James Brown: Showtime

In April 1964, “Smash Records” label released “Showtime”, the seventh James Brown studio album.


  • James Brown – vocal
  • The Famous- Flames – vocals, backing vocals
  • Danny Ray – introduction
  • Sammy Lowe – arrangements

Track listing:

  1. Introduction of James Brown & The Famous Flames
  2. Caldonia – Fleecie Moore
  3. Don’t Cry Baby – James Price Johnson, Saul Bernie, Stella Unger
  4. Sweet Lorraine – Cliff Burwell, Mitchell Parish
  5. Out of the Blue – Johnny Terry, Ted Wright
  6. Somebody Changed the Lock of My Door – Casey Bill Weldon
  7. Evil – Ted Wright
  8. Blues for My Baby – Billy Wright, Teddy Reig
  9. For You My Love – Paul Gayten
  10. Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens – Alex Kramer, Joan Whitney Kramer
  11. The Things I Used to Do – J. Dolan
  12. You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You – James Cavanaugh, Larry Stock, Russ Morgan

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