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On April 18, 2006.

On April 18, 2006, “Drag City” label released “Introduction”, the ninth Red Krayola album. It was recorded in August 2005, at “Soma E.M.S” in Chicago, Illinois, and was produced by Drag City.


  • Mayo Thompson– vocals, guitar
  • John McEntire– drums, synthesizer, ukulele, mixing, recording
  • Stephen Prina– vocals, guitar, harpsichord, piano, organ, tambourine
  • Tom Watson – vocals, bass guitar, guitar, harpsichord, synthesizer
  • Charlie Abel – accordion
  • Noel Kupersmith – bass guitar, photography
  • Roger Seibel – mastering
  • Dan Osborne – illustration
  • Chris Strong – photography

 Track listing:

All lyrics written by Mayo Thompson; all music by Mayo Thompson, John McEntire, Stephen Prina and Tom Watson.

  1. Introduction
  2. Breakout
  3. Cruise Boat
  4. Note to Selves
  5. F.G.
  6. A Tale of Two
  7. Psy Ops
  8. It Will Be (Delivered)
  9. Puff
  10. Greasy Street
  11. Vexations
  12. Elegy
  13. When She Went Swimming
  14. Swerving
  15. Bling Bling

In October 1972.

In October 1972,“Dawn” label released “Made in England”, the fourth Atomic Rooster album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Vincent Crane.


  • Vincent Crane: Hammond organ, piano, ARP synthesizer, Fender piano
  • Chris Farlowe: vocals
  • Steve Bolton: guitars
  • Ric Parnell: drums, percussion, vocals
  • Bill Smith: bass
  • Doris Troy, Liza Strike: backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Time Take My Life – Vincent Crane
  2. Stand by Me – Vincent Crane
  3. Little Bit of Inner Air – Ric Parnell
  4. Don’t Know What Went Wrong – Vincent Crane
  5. Never to Lose – Steve Bolton
  6. Introduction – Vincent Crane
  7. Breathless – Vincent Crane
  8. Space Cowboy – Steve Bolton
  9. People You Can’t Trust – Vincent Crane
  10. All in Satan’s Name – Ric Parnell
  11. Close Your Eyes – Vincent Crane


In September 1973.

In September 1973, “Polydor” label released “Ten Years Are Gone”, the twenty-second John Mayall album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Sunset Sound” in Los Angeles, and was produced by John Mayall.


  • John Mayall- piano, guitar, harmonica, vocal
  • Freddy Robinson- guitar, vocal
  • Victor Gaskin- bass
  • Keef Hartley- drums
  • Sugarcane Harris- violin
  • Blue Mitchell– trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Red Holloway- alto and tenor saxophone, flute

Track listing:

All tracks by John Mayall except where noted.

  1. Ten Years Are Gone
  2. Driving Till The Break of Day
  3. Drifting
  4. Better Pass You By
  5. California Campground
  6. Undecided – Freddy Robinson
  7. Good Looking Stranger
  8. I Still Care
  9. Don’t Hang Me Up
  10. Introduction
  11. Sitting Here Thinking
  12. Harmonica Free Form
  13. Burning Sun
  14. Dark of the Night

In August 1970.

In August 1970, “Columbia” label released “Easy Does It”, the third Al Kooper album. It was recorded in 1969, and was produced by Al Kooper.


  • Al Kooper – piano, organ, guitars, ondioline, sitar, vibraphone, prepared guitar, electronic effects, vocals
  • Stu Woods – electric bass, backing vocal
  • Rick Marotta– drums, backing vocal
  • David Bromberg– pedal steel, guitar
  • Tom Cosgrove, Louie Shelton, Stu Scharf, Joe Beck, Tommy Tedesco, Keith Allison, Freddie Weller, Wayne Moss, Charlie Daniels– guitar
  • Lyle Ritz, John Miller, Joe Osborn, Charlie McCoy– electric bass
  • Earl Palmer, Joe Corero, Jr, Ken Buttrey, Al Rogers – drums
  • Larry Knechtel– piano
  • Fred Lipisus – tenor saxophone
  • Peter Ivers– harmonica
  • George Devens – percussion
  • Milt Holland– tabla
  • Pete Drake– pedal steel
  • The Blossoms– backing vocal
  • Bobby Colomby– congas
  • Charlie Calello– string and horn arrangements
  • Jackson Marlie – vocals
  • Jimmie Haskell– arrangements and conductor
  • Don Puluse, Neil Wilburn, Stan Tonkel, Sy Mitchell, Tim Geelan – engineers
  • Mike Ruschack – mastering engineer
  • Stan Weiss – remix engineer

Track listing:

  1. Brand New Day – Al Kooper
  2. Piano Solo Introduction to I Got a Woman
  3. I Got a Woman – Ray Charles, Renald Richard
  4. Country Road – James Taylor
  5. I Bought You the Shoes (You’re Walking Away In) – Bob Brass, Irwin Levine, Kooper
  6. Introduction
  7. Easy Does It – Al Kooper
  8. Buckskin Boy – Al Kooper, Charlie Calello
  9. Love Theme from The Landlord – Al Kooper
  10. Sad, Sad Sunshine – Al Kooper
  11. Let the Duchess No – John Gregory, Jim Roberts
  12. She Gets Me Where I Live – Al Kooper, Charlie Calello
  13. A Rose and a Baby Ruth – D. Loudermilk
  14. Baby, Please Don’t Go – Big Joe Williams
  15. God Sheds His Grace on Thee – Al Kooper, Charlie Calello

In June 1972.

In June 1972, “Electrocord” label released “Those Who Gave Us the Name”, the debut Phoenix  album. The album cover art was by by Valeriu Sepi.


  • Nicolae Covaci- guitar, double six, flute, percussion, vocals
  • Mircea Baniciu- vocals, guitar percussion
  • Iosif Kappl- bass guitar, violin, percussion, vocals
  • Costin Petrescu – drums
  • Valeriu Sepi- percussion

Track listing:

All music by Nicolae Covaci and Josef Kappl, all lyrics by George Topârceanu and Victor Cârcu.

Part A:

  1. Cycle seasons
  2. Prelude

– A sheep

– Game time

  1. Spring

– Introduction

– Păpăruga

  1. Summer
  2. Fall
  3. It’s winter

– Introduction

– Game goats

  1. Wedding

Part B:

  1. Negru Voda – Ballad
  2. Pseudo-Morgana

In June 1971.

In June 1971, “RCA Victor” label released “Aerial Pandemonium Ballet”, the seventh Harry Nilsson studio album. It was recorded 1966-1968, with new vocals and remixes in 1971, and was produced by Harry Nilsson and Rick Jarrard. This was one of the first-ever remix albums.

Track listing:

All tracks by Harry Nilsson except where noted

  1. Introduction
  2. 1941
  3. Daddy’s Song
  4. Richland’s Favorite Song
  5. Good Old Desk
  6. Everybody’s Talkin
  7. Bath
  8. River Deep – Mountain High – Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
  9. Sleep Late, My Lady Friend
  10. Don’t Leave Me
  11. Without Her
  12. Together
  13. One
  14. Closing

In March 1977.

In January 1977, “Chrysalis” label released “Something Magic”, the ninth Procol Harum album. It was recorded in 1976, and was produced by Pete Solley, Chris Copping, B.J.Wilson, Mick Grabham, Gary Brooker, Keith Reid, Ron Albert and Howie Albert


  • Pete Solley– organ and synthesisers
  • Chris Copping– bass guitar
  • J. Wilson– drums
  • Mick Grabham– guitar
  • Gary Brooker– piano and vocals
  • Keith Reid– lyrics

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Brooker and Keith Reid except where noted.

  1.  Something Magic
  2. Skating on Thin Ice
  3. Wizard Man
  4. The Mark of the Claw – Mick Grabham, Keith Reid
  5. Stranger in Space
  6. The Worm & the Tree – Part One
  7. Introduction
  8. Menace
  9. Occupation
  10. The Worm & the Tree – Part Two
  • Enervation
  • Expectancy
  • Battle

11. The Worm & the Tree – Part Three

  • Regeneration
  • Epilogue