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On July 4, 2005.

On July 4, 2005, “Infectious” label released “Young for Eternity”, the debut Subways studio album. It was recorded in 2005, at “Elevator Studios” in Liverpool, and was produced by Ian Broudie.


  • Billy Lunn – vocals, guitar
  • Charlotte Cooper – vocals, bass
  • Josh Morgan – drums
  • Ian Broudie – mixing
  • Jon Gray – engineer, mixing
  • Stuart Nicholls – photography
  • Sarh Foley – sleeve design

Track listing:

All music by Billy Lunn, Charlotte Cooper and Josh Morgan, all lyrics by Billy Lunn.

  1. I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say
  2. Holiday
  3. Rock & Roll Queen
  4. Mary
  5. Young for Eternity
  6. Lines of Light
  7. Oh Yeah
  8. City Pavement
  9. No Goodbyes
  10. With You
  11. She Sun
  12. Somewhere
  13. At 1AM



On November 6, 2012.

On November 6, 2012, “Columbia” label released “Music from Another Dimension!”, the fifteenth Aerosmith studio album. It was recorded July 2011/ March – April 2012,  at “Pandora’s Box”, “The Boneyard”, “Poppy Studios”, “Swing House Studios”, “Mad Dog Studios”, “Spitfire Studio”, “Retro Activ Studios”, “Briar Patch Studios” and “Hensen Studios”, and was produced by Jack Douglas, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Marti Frederiksen. It was band’s first studio album since 2004’s “Honkin’ on Bobo” and the first to feature all-new material since 2001’s “Just Push Play”.


  • Steven Tyler– lead vocals, drums, arrangement, backing vocals
  • Joe Perry– lead guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • Brad Whitford– rhythm guitar
  • Tom Hamilton– bass, lead vocals
  • Joey Kramer– drums, percussion
  • Julian Lennon, Melanie Taylor, Sharlotte Gibson, Laura Jones – background vocals
  • Tom Scott, Jessy J– saxophone tenor
  • John Mitchell– saxophone baritone
  • Bill Reichenbach, Jr.– trombone
  • Gary Grant– trumpet
  • Larry Hall– trumpet
  • Mia Tyler– backing vocals
  • Russ Irwin– piano, backing vocals
  • Carrie Underwood– featured vocals
  • Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin – background vocals
  • Paul Santo – Hammond organ, keyboards, mellotron
  • Rudy Tanzi– Hammond organ
  • The Section Quartet: Daphne Chen – violin, Eric Gorfain– violin, Lauren Chipman – viola, Richard Dodd – cello
  • Jesse Sky Kramer – drums
  • Zac Rae – piano, synthesizer, electric piano
  • Desmond Child– piano
  • Jesse Kotansky – violin solo
  • Daniel J. Coe – synthesizer, synthesizer, programming, arrangement
  • Rick Dufay– rhythm guitar
  • Jack Douglas– mixing, arrangement, percussion, keyboards, organ; synthesizer, backing vocals; outro piano
  • Marti Frederiksen– pro tools, backing vocals, keyboards, guitar, Roland synthesizer
  • Warren Huart– engineering, mixing, backing vocals
  • Al Schmidt, Chris Lord-Alge, Neal Avron– mixing
  • Anthony Focx– pro tools editing
  • Daphne Chen, Tom Scott– arrangement
  • Casey Patrick Tebo– artwork
  • Slash– inside artwork

Track listing:

  1. LUV XXX – Steven Tyler, Joe Perry
  2. Oh Yeah – Joe Perry
  3. Beautiful – Steven Tyler, Marti Frederiksen, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton
  4. Tell Me – Tom Hamilton
  5. Out Go the Lights – Steven Tyler, Joe Perry
  6. Legendary Child – Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jim Vallance
  7. What Could Have Been Love – Steven Tyler, Marti Frederiksen, Russ Irwin
  8. Street Jesus – Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford, Joe Perry
  9. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You – Steven Tyler, Marti Frederiksen, Whitford, Kramer, Tom Hamilton
  10. Lover A lot – Steven Tyler, Marti Frederiksen, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton, Jesse Kramer, Marco Moir
  11. We All Fall Down – Diane Warren
  12. Freedom Fighter – Joe Perry
  13. Closer – Steven Tyler, Marti Frederiksen, Whitford, Kramer
  14. Something – Joe Perry
  15. Another Last Goodbye – Steven Tyler, Desmond Child, Joe Perry


In February 1971.


In February 1971, “United Artists” label released “Tago Mago”, the third Can album. It was recorded November 1970-February 1971 at Schloss Nörvenich (Cologne), Germany, and was produced by Damo Suzuki, Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli, Jaki Liebezeit and Irmin Schmidt . “Tago Mago” has received much critical acclaim since its release and has been cited as major influence by many artists.


  • Damo Suzuki– vocals
  • Holger Czukay– bass, engineering, editing
  • Michael Karoli– guitar, violin
  • Jaki Liebezeit– drums, double bass, piano
  • Irmin Schmidt– keyboards, vocals
  • Eichberger – artwork, design

Track listing:

  1. Paperhouse
  2. Mushroom
  3. Oh Yeah
  4. Halleluhwah
  5. Aumgn
  6. Peking O
  7. Bring Me Cofee or Tea




On January 29, 1985.


On January 29, 1985, “Vertigo” label released “Stella”, the fourth Yello studio album.  It was recorded 1983 – 1984, at “Yello Studio” in Zurich, and was produced by Boris Blank and Dieter Meier. It was band’s first release without the founder member Carlos Perón. The album


  •  Boris Blank – keyboards, programming, vocals
  • Dieter Meier– lead and background vocals
  • Beat Ash – hi-hat
  • Chico Hablas – guitar
  • Annie Hogan– piano
  • Rush Winters – vocals
  • Petia Kaufman –glass harp

Track listing:

All music by Boris Blank, lyrics by Dieter Meier except “Koladi-ola” lyrics by Boris Blank.

  1. Desire
  2. Vicious Games
  3. Oh Yeah
  4. Desert Inn
  5. Stalakdrama
  6. Koladi-ola
  7. Domingo
  8. Sometimes (Dr. Hirsch)
  9. Let Me Cry
  10. Ciel Ouvert
  11. Angel No


On January 20, 1997.


On January 20, 1997, “Virgin” label released “Homework”, the debut Daft Punk studio album.  It was recorded from 1993 -1996, at “Daft Punk Studio” in Paris, and was produced by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. “Homework ” was Daft Punk’s breakthrough and brought worldwide attention to French house music. The albums certified 2 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, Platinum in France by “SNEP”, Platinum in New Zealand by “RMNZ” and Platinum in UK by “BPI”.

Track listing:

All tracks by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

  1. Daftendirekt
  2. WDPK 83.7 FM
  3. Revolution 909
  4. Da Funk
  5. Phoenix
  6. Fresh
  7. Around the World
  8. Rollin’ & Strachin”
  9. Teachers
  10. High Fidelity
  11. Rock’n’Roll
  12. Oh Yeah
  13. Burnin’
  14. Indo Silver Club
  15. Alive
  16. Funk AD