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In October 1973.

In October 1973, “United Artists” label released “Please Don’t Ever Change”, the fifth Brinsley Schwarz album. It was recorded in July 1973, and was produced by Vic Maile, Brinsley Schwarz, Ian Gomm, Billy Rankin and Nick Lowe.


  • Brinsley Schwarz – vocals, guitar, alto saxophone, piano
  • Ian Gomm – vocals, guitar
  • Bob Andrews – vocals, piano, organ
  • Nick Lowe – vocals, bass guitar
  • Billy Rankin – drums
  • Kingsley Ward, Len Foster, Vic Maile – engineers
  • Waldo’s Design – sleeve

Track listing:

All tracks by Nick Lowe, except where noted.

  1. Hooked on Love – Ian Gomm
  2. Why Do We Hurt the One We Love
  3. I Worry (‘Bout You Baby)
  4. Don’t Ever Change – Gerry Goffin, Carole King
  5. Home in My Hand – Ronnie Self
  6. Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)
  7. I Won’t Make It Without You
  8. Down in Mexico
  9. Speedoo – Esther Navarro
  10. The Version (Hypocrite) – Leroy Sibbles

In January 1975.

In January 1975, “United Artists” label released “Down by the Jetty”, the debut Dr. Feelgood album. It was recorded June – November 1974, and was produced by Vic Maile.


  • Lee Brilleaux- lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, slide guitar
  • Wilko Johnson- guitar, piano, backing and lead vocals
  • John B. Sparks – bass
  • The Big Figure – drums
  • Bob Andrews- organ, saxophone
  • Brinsley Schwarz- saxophone
  • Dave Charles, Kingsley Ward, Pat Moran – engineers

Track listing:

All tracks by Wilko Johnson; except where noted.

  1. She Does It Right
  2. Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
  3. The More I Give
  4. Roxette
  5. One Weekend
  6. That Ain’t the Way to Behave
  7. I Don’t Mind
  8. Twenty Yards Behind
  9. Keep It Out of Sight
  10. All Through the City
  11. Cheque Book – Mickey Jupp
  12. Oyeh! – Mick Green
  13. Bony Moronie / Tequila – Larry Williams, Danny Flores- live recording

In July 1972.

In July 1972, “Bearsville” label released the debut, self-titled Foghat album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Tom Dawes and Dave Edmunds.


  • Dave Peverett: vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Rod Price: lead and slide guitar, dobro
  • Tony Stevens: bass guitar, harmony vocals
  • Roger Earl: drums, percussion
  • Andy Fairweather Low: backing vocals
  • Dave Edmunds: additional guitars
  • John Ward: additional bass
  • Colin Earl: piano
  • Engineered by Ralph Downs, Kingsley Ward
  • Mixed by Dave Edmunds, Nick Jameson

Track listing:

  1. I Just Want to Make Love to You – Willie Dixon
  2. Trouble, Trouble – Dave Peverett
  3. Leavin’ Again (Again!) – Dave Peverett, Tony Stevens
  4. Fool’s Hall of Fame – Dave Peverett
  5. Sarah Lee – Dave Peverett, Rod Price
  6. Highway (Killing Me) – Dave Peverett, Rod Price
  7. Maybelline – Chuck Berry
  8. A Hole to Hide In – Dave Peverett, Rod Price, Roger Earl
  9. Gotta Get to Know You – Deadric Malone, Andre Williams


In May 1974.

In May 1974, “MCA” label released “In for the Kill!” the fourth Budgie studio album. It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Burke Shelley, Tony Bourge, Pete Boot and Rodger Bain.


  • Burke Shelley- bass guitar, vocals
  • Tony Bourge- guitar
  • Pete Boot – drums
  • Kingsley Ward – Engineer
  • Pat Maran – Engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Tony Bourge and Burke Shelley, except where noted.

  1. In for the Kill
  2. Crash Course in Brain Surgery – Burke Shelley, Tony Bourge, Ray Phillips
  3. Wondering What Everyone Knows
  4. Zoom Club
  5. Hammer and Tongs
  6. Running From My Soul
  7. Living on Your Own