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On August 14, 2021.

On August 14, 2020, “MontyRay” label, released “Even in Exile”, the second James Dean Bradfield album. It was recorded in 2019, at “Door to the River Studio” in Caerleon, Wales, UK, and was produced by Loz Williams.“Even in Exile” is a concept album based on the life and death of the Chilean activist, singer and poet Víctor Jara, with lyrics by poet and playwright Patrick Jones.


  • James Dean Bradfield – vocals, guitar, double bass, bass, harmonica, piano, keyboards 
  • Richard Beak – drums
  • Loz Williams – engineer
  • Dave Eringa – mixing
  • Matt Colton – mastering
  • S Mark Gubb – artwork, design, layout

Track listing:

All lyrics by Patrick Jones, all music by James Dean Bradfield, except where noted.

  1. Recuerda
  2. The Boy from the Plantation
  3. There’ll Come a War
  4. Seeking the Room with the Three Windows – James Dean Bradfield, Richard Beak, Loz Williams
  5. Thirty Thousand Milk Bottles
  6. Under the Mimosa Tree – James Dean Bradfield, Gavin Fitzjohn
  7. From the Hands of Violeta
  8. Without Knowing the End (Joan’s Song)
  9. La Partida
  10. The Last Song
  11. Santiago Sunrise

On September 16, 2013.

On September 16, 2013, “Columbia” label released “Rewind the Film”, the eleventh Manic Street Preachers album. It was recorded in 2013, at “Faster Studios” in Cardiff, Wales, “Rockfield Studios” in Monmouthshire, Wales, “Hansa Studios” in Berlin, Germany, and was produced by Alex Silva, Loz Williams, James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire, and Sean Moore.


  • James Dean Bradfield– lead vocals, lead, and rhythm guitar
  • Nicky Wire– bass guitar, vocals
  • Sean Moore– drums
  • Cate Le Bon– lead vocals
  • Lucy Rose– vocal
  • Loz Williams – keyboards, engineering, mixing
  • Gavin Fitzjohn– horn arrangement, baritone and tenor saxophone, trumpet
  • John Rey – piano
  • Richard Hawley– lead vocals, Hawaiian guitar
  • Andy Walters, Joanna Walters – violin
  • Barnard Kane – viola
  • Nathan Stone – cello
  • Tim Tautorat – celeste, string arrangement, violin, keyboards
  • Sean Read – horn arrangement, trumpets, saxophone
  • Nick Nasmyth – keyboards
  • Dave Eringa– mixing
  • Guy Massey – mixing
  • Tim Young – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks are written by James Dean Bradfield, Nick Jones, Sean Moore except where noted.

  1. This Sullen Welsh Heart
  2. Show Me the Wonder
  3. Rewind the Film – James Dean Bradfield, Nick Jones, Sean Moore, David Axelrod
  4. Builder of Routines
  5. 4 Lonely Roads
  6. (I Miss the) Tokyo Skyline
  7. Anthem for a Lost Cause
  8. As Holy as the Soil (That Buries Your Skin)
  9. 3 Ways to See Despair
  10. Running Out of Fantasy
  11. Manorbier
  12. 30-Year War

On July 7, 2014.

On July 7, 2014, “Columbia” label released “Futurology”, the twelfth Manic Street Preachers studio album. It was recorded in 2014, at “Faster Studios” in Cardiff, Wales, “Hansa Studios” in Berlin, and was produced by Alex Silva and Loz Williams.


  • James Dean Bradfield– lead vocals, lead and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, percussion, vision
  • Nicky Wire– vocals, bass guitar, baritone guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, omnichord, drum programming, percussion, noise
  • Sean Moore– drums, soundscapes, machines, guitar, sequencers, percussion, tympani, technology
  • Loz Williams – keyboards
  • Cian Ciaran– keyboards
  • Cate Le Bon– backing vocals
  • Gavin Fitzjohn– backing vocals
  • Hawkline– backing vocals
  • Nina Hoss– vocals
  • Georgia Ruth– lead vocals, harp
  • Green Gartside– vocals
  • Nick Naysmith – keyboards
  • Rich Beak – tambourine
  • Berliner Kneipenchor – choral vocals
  • Tim Young – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Futurology
  2. Walk Me to the Bone
  3. Let’s Go to War
  4. The Next Jet to Leave Moscow
  5. Europa Geht Durch Mich
  6. Divine Youth
  7. Sex, Power, Love and Money
  8. Dreaming a City (Hughesovka)
  9. Black Squire
  10. Between the Clock and the Bed
  11. Misguided Missile
  12. The View from Stow Hill
  13. Mayakovsky

On April 13, 2018.

On April 13, 2018, “Columbia” label released “Resistance Is Futile”, the thirteenth Manic Street Preachers album. It was recorded 2017 – 2018, at “Door to the River Studios” in Newport, Wales, “Faster Studios” in Cardiff, Wales, and was produced by Dave Eringa, Gavin Fitzjohn and Guy Massey.


  • James Dean Bradfield– lead vocals, lead and acoustic guitar, keyboards, lyrics, string arrangements
  • Nicky Wire– vocals, bass guitar, baritone guitar
  • Sean Moore– drums, soundscapes, machines, sequencers, percussion, keyboards
  • The Anchoress– vocals, backing vocals
  • Vulcan String Quartet – strings
  • Gavin Fitzjohn – keyboards, string arrangements
  • Dave Eringa– keyboards, engineering, mixing
  • Nick Nasmyth – keyboards
  • Guy Massey – engineering
  • Loz Williams – keyboards, engineering
  • Chris Lord-Alge– mixing

Track listing:

All lyrics by Nicky Wire except where noted, all music by James Dean Bradfield, Sean Moore and Nicky Wire.

  1. People Give In
  2. International Blue
  3. Distant Colours – lyrics by James Dean Bradfield
  4. Vivian
  5. Dylan & Caitlin
  6. Liverpool Revisited
  7. Sequels of Forgotten Wars
  8. Hold Me Like a Heaven
  9. In Eternity
  10. Broken Algorithms
  11. A Song for the Sadness
  12. The Left Behind


On October 27, 2017.

On October 27, 2017, “Stylus Records” label released “Scream Above the Sounds”, the tenth Stereophonics studio album. It was recorded 2015 – 2016, at “Stylus Studios” and “RAK Studios” in London, and was produced by Kelly Jones and Jim Lowe.


  • Kelly Jones– lead vocals, guitar, piano, vocal beatbox, glockenspiel, mixing
  • Richard Jones– bass guitar
  • Adam Zindani– guitar, backing vocals
  • Jamie Morrison– drums, percussion
  • Jim Lowe – keyboards, piano, Hammond, programming, synthesizer, mixing, engineering
  • Jim Abbiss– synthesizer, programming
  • Sam Yapp – drums
  • Tony Kirkham – piano, add. piano, Hammond, keyboards
  • Gavin Fitzjohn – trumpet, flugelhorn, saxophone
  • Mikey Rowe – Harmonium
  • Dieter Limbourg – saxophone
  • UK Gospel Choir
  • Javier Weyler– drums
  • Craig Silvey – mixing
  • Duncan Fuller – recording studio assistant
  • Nathanael Graham – mixing studio assistant
  • Dick Beetham – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks written Kelly Jones, except where noted.

 Caught by the Wind

  1. Taken a Tumble – music co-written by Adam Zindani
  2. What’s All the Fuss About?
  3. Geronimo
  4. All in One Night
  5. Chances Are
  6. Before Anyone Knew Our Name
  7. Would You Believe?
  8. Cryin’ in Your Beer
  9. Boy on a Bike
  10. Elevators