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On May 15, 2013.

On May 15, 2013, Days Between Stations self released “In Extremis”, bands second album. It was recorded 2012 – 2013, and was produced by Sepand Samzadeh and Oscar Fuentes.


  • Sepand Samzadeh– synthesizer, guitar
  • Oscar Fuentes – synthesizer, piano, acoustic guitar
  • Peter Banks – 2nd Lead and rhythm guitar
  • Matt Bradford – dobro
  • Tony Levin– bass
  • Colin Moulding- lead vocals
  • Jeffery Samzadeh – sonati vocals
  • Ali Nouri – tar solo
  • Billy Sherwood– lead vocals, drums
  • Rick Wakeman– keyboards
  • The Barbershop Quartet – Pat Claypool, Matt Gray, Eric Orr, David Rakita
  • Chris Tedesco & The Angel City Orchestra
  • Paul Whitehead – artwork, layout

Track listing:

All music by Sepand Samzadeh and Oscar Fuentes, all lyrics by Sepand Samzadeh, Oscar Fuentes and Billy Sherwood.

  1. No Cause For Alarm
  2. In Utero
  3. Visionary
  4. Blackfoot
  5. The Man Who Died Two Times
  6. Waltz In E Minor
  7. Eggshell Man
  8. In Extremis
  • Part I: Mass
  • Part II: On The Ground
  • Part III: A Requiem
  • Part IV: Writing on Water
  • Part V: Overland
  • Part VI: Traveler

On September 21, 1993.


On September 21, 1993, “DGC Records” label released “In Utero”, the third and the final Nirvana studio album. It was recorded February 12–26, 1993, at “Pachyderm Studio” in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, and was produced by Steve Albini and Scott Litt. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “In Utero” at number 435 on its list of the “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. The album was certified Platinum in Argentina by “CAPIF”; 2 x Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”; 6 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”; Platinum in France by “SNEP”; Platinum in Japan by “RIAJ”; 3 x Platinum in New Zealand by “RMNZ”; Platinum in Spain by “PROMUSICAE”; Platinum in UK by “BPI”; and 5 x Platinum in the US by “RIIA”.


  • Kurt Cobain- guitar, lead vocals, art direction, design, photography
  • Krist Novoselic- bass guitar
  • Dave Grohl- drums, backing vocals
  • Steve Albini – engineer
  • Robert Fisher – art direction, design, photography
  • Alex Grey– illustrations
  • Adam Kasper – second engineer
  • Michael Lavine– photography
  • Scott Litt– mixing
  • Bob Ludwig– audio mastering
  • Karen Mason – photography
  • Charles Peterson– photography
  • Kera Schaley – cello
  • Neil Wallace – photography
  • Bob Weston– technician

Track listing:

  1. Serve the Servants –Kurt Cobain
  2. Scentless Apprentice – Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic
  3. Heart-Shaped Box – Kurt Cobain
  4. Rape Me – Kurt Cobain
  5. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle – Kurt Cobain
  6. Dumb – Kurt Cobain
  7. Very Ape – Kurt Cobain
  8. Milk It – Kurt Cobain
  9. Pennyroyal Tea – Kurt Cobain
  10. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter – Kurt Cobain
  11. tourette’s – Kurt Cobain
  12. All Apologies – Kurt Cobain