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On August 8, 2006.

On August 8, 2006, “Righteous Babe” label released “Reprieve”, the 15th Ani DiFranco, studio album. It was recorded 2005 – 2006, and was produced by Ani DiFranco.


  • Ani DiFranco – vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, synths, programming, samples, engineer, mixing, artwork, design
  • Todd Sickafoose – double bass, piano, Wurlitzer, pump organ, trumpet
  • Mike Napolitano – engineer, mixing
  • Todd Sickafoose – engineer
  • Brent Lambert – mastering
  • Brian Grunert – artwork, design
  • Danny Clinch – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Ani DiFranco.

  1. Hypnotized
  2. Subconscious
  3. In the Margins
  4. Nicotine
  5. Decree
  6. 78% H2O
  7. Millennium Theater
  8. Half-Assed
  9. Reprieve
  10. A Spade
  11. Unrequited
  12. Shroud
  13. Reprise



On April 4, 2006.

On April 4, 2006, “Blue Note” label released “Thunderbird”, the 15th Cassandra Wilson album. It was recorded 2005 – 2006, at “Capitol Studios” in Hollywood, “The Village Recorder”, “Electro Magnetic Studio” and “The Green Room” in Los Angeles, “Dangerous Music” in NY., and was produced by T-Bone Burnett and Keith Ciancia.


  • Cassandra Wilson– vocals, guitar
  • Jay Bellerose – drums
  • Keith Ciancia – double bass, piano, keyboards, programming, synthesizerstrings
  • Mike Elizondo – bass programming, synthesizer strings
  • Keb’ Mo’– guitar
  • Jim Keltner– drums
  • Colin Linden – guitar
  • Grégoire Maret– harmonica
  • Bill Maxwell – drums
  • Marc Ribot– guitar
  • Reginald Veal – double bass
  • Mike Piersante – percussion

Track listing:

  1. Go to Mexico – Keith Ciancia, Mike Elizondo, Zigaboo Modeliste, Art Neville, Leo Nocentelli, George Porter, Jr, Cassandra Wilson
  2. Closer to You – Jakob Dylan
  3. Easy Rider – traditional
  4. It Would Be So Easy – Keith Ciancia, Mike Elizondo, Mike Piersante, Cassandra Wilson
  5. Red River Valley – traditional
  6. Poet – Keith Ciancia, Cassandra Wilson
  7. I Want to be Loved – Willie Dixon
  8. Lost – Joseph Henry Burnett
  9. Strike a Match – Joseph Henry Burnett, Ethan Coen
  10. Tarot – Keith Ciancia, Jim Keltner, Cassandra Wilson


In July 1979.

In July 1979, “Polydor” label released “No Promises…No Debts”, the 15th Golden Earring album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by George Kooymans.


  • George Kooymans- guitar, vocals
  • Rinus Gerritsen- bass guitar, keyboards
  • Barry Hay- flute, vocals
  • Cesar Zuiderwijk- drums
  • John Legrand – harmonica
  • Engineer: John Kriek
  • Mixing: George Kooymans, John Kriek, Arnold Muhren
  • Hornarrangements: Jan Rietman
  • Cover design: Jeep Bunt

Track listing:

All tracks by Rinus Gerritsen, Barry Hay, George Kooymans, and Cesar Zuiderwijk.

  1. Heart Beat
  2. Need Her
  3. Sellin’ Out
  4. Snot Love in Spain
  5. Save Your Skin
  6. D Light
  7. Tiger Bay
  8. Weekend Love
  9. Don’t Close the Door
  10. Don’t Stop the Show
  11. By Routes

In May 1983.

In May 1983, “Bronze” label recorded “Head First”, the 15th Uriah Heep studio album. It was recorded January-March 1983, at “the Manor Studio” in Oxfordshire, “The Roundhouse” in London, and was produced by Ashley Howe.


  • Mick Box– guitars, vocals
  • Bob Daisley- bass
  • Peter Goalby- vocals
  • Lee Kerslake- drums, percussion, vocals
  • John Sinclair– keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
  • Frank Ricotti- percussion

Track listing:

  1. The Other Side of Midnight – Mick Box, Bob Daisley, Peter Goalby, Lee Kerslake, John Sinclair
  2. Stay on Top – Tom Jackson
  3. Lonely Nights – Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance
  4. Sweet Talk – Mick Box, Bob Daisley, Peter Goalby, John Sinclair, Lee Kerslake, Linda Sinclair
  5. Love is Blind – Richie Zito, Joey Carbone
  6. Roll-Overture – Mick Box, Bob Daisley, Peter Goalby, John Sinclair
  7. Red Lights- Mick Box, Bob Daisley, Peter Goalby, John Sinclair
  8. Rollin’ the Rock – Mick Box, Bob Daisley, Peter Goalby, John Sinclair
  9. Straight Through the Heart – Mick Box, Bob Daisley, Peter Goalby, John Sinclair, Lee Kerslake
  10. Weekend Warriors – Mick Box, Bob Daisley, Peter Goalby, John Sinclair, Lee Kerslake