. Chain of Keys
  5. River Anacostia
  6. Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln
  7. The Orange Monkey
  8. Medicinals
  9. The Ministry of Social Affairs
  10. The Wheel
  11. Dollar, Dollar


On August 10, 2004.


On August 10, 2004, “Beggars Banquet” released “Bubblegum”, the sixth Mark Lanegan album. It was recorded 2003 – 2004, was produced by Mark Lanegan,  Chris Goss, Alain Johannes, and was released under the name “Mark Lanegan Band”.


  • Mark Lanegan- vocals, guitar
  • PJ Harvey- vocals
  • Chris Goss- guitar, piano, vocals, choir vocal
  • Tracey Chisholm – tape manipulation, drum machines
  • Molly McGuire- bass, background vocals
  • Aldo Struyf – feedback, synthesizer, piano, organ, tape manipulation
  • David Catching- organ, guitar, lead guitar
  • Wendy Rae Fowler- piano, vocals, background vocals, choir vocal
  • Joshua Homme- guitar, bass, drums, lead guitar
  • Keni Richards – drums
  • Jim Vincent – electronic drums
  • Mike Johnson- lead guitar
  • Ian Moore- background vocals
  • Bukka Allen – organ
  • Alain Johannes- lead guitar, guitars, bass, drums, electronic drums, strings, synthesizer, background vocals, keyboards, organ
  • Natasha Shneider- background vocals
  • Brett Netson- background vocals
  • Greg Dulli- background vocals
  • Nick Oliveri- background vocals, bass, choir vocal
  • Jonathan Russo – bass
  • Izzy Stradlin- vocals
  • Duff McKagan- vocals
  • Troy Van Leeuwen- piano, guitar
  • Joey Castillo- drums
  • John Kastner – guitar, background vocals
  • Eddie Nappi – bass
  • Dimitri Coats- lead guitar, drums, piano
  • Mathias Schneeburger – guitar, background vocals, piano
  • Melanie Campbell – bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Lanegan.

  1. When Your Number Isn’t Up
  2. Hit the City
  3. Wedding Dress
  4. Methamphetamine Blues
  5. One Hundred Days
  6. Bombed
  7. Strange Religion
  8. Sideways in Reverse
  9. Come to Me
  10. Like Little Willie John
  11. Can’t Come Down
  12. Morning Glory Wine
  13. Head
  14. Driving Death Valley Blues
  15. Out of Nowhere

On February 6, 2012.


On February 6, 2012, “4AD” label released “Blues Funeral”, the seventh Mark Lanegan studio album. It was recorded January – May 2011, at “4AD Studio” in Hollywood, and was produced by Alain Johannes.


  • Mark Lanegan- vocals
  • Alain Johannes- guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
  • Jack Irons- drums
  • Aldo Struyf- keyboards, guitar
  • David Rosser, Duke Garwood, David Catching- guitar
  • Martyn LeNoble– bass

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Lanegan.

  1. The Gravedigger’s Song
  2. Bleeding Muddy Water
  3. Gray Goes Black
  4. St Louis Elegy
  5. Riot in My House
  6. Ode to Sad Disco
  7. Phantasmagoria Blues
  8. Quiver Syndrome
  9. Harborview Hospital
  10. Leviathan
  11. Deep Black Vanishing Train
  12. Tiny Grain of Truth