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On January 22, 2016.

On January 22, 2016, “House of Mythology” label released “ATGCLVLSSCAP”, the tenth Ulver studio album. It was recorded in February 2014, at “Subsonic Society”, “Oak Hill Studios” in Oslo, Norway, and was produced by Seth Beaudreault, Ole Alexander Halstensgård, Anders Møller, Daniel O’Sullivan, Kristoffer Rygg, Jørn H. Sværen, Ivar Thormodsæter and Tore Ylvisaker.


  • Seth Beaudreault — audiovisuals
  • Ole Alexander Halstensgård — electronics
  • Anders Møller — percussion
  • Daniel O’Sullivan — bass, guitar
  • Kristoffer Rygg — electronics, percussion, voice
  • Jørn H. Sværen — voice
  • Ivar Thormodsæter — drums
  • Tore Ylvisaker — keys, electronics
  • Ralph Blagau — driver 1, stagehand
  • Chris Fullard — FOH, tour manager
  • Mark Lewis — tour booking
  • Aleš Meduna — driver 2, merchandise mind
  • Jaime Gomez Arellano – mastering
  • Tor Harald Degerstrøm, THD Vinyl Mastering – cut for vinyl
  • Paschalis Zervas, + wolframgrafik, Athens – design, layout

Track listing:

  1. England’s Hidden
  2. Glammer Hammer
  3. Moody Stix
  4. Cromagnosis
  5. The Spirits That Lend Strength Are Invisible
  6. Om Hanumate Namah
  7. Desert/Dawn
  8. D-Day Drone
  9. Gold Beach
  10. Nowhere (Sweet Sixteen)
  11. Ecclesiastes (A Vernal Catnap)
  12. Solaris

In December 1975.

In December 1975, “ECM” label released “Solstice”, the fourth Ralph Towner album. It was recorded in 1975, at “Arne Bendiksen Studio” in Oslo, and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Ralph Towner– 12-string and classical guitar, piano
  • Jan Garbarek– tenor and soprano saxophone, flute
  • Eberhard Weber– bass, cello
  • Jon Christensen– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All compositions by Ralph Towner except where noted.

  1. Oceanus
  2. Visitation
  3. Drifting Petals
  4. Nimbus
  5. Winter Solstice
  6. Piscean Dance
  7. Red and Black
  8. Sand – Eberhard Weber


On April 16, 2012.

On April 16, 2012, “Kscope” label released “Weather Systems”, the ninth Anathema album. It was recorded 2011 – 2012, in Liverpool, North Wales and Oslo, and was produced by Christer-André Cederberg, Vincent Cavanagh and Daniel Cavanagh.


  • Daniel Cavanagh– lead vocals, co-lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, piano
  • Jamie Cavanagh – bass guitars
  • Vincent Cavanagh– lead and backing vocals, keyboards, programming,

Electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitars

  • John Douglas – drums, keyboards, programming
  • Lee Douglas – lead, co-lead and backing vocals
  • Petter Carlsen – backing vocals
  • Christer-André Cederberg– bass guitars, piano
  • Joe Geraci – spoken word
  • Wetle Holte – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Daniel Cavanagh, except where noted.

  1. Untouchable, Part 1
  2. Untouchable, Part 2
  3. The Gathering of the Clouds
  4. Lightning Song
  5. Sunlight
  6. The Storm Before the Calm – John Douglas
  7. The Beginning and the End
  8. The Lost Child
  9. Internal Landscapes

On January 29, 2016.

On January 29, 2016, “ECM” label released “What Was Said”, the seventh Tord Gustavsen album. It was recorded in April 2015, at “Rainbow Studio” in Oslo, and was produced by Manfred Eicher. The album was awarded “Album of the Year” by The German Record Critics’ Award.


  • Tord Gustavsen- piano
  • Simin Tander- vocals
  • Jarle Vespestad- drums

Track listing:

  1. Your Grie – Tord Gustavsen, Jalai Al-Din Rumi
  2. I See You – Hans Adolf Brorson, traditional
  3. Imagine the Fog Disappearing – Mathilda Montgomery-Caderhielm , Wilhelm Andreas Wexels
  4. A Castle in Heaven – Bernt Støylen, traditional
  5. Journey of Life – Elias Blix, traditional
  6. I Refuse – Tord Gustavsen, Kenneth Rexroth
  7. What Was Said to the Rose/O Sacred Head – Tord Gustavsen, Hans Leo Hassler, Jalai Al-Din Rumi
  8. The Way You Play My Heart – Tord Gustavsen
  9. Rull – Tord Gustavsen
  10. The Source of Now – Tord Gustavsen, Jalai Al-Din Rumi
  11. Sweet Melting – Johan Ludvig Allendorf, Peder Jacobsen, traditional
  12. Longing to Praise Thee – traditional
  13. Sweet Melting Afterglow – Johan Ludvig Allendorf, Tord Gustavsen, Peder Jacobsen, Simin Tander, traditional, Jarle Vespestad

On January 17, 2014.

On January 17, 2014, “ECM” label released “Extended Circle”, the first Tord Gustavsen’s Quartet album, and Gustavsen’s sixth album overall. It was recorded in June 2013, at “Rainbow Studio” in Oslo, and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Tord Gustavsen- piano
  • Tore Brunborg- tenor saxophone
  • Mats Eilertsen- bass
  • Jarle Vespestad- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Tord Gustavsen except where noted.

  1. Right There
  2. Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg – Norwegian traditional religious hymn
  3. Entrance – Jarle Vespestad, Mats Eilertsen, Tord Gustavsen, Tore Brunborg
  4. The Gift
  5. Staying There
  6. Silent Spaces
  7. Entrance (variation) – Jarle Vespestad, Mats Eilertsen,Tord  Gustavsen,Tore Brunborg
  8. Devotion
  9. The Embrace
  10. Bass Transition
  11. Glow
  12. The Prodigal Song

On May 28, 2012.

On May 28, 2012, “Kscope” label released “Childhood’s End”, the ninth Ulver studio album. It was recorded in 2008 and 2011, at “Crystal Canyon Studios” in Oslo, and was produced by Kristoffer Rygg, Tore Ylwizaker, Jørn H. Sværen and Daniel O’Sullivan. Album cover features a photograph by Hoang Van Danh of Phan Thi Kim Phuc fleeing a napalm attack by the South Vietnamese Air Force in 1972. The album is a collection of covers of “60s psychedelic tracks.


  • Kristoffer Rygg- vocals, programming
  • Tore Ylwizaker – keyboards, programming
  • Jørn H. Sværen – miscellaneous
  • Daniel O’Sullivan- guitar, bass, keyboards
  • Tomas Pettersen, Lars Pedersen – drums
  • Alexander Kloster-Jensen – electric guitar
  • Lars Christian Folkvord – bass
  • Espen Jørgensen, Trond Mjøen – electric and acoustic guitar
  • Mats Engen – bass, vocals, backing vocals
  • Sisi Sumbundu, Ingvild Langgård – vocals
  • Anders Møller – tambourine, shaker, congas
  • Ole Alexander Halstensgård – electronic effects

Track listing:

  1. Bracelets of Fingers (The Pretty Things) – Dick Taylor, Phil May, Wally Walter
  2. Everybody’s Been Burned (The Byrds) – David Crosby
  3. The Trap (Bonniwell’s Music Machine) – Sean Bonniwell
  4. In the Past (We the People) – Wayne Proctor
  5. Today (Jefferson Airplane) – Marty Balin, Paul Kantner
  6. Can You Travel in the Dark Alone? (Gandalf) – Peter Sando
  7. I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) (The Electric Prunes) – Annette Tucker, Nancie Mantz
  8. Street Song (The 13th Floor Elevators) – Stacy Sutherland
  9. 66-5-4-3-2-1 (The Troggs) – Reg Presley
  10. Dark Is the Bark (The Left Banke) – George Cameron, Steve Martin Caro, Tom Finn
  11. Magic Hollow (The Beau Brummels) – Ron Elliott, Sal Valentino
  12. Soon There’ll Be Thunder (Common People) – Denny, Jerrald Robinett
  13. Velvet Sunsets (Music Emporium) – William Cosby, Thom Wade
  14. Lament of the Astral Cowboy (Curt Boettcher) – Curt Boettcher
  15. I Can See the Light (The Fleur de Lys) – Bryn Haworth, Gordon Haskell
  16. Where Is Yesterday (The United States of America) – Dorothy Moskowitz, Ed Bogas, Gordon Marron

In May 1981.

In May 1981, “ECM” label released “As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls”, album by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. It was recorded in September 1980, at “Talent Studio” in Oslo, Norway and was produced by Manfred Eicher.


  • Pat Metheny– electric and acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars, electric bass
  • Lyle Mays– piano, synthesizer, electric organ, autoharp
  • Naná Vasconcelos– berimbau, percussion, drums, vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays.

  1. As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls
  2. Ozark
  3. September Fifteenth – dedicated to Bill Evans
  4. It’s for You
  5. Estupenda Graça