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On March 13, 1998.

On March 13, 1998, Alexander Minto Hughes aka Judge Dread died aged 52. He was reggae and ska musician, the first white recording artist to have a reggae hit in Jamaica. “Rolling Stone” magazine  wrote “He sold several million albums throughout his 25-plus year career and was second only to Bob Marley in U.K. reggae sales during the 70s”. Dread has the most banned songs on “BBC” radio of all time.


On April 16, 2017.

On April 16, 2017, Allan Holdsworth died aged 70. He was guitarist and composer, known as big innovator in development of the guitar playing. He was one of the most influential guitarists of the 20th Century, cited as influence by many famous guitarists such as  Tom Morello, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Greg Howe, Shawn Lane, Richie Kotzen, John Petrucci, Alex Lifeson and Kurt Rosenwinkel. In his four decades long career he released twelve albums as solo artists, and has recorded and performed with many famous musicians and bands including Igginbottom, Nucleus, Tempest, Soft Machine, The New Tony Williams Lifetime,  Pierre Moerlen’s Gong,  Jean-Luc Ponty, Bruford, U.K., Stanley Clarke, Chad Wackerman, Level 42 and K². According to “Guitar World” magazine he is “as influential as Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen”.


In March 1979.

In March 1979, “E.G. Records” label released “Danger Money” the second and final U.K. album. It was recorded November 1978-January 1979, at “AIR Studios” in London, and was produced by Eddie Jobson and John Wetton.

All tracks written by Eddie Jobson and John Wetton.


  • Eddie Jobson– keyboards, electric violin
  • John Wetton– bass, lead and backing vocals, guitar
  • Terry Bozzio– drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Danger Money
  2. Rendezvous 6:02
  3. The Only Thing She Needs
  4. Caesar’s Palace Blues
  5. Nothing to Loose
  6. Carrying No Cross


In March 1978.

In March 1978, “E.G. Records” label released the debut, self-titled U.K. album. It was recorded December 1977-January 1978, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Alan Holdsworth, Eddie Jobson, John Wetton and Bill Bruford. In 2015, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 35 in its list of the “Best Progressive Albums All Time”.


  • Allan Holdsworth– guitar
  • Eddie Jobson– keyboards, electric violin, electronics
  • John Wetton– bass, lead and backing vocals
  • Bill Bruford– drums, percussion
  • Stephen W Tayler– engineering, mixing

Track listing:

  1. In the Dead of Night – Eddie Jobson, John Wetton
  2. By the Light of Day – Eddie Jobson, Jogn Wetton
  3. Presto Vivace and Reprise – Eddie Jobson, John Wetton
  4. Thirty Years – John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Bill Bruford
  5. Alaska – Eddie Jobson
  6. Time To Kill – Eddie Jobson, John Wetton, Bill Bruford
  7. Nevermore – Allan Holdsworth, Eddie Jobson, John Wetton
  8. Mental Medication – Alan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford, Eddie Jobson

On January 31, 2017.


On January 31, 2017, John Kenneth Wetton died aged 67. He was singer, bassist, and songwriter, best known as founding member and bass player of King Crimson and Asia. He has recorded and performed with Mogul Thrash, Family,  Roxy Music, Uriah Heep, U.K., Jack-Knife, Wishbone Ash, Phenomena, Gordon Haskell, Renaissance, Qango, Brian Eno, Ayreon,Steve Howe, Bill Bruford, Geoff Downes, Larry Norman, Alan White, Billy Sherwood, Peter Banks, Bryan Ferry, Pete Sinfield, Roger Chapman, Duncan Mackay, Atoll, District 97, Ayreon, Eddie Jobson, David Cross and Steve Hackett. Wetton also had successful solo career and has released six solo studio albums.