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On March 25, 2014.

On March 25, 2014, “429 Records” label released “Circus Hero” the only Circa Zero album. It was recorded in May 2013, at “Bowl of Cherries Studios” in Venice, California, and was produced by Andy Summers and Rob Giles.


  • Andy Summers – guitar
  • Rob Giles – vocals. bass guitar, drums
  • Dan Epand – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Andy Summers and Rob Giles.

  1. Levitation
  2. Underground
  3. The Story Ends Here
  4. Say Goodnight
  5. Gamma Ray
  6. Night Time Travelers
  7. Shoot Out the Stars
  8. Underwater
  9. Summer Lies
  10. No Highway
  11. Light the Fuse & Run
  12. Whenever You Hear the Rain
  13. Hot Camel

On July 24, 2001.

On July 24, 2001, “Hellcat” label released “Global a Go-Go”, the second Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros album. It was recorded in 2001, and was produced by Scott Shields, Martin Slattery, Joe Strummer and Richard Flack.


  • Joe Strummer- vocals
  • Martin Slattery- synthesizer, bass, fuzz guitar, drones, Wurlitzer, hammer dulcimer, melodica, saxophone, Hammond organ, accordion, guitar, flute, backup vocals
  • Scott Shields- bass, guitar, bongos, Hammond organ, bells, loops, drums, backup vocals,
  • Pablo Cook – udu, Cuban percussion, screams, guiro, shaker, bodhran, glass harmonica, noise, bells, drums, bongos, tambourine, whistle, conga
  • Tymon Dogg- classical guitar, violin, mandolin
  • Richard Flack – cymbals, backup vocals
  • Roger Daltrey- vocals
  • Antony Genn- strings, loops
  • Chris Lasalle – sequencing
  • Bob Gruen- photography
  • Josh Cheuse – cover-art

Track listing:

All lyrics by Joe Strummer, except for “Minstrel Boy”; all music by Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Pablo Cook, Scott Shields and Tymon Dogg, except where noted.

  1. Johnny Appleseed – Joe Strummer, Martin Slattery, Scott Shields, Richard Flack, Antony Genn
  2. Cool ’n’ Out
  3. Global a Go-Go
  4. Bhindi Bhagee
  5. Gamma Ray
  6. Mega Bottle Ride
  7. Shaktar Donetsk
  8. Mondo Bongo
  9. Bummed Out City
  10. At the Border, Guy
  11. Minstrel Boy – traditional