On September 16, 1985.


On September 16, 1985, “EMI Records” released “Hounds of Love”, the fifth Kate Bush studio album . It was recorded January 1984 – June 1985, at “Wickham Farm Home Studio” in Welling, and was produced by Kate Bush.


  • Kate Bush– lead vocals, Fairlight CMI, piano
  • Stuart Elliott– drums
  • Del Palmer– bass, handclapping, Fairlight basson, Linn programming, backing vocals
  • Alan Murphy– guitar
  • John Williams– guitar
  • Brian Bath – guitar, backing vocal
  • Paddy Bush– violins, balalaika, didjeridu, fujara, backing and harmony vocals
  • Youth– bass
  • Eberhard Weber– bass
  • Danny Thompson– double bass
  • Charlie Morgan– drums, handclapping
  • Morris Pert– percussion
  • Dónal Lunny– bouzouki, Irish bouzouki
  • John Sheahan– whistles
  • Kevin McAlea– synthesiser sequences, synthesiser
  • Liam O’Flynn– uilleann pipes
  • Jonathan Williams – cello
  • The Medici Sextet – strings
  • Dave Lawson– string arrangements
  • John Carder Bush – backing vocals, narration
  • The Richard Hickox Singers– choir
  • Richard Hickox– vocals, choir master
  • Michael Berkeley– vocal arrangements

All tracks by Kate Bush.

  1. Running Up That Hill
  2. Hounds of Love
  3. The Big Sky
  4. Mother Stands for Comfort
  5. Cloudbusting
  6. And Dream of Sheep
  7. Under Ice
  8. Walking the Witch
  9. Watching You Without Me
  10. Jig of Life
  11. Hello Earth
  12. The Morning Fog

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