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On October 30, 1981.

On October 30, 1981, “Rough Trade” label released “The Sound of the Sand and Other Songs of the Pedestrian”, the debut David Thomas studio album. It was recorded May – June 1981, at “Regent’s Park” in London, and was produced by Adam Kidron and Peter Walmsley.


The Pedestrians:

  • David Thomas – lead vocals, design
  • Allen Ravenstine – synthesizer
  • Mayo Thompson – accordion
  • Richard Thompson – guitar, dulcimer
  • Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton – trumpet
  • John Greaves – bass guitar 
  • Philip Moxham – bass guitar
  • Anton Fier – drums, percussion

The Golden Palominos:

  • Richard Thompson – guitar, dulcimer
  • Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton – trumpet
  • John Greaves – bass guitar, piano
  • Anton Fier – drums, percussion

The Trees:

  • Allen Ravenstine – synthesizer
  • Alan Greenblatt – guitar
  • Ralph Carney – saxophone, oboe
  • Paul Hamann – bass guitar
  • Scott Krauss – drums

The Eggs

  • Eddie “Tan Tan” Thornton – trumpet
  • Chris Cutler – drums
  • Paul Hamann – engineering
  • Phil Bodger – assistant engineer
  • Adam Kidron – engineering, mixing, mastering
  • Anne Clarke – assistant producer
  • Sue Johnson – assistant producer
  • Martyn Lambert – design
  • Peter Walmsley – design
  • Mik Mellen – photography
  • Shirley O’Loughlin – assistant producer
  • Geoff Travis – executive producer

Track listing:

All lyrics by David Thomas, all music as noted.

  1. The Birds Are a Good Idea – Philip Moxham, David Thomas, Mayo Thompson
  2.  Yiki Tiki – Anton Fier, Mayo Thompson, David Thomas
  3.  The Crickets in the Flats – Anton Fier
  4. Sound of the Sand – Philip Moxham, David Thomas
  5. The New Atom Mine – Anton Fier
  6. Big Dreams – Philip Moxham, David Thomas
  7. Happy to See You – David Thomas
  8. Crush This Horn Part 2 – Anton Fier, David Thomas
  9. Confuse Did – Anton Fier, David Thomas
  10. Sloop John B – traditional
  11. Man’s Best Friend – Anton Fier, David Thomas, Mayo Thompson, Eddie Thornton

In May 1989.

In May 1989, “Fontana” label released “Cloudland”, the seventh Pere Ubu studio album. It was recorded in 1989, and was produced by Paul Hamann, Stephen Hague and Daniel Miller.


  • David Thomas – vocals
  • Jim Jones – guitar, backing vocals
  • Allen Ravenstine – EML synthesizers, backing vocals
  • Tony Maimone – bass, backing vocals
  • Chris Cutler – drums
  • Scott Krauss – drums
  • Stephen Hague – keyboards

Track listing:

  1. Breath
  2. Race the Sun
  3. Cry
  4. Why Go It Alone?
  5. Waiting for Mary
  6. Ice Cream Truck
  7. Bus Called Happiness
  8. Monday Night
  9. Love Love Love
  10. Lost Nation Road
  11. Fire
  12. Nevada!
  13. The Wire
  14. Flat
  15. The Waltz
  16. Pushin’

On May 10, 2019.

On May 10, 2019, “Rogue Art” label released “Echoes of Henry Cow”, studio album by Michel Edelin Quintet. It was recorded in September 2018, at “Studio Sextan” in Malakoff, France, and was produced by Michel Dorbon.


  • Michel Edelin Quintet
    • Michel Edelin – flute, alto flute, bass flute, arrangements
    • Sophia Domancich – piano, Fender Rhodes
    • Sylvain Kassap – clarinet, bass clarinet
    • Stéphane Kerecki – double bass
    • Simon Goubert – drums
  • John Greaves – spoken words
  •  Vincent Mahey – recording
  • Jean-Pierre Bouquet – mastering
  • Aymeric Leroy – liner notes
  • Rogue Art – photographs
  • Max Schoendorff – cover design
  • David Bourguignon – cover realization
  • Michel Dorbon – executive producer

Track listing:

All lyrics by Chris Cutler, except where noted.

  1. Half the Sky – Lindsay Cooper, Tim Hodgkinson
  2. Living in the Heart of the Beast – Tim Hodgkinson
  3. War – Anthony Moore, Peter Blegvad
  4. After the Flood – Michel Edelin
  5. Nursery – Michel Edelin
  6. Ruins – Fred Frith
  7. Beautiful as the Moon – Fred Frith, Chris Cutler
  8. The Bath of Stars – Fred Frith, Chris Cutler
  9. Civilisation – Fred Frith, Chris Cutler
  10. On Suicide – Bertolt Brecht, Hanns Eisler adapted by Fred Frith, Chris Cutler

On May 13, 1983.

On May 13, 1983, “Rough Trade” label released “Variations on a Theme”, the second David Thomas studio album. It was recorded in March 1983, at “Suma Recording” in Painesville, OH, and was produced by David Thomas.


  • David Thomas – vocals
  • Jim Jones– guitar
  • Jack Monck– guitar
  • Richard Thompson– guitar
  • Paul Hamann – bass guitar, engineering
  • Anton Fier– drums
  • Chris Cutler– drums
  • Lindsay Cooper– bassoon
  • Ken Hamann – engineering
  • Adam Kidron– engineering
  • Robert Vogel – engineering
  • Mary Thomas – cover art, illustrations

Track listing:

All lyrics by David Thomas.

  1. A Day at the Botanical Gardens – mucis by David Thomas
  2. Pedestrian Walk – music by David Thomas, Eddie Thorton
  3. Bird Town – music by Richard Thompson
  4. The Egg & I – Anton Fier
  5. Who Is It – Lindsay Cooper, Chris Cutler
  6. Song of Hoe – David Thomas
  7. Hurry Back – Jim Jones
  8. The Rain – Chris Cutler, Anton Fier
  9. Semaphore – Lindsay Cooper, Chris Cutler, Jack Monck


In January 1980.

In January 1980, “Crammed Discs” label released “Un Peu de l’Âme des Bandits” (English: A Little of the Bandit Spirit), the second Aksak Maboul studio album. It was recorded February – August 1979, at “Sunrise Studio” in Kirchberg, Switzerland, and was produced by Marc Hollander, Frank Wuyts, Michael Berckmans, Denis van Hecke, Catherine Jauniaux, Fred Frith and Chris Cutler.


  • Marc Hollander– organ, piano, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, drum machine, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, dumbeg, samples, xylophone, percussion
  • Frank Wuyts– drums, pinball machine flipper, recorder, piano, synthesizer, percussion, choir
  • Michel Berckmans– bassoon, oboe, choir
  • Denis van Hecke– acoustic cello, electric cello, voice, rhythm guitar
  • Catherine Jauniaux– voice, pinball machine flipper
  • Fred Frith– guitar, violin, viola, bass guitar, prepared guitar
  • Chris Cutler– drums, percussion, radio
  • Mixed by Etienne Conod, Fred Frith, assisted by Aksak Maboul
  • Pat Andrea – front cover design
  • M.C. Octave – back cover design, layout

Track listing:

  1. A Modern Lesson- Bo Diddley – Marc Hollander, arr. Fred Frith, Marc Hollander, Catherine Jauniaux
  2. Palmiers en Pots
  • Trio (from Nuits D’Argentine) – Verchuren
  • Tango – Frank Wuyts, Marc Hollander
  1. Geistige Nacht (Rondo) – Fred Frith, arr. Fred Frith
  2. I Viaggi Formano la Gioventú (Truc Turc) – Turkish folk song arr. Kenis, Aksak Maboul
  3. Inoculating Rabies (Pogo) – Dennis van Hecke, Frank Wuyts
  4. Cinema (Knokke)
  • Ce Qu’On Peut Voir Avec Un Bon Microscope – Marc Hollander, Frank Wuyts, Aksak Maboul
  • Alluvions – Marc Hollander, Frank Wuyts, arr. Kenis, Aksak Maboul
  • Azinou Crapules – Marc Hollander, Frank Wuyts
  • Age Route Brra! (Radio Sofia) – Aksak Maboul

In August 1973.

In August 1973, “Virgin” label released “Legend”, the debut Henry Cow album. It was recorded May – June 1973, at “Manor” in Oxfordshire, UK, and was produced by Geoff Leigh, Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, John Greaves and Chris Cutler. The album cover art work was by artist Ray Smith and was the first of the three socks to feature on Henry Cow’s albums.


  • Geoff Leigh– saxophones, flute, clarinet, recorder, voice
  • Tim Hodgkinson– organ, piano, alto saxophone, clarinet, little bells, voice
  • Fred Frith– guitars, violin, viola, piano, voice
  • John Greaves– bass guitar, piano, whistle, voice
  • Chris Cutler– drums, toys, piano, whistle, voice
  • Jeremy Baines – pixiphone
  • Sarah Greaves, Maggie Thomas, Cathy Williams – chorus
  • Tom Newman, Mike Oldfield– recording engineer

Track listing:

  1. Nirvana for Mice – Fred Frith
  2. Amygdala – Tim Hodgkinson
  3. Teenbeat Introduction – Geoff Leigh, Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Chris Cutler
  4. Teenbeat – Fred Frith, John Greaves
  5. Extract from ‘With the Yellow Half-Moon and Blue Star – Fred Frith
  6. Teenbeat Reprise – Fred Frith
  7. The Tenth Chaffinch – Geoff Leigh, Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Chris Cutler
  8. Nine Funerals of the Citizen King – Tim Hodgkinson

In May 1975.

In May 1975, “Virgin” label released “In Praise of Learning”, the second Henry Cow and Slapp Happy collaborative album. It was recorded February-March 1975, at “The Manor”, and was produced by Phil Becque, Henry Cow and Slapp Happy. The album cover art work was by Ray Smith and was the last of the three “paint socks” of Henry Cow’s albums.


  • Tim Hodgkinson– organ, clarinet, piano
  • Fred Frith– guitar, violin, xylophone, piano
  • John Greaves– bass guitar, piano
  • Lindsay Cooper– bassoon, oboe
  • Chris Cutler– drums, radio
  • Dagmar Krause – vocal
  • Peter Blegvad– vocal, guitar, clarinet
  • Anthony Moore– piano, electronics, tapework
  • Geoff Leigh– soprano saxophone
  • Mongezi Feza– trumpet
  • Phil Becque– oscillator
  • Ray Smith– cover art

Track listing:

  1. War – Anthony Moore
  2. Living in the Heart of the Beast – Tim Hodgkinson
  3. Beginning: The Long March – Henry Cow, Slapp Happy
  4. Beautiful as the Moon – Terrible as an Army with Banners – Fred Frith, Chris Cutler
  5. Morning Star – Henry Cow, Slap Happy

In May 1974.

In May 1974, “Virgin” label released “Unrest”, the second Henry Cow studio album. It was recorded February-March 1974, at “The Manor” in Oxfordshire, and was produced by Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Chris Cutler and Lindsay Cooper. The album was dedicated to Robert Wyatt and Uli Trepte.


  • Tim Hodgkinson– organ, piano, alto saxophone, clarinet
  • Fred Frith– stereo guitar, violin, xylophone, piano
  • John Greaves– bass guitar, piano, voice
  • Chris Cutler– drums
  • Lindsay Cooper– bassoon, oboe, recorder, voice
  • Phil Becque – recording engineer, mixing engineer
  • Andy Morris – recording engineer
  • Mike Oldfield– recording engineer
  • Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Chris Cutler, Lindsay Cooper– mixing engineers
  • Ray Smith – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Chris Cutler and Lindsay Cooper, except where noted.

  1. Bittern Storm over Ulm – Fred Frith
  2. Half Asleep/Half Awake – John Greaves
  3. Runs – Fred Frith
  4. Solemn Music – Fred Frith
  5. Linguaphonie
  6. Upon Entering the Hotel Adlon
  7. Arcades
  8. Deluge


In March 1988.

In March 1988, “Fontana” label released “The Tenement Year”, the sixth Pere Ubu studio album. It was recorded in 1988, and was produced by Paul Hammann.


  • David Thomas– vocals, trombone, spike
  • Jim Jones– guitar, backing vocals
  • Allen Ravenstine– EML synthesizer, sax, backing vocals
  • Tony Maimone– bass, backing vocals
  • Chris Cutler– drums, percussion
  • Scott Krauss– drums
  • John Kirkpatrick– Melodeon

Track listing:

  1. Something’s Gotta Give
  2. George Had a Hat
  3. Talk to Me
  4. Busman’s Honeymoon
  5. Say Goodbye
  6. Universal Vibration
  7. Miss You
  8. Dream the Moon
  9. Rhythm King
  10. The Hollow Earth
  11. We Have the Technology

In February 1975.


In February 1975, “Virgin” label released “Desperate Straights”, album by Slapp Happy and Henry Cow. It was recorded in November 1974, at “The Manor” in Oxfordshire, England, and was produced by  Dagmar Krause, Peter Blegvad, Anthony Moore, Tim Hodgkinson, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Geoff Leigh and Simon Heyworth.


  • Dagmar Krause– voice, Wurlitzer
  • Peter Blegvad– voice, guitar, cover art
  • Anthony Moore– piano
  • Tim Hodgkinson– clarinet, piano
  • Fred Frith– guitar, violin
  • John Greaves– bass guitar, piano
  • Chris Cutler– drums
  • Pierre Moerlen– percussion
  • Geoff Leigh– flute
  • Mont Campbell– French horn
  • Mongezi Feza– trumpet
  • Nick Evans– trombone
  • Lindsay Cooper– bassoon, oboe

Track listing:

  1. Some Questions About Hats – Anthony Moore, Peter Blegvad
  2. The Owl – Anthony Moore
  3. A Worm is at Work – Anthony Moore, Peter Blegvad
  4. Bad Alchemy – John Greaves, Peter Blegvad
  5. Europa – Anthony Moore, Peter Blegvad
  6. Desparate Straights – Anthony Moore
  7. Riding Tigers – Peter Blegvad
  8. Apes in Capes – Anthony Moore
  9. Strayed – Peter Blegvad
  10. Giants – Anthony Moore, Peter Blegvad
  11. Excerpt from The Messiah – Handel, arr. by Peter Blegvad
  12. In the Sickbay – Dagmar Krause, Peter Blegvad
  13. Caucasian Lullaby – Chris Cutler, Anthony Moore