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On November 7, 2000.

On November 7, 2000, “Eagle Records” label released “Pure”, the fourteenth Gary Numan album. It was recorded in 2000, at “Alien Studios” in London, and was produced by Gary Numan and Sulpher.


  • Gary Numan – vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming
  • Richard Beasley – drums
  • Steve Harris – guitar
  • Rob Holliday– guitar, keyboards
  • Monti – drums, keyboards, programming

Track listing:

All tracks by Gary Numan, except where noted.

  1. Pure
  2. Walking With Shadows
  3. Rip
  4. One Perfect Lie
  5. My Jesus
  6. Fallen
  7. Listen to My Voice
  8. A Prayer for the Unborn
  9. Torn
  10. Little Invitro
  11. I Can’t Breathe – Gary Numan, Rob Holliday, Monti

On February 26, 2013.

On February 26, 2013, “Eagle Records” label released “Spirits of the Western Sky”, the eight Justin Hayward album. It was recorded in Genoa, Italy, and in Nashville, and was produced by Justin Hayward and Albert Parodi.


  • Justin Hayward – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Frederic Arturi – keyboards
  • Lele Melotti – drums
  • Tracey Ackerman – background vocals
  • Kenny Loggins– vocals, guitar
  • Alberto Parodi – programming

Track listing:

All tracks by Justin Hayward, except where noted.

  1. In Your Blue Eyes
  2. One Day, Someday
  3. The Western Sky
  4. The Eastern Sun
  5. On The Road to Love – Justin Hayward, Kenny Loggins
  6. Lazy Afternoon
  7. In the Beginning
  8. It’s Cold Outside of Your Heart
  9. What You Resist Persists
  10. Broken Dream
  11. Captivated By You
  12. One Day, Someday – alternative extended version
  13. Rising
  14. Out There Somewhere
  15. Out There Somewhere – Raul Rincon remix


On April 24, 2006.

On April 24, 2006, “Eagle Records” label released “Clan Destiny”, the nineteenth Wishbone Ash album. It was recorded in 2006, and was produced by Andy Powell.


  • Andy Powell– guitar, lead vocals, mandolin
  • Muddy Manninen– guitar, vocals
  • Bob Skeat– bass, piano, clavinet, vocals
  • Ray Weston– drums

Track listing:

  1. Eyes Wide Open – Andy Powell, Aynsley Powell, Muddy Manninen
  2. Dreams Outta Dust – Andy Powell
  3. Healing Ground – Cromwell, Nicholson, Greenberg, Rhodes, Wynans
  4. Steam Town – Andy Powell, Bob Skeat, Muddy Manninen, Ray Weston
  5. Loose Change – Andy Powell, Bob Skeat, Muddy Manninen, Ray Weston, Harris
  6. Surfing a Slow Wave – Kicklighter
  7. Slime Time – AndyPowell, Muddy Manninen
  8. Capture The Moment – Andy Powell, Bob Skeat, Muddy Manninen, Ray Weston
  9. Your Dog – Andy Powell
  10. The Raven – Muddy Manninen
  11. Motherless Child – traditional

On September 20, 1999.


On September 20, 1999, “Eagle Records” label released “The Ladder”, the eighteenth Yes studio album. It was recorded February – May 1999, at “Armoury Studios” in Vancouver, Canada, and was produced by Bruce Fairbairn (he died during the album’s mixing stage).


  • Jon Anderson– lead vocals
  • Steve Howe– lead and acoustic guitars, steel guitar, mandolin, backing vocals
  • Billy Sherwood– guitars, backing vocals
  • Chris Squire– bass guitars, backing vocals
  • Alan White– drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Igor Khoroshev– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Randy Raine-Reusch– world instruments
  • Rhys Fulber– dance loops
  • The Marguerita Horns – horns
  • Tom Keenlyside– piccolo, tenor saxophone
  • Derry Burns – trumpet
  • Rod Murray – trombone
  • Tom Colclough– alto saxophone
  • Neil Nicholson – tuba
  • Mike Plotnikoff – engineer, mixing
  • Paul Silveira – second engineer
  • George Marino – mastering
  • Steve Hennessy – guitars and keyboards technical support
  • Chris Crippen – drums technical support
  • Drew Arnott – keyboard technical support
  • Chin Injeti – keyboard technical support
  • Roger Dean– painting, logo and lettering
  • Martyn Dean – design

Track listing:

All music by Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Billy Sherwood, Chris Squire, Alan White and Igor Khoroshev. All lyrics by Jon Anderson.

  1. Homeworld (The Ladder)
  2. It Will Be a Good Day (The River)
  3. Lightning Strikes
  4. Can I?
  5. Face to Face
  6. If Only You Knew
  7. To Be Alive (Hep Yadda)
  8. Finally
  9. The Messenger
  10. New Language
  11. Nine Voices (Longwalker)



On March 4, 2003.


On March 4, 2003, “Eagle Records” label released “The Well’s on Fire”, the eleventh and final Procol Harum studio album. It was recorded in 2003, and was produced by Rafe McKenna, Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher, Geoff Whitehorn, Matt Peeg and Mark Brzezicki.


  • Gary Brooker- piano, vocals
  • Matthew Fisher- organ
  • Geoff Whitehorn- guitar
  • Matt Pegg- bass guitar
  • Mark Brzezicki- drums, percussion
  • Keith Reid- lyrics
  • Roger Taylor- backing vocals

Track listing:

All music by Gary Brooker and lyrics by Keith Reid, except where noted.

  1. An Old English Dream
  2. Shadow Boxed
  3. A Robe of Silk
  4. The Blink of an Eye
  5. The VIP Room
  6. The Question – Matthew Fisher, Keith Reid
  7. This World is Rich
  8. Fellow Travellers – based on Lascia Ch’io Pianga by George Frideric Handel – Matthew Fisher, Keith Reid
  9. The Wall Street Blues
  10. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  11. So Far Behind
  12. Every Dog Will Have His Day – Gary Brooker, Matthew Fisher, Keith Reid
  13. Weisselklenzenacht (The Signature) – Matthew Fisher