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In November 1965.

In November 1965, “Chess” label released “Fresh Berry’s”, the ninth Chuck Berry studio album. It was recorded in September 1965, at “Ter Mar Recording Studios”  Chicago,  Illinois, and was produced by Leonard Chess and Phil Chess.


  • Chuck Berry – guitar, vocals
  • Chuck Bernhard – bass
  • Mike Bloomfield– guitar
  • Paul Butterfield– harmonica
  • Johnnie Johnson– piano
  • Jaspar Thomas – drums
  • Ron Malo– engineer
  • Don S. Bronstein– cover

Track listing:

All tracks by Chuck Berry except where noted.

  1. It Wasn’t Me
  2. Run Joe – Louis Jordan, Walter Merrick, Joe Willoughby
  3. Everyday We Rock & Roll
  4. One for My Baby (and One More for the Road) – Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer
  5. Welcome Back Pretty Baby
  6. It’s My Own Business
  7. Right Off Rampart Street
  8. Vaya Con Dios – Buddy Pepper, Carl Hoff, Inez James, Larry Russell
  9. Merrily We Rock & Roll
  10. My Mustang Ford
  11. Ain’t That Just Like a Woman – Claude Demetrius, Fleecie Moore
  12. Wee Hour Blues

In April 1980.

In April 1980, “Magnet” label released “Ska’n’B”, the first Bad Manners album. It was recorded in 1980, and was produced by Roger Lomas.


  • Buster Bloodvessel- vocals
  • Louis ‘Alphonso’ Cook – guitar
  • David Farren – bass
  • Brian Tuitt – drums
  • Martin Stewart- keyboards
  • Chris Kane – saxophone
  • Andrew Marson – saxophone
  • Paul “Gus” Hyman – trumpet
  • Winston Bazoomies – harmonica

Track listing:

All tracks by Buster Bloodvessel, Louis ‘Alphonso’ Cook, David Farren, Brian Tuitt , Martin Stewart, Chris Kane, Andrew Marson, Paul “Gus” Hyman and Winston Bazoomies, except where noted.

  1. Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu – Eddie Dean, Al Dredick
  2. Here Comes The Major
  3. Fatty Fatty – Clancy Eccles, Leroy Sibbles
  4. King Ska/Fa
  5. Monster Mash – Leonard Capizzi, Bobby “Boris” Pickett
  6. Caledonia – Louis Jordan, Fleecie Moore
  7. Magnificent 7 – Elmer Bernstein
  8. Wooly Bully – Domingo Samudio
  9. Lip Up Fatty
  10. Special Brew
  11. Inner London Violence
  12. Scruffy, The Huffy Chuffy Tugboat