Graham Parker and the Rumour: Heat Treatment

In October 1976, “Vertigo” label released “Heat Treatment”, the second Graham Parker and The Rumour album. It was recorded in 1976, at “Rockfield Studios” in Wales, and was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange and Nick Lowe.


  • Graham Parker– vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
  • Bob Andrews– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Brinsley Schwarz– guitar, backing vocals
  • Martin Belmont– guitar, backing vocals
  • Andrew Bodnar– Fender bass
  • Steve Goulding– drums, backing vocals
  • John “Viscount” Earle– saxophones
  • Danny Ellis – trombone
  • Albie Donnelly – saxophones
  • Dick Hanson – trumpet

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Parker.

  1. Heat Treatment
  2. That’s What They All Say
  3. Turned Up Too Late
  4. Black Honey
  5. Hotel Chambermaid
  6. Pourin’ It All Out
  7. Back Door Love
  8. Something You’re Going Through
  9. Help Me Shake It
  10. Fools’ Gold

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