In February 1985.


In February 1985, “Columbia” label released “Beyond Appearances”, the thirteenth Santana studio album. It was recorded March – November 1984, at “Record One” and “Plant Studios” in California, and was produced by Val Garay.


  • Carlos Santana– guitar, acoustic 12-string guitar, vocals
  • Alphonso Johnson– bass
  • Chester D. Thompson – synthesizer, bass, keyboards, organ
  • David Sancious– rhythm guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, guitar
  • Chester Cortez Thompson– drums, bass pedals
  • Greg Walker – lead and background vocals
  • Alex Ligertwood- rhythm guitar, lead and background vocals, harmony
  • Bryan Garofalo – bass
  • Steve Goldstein- synthesizer, keyboards
  • Craig Krampf- drums, DMX drum machine
  • Armando Peraza- bongos, percussion, shakers, congas
  • Orestes Vilato- bells, timbales, percussion, cymbals, woodblocks, vocals
  • Mitchell Froom- string synthesizer
  • Raul Rekow – chekere, congas, shakers, vocals
  • David Adelstein – synthesizer, DMX drum machine, synthesizer bass
  • John Woodhead – guitar
  • Anthony LaPeau – background vocals
  • Craig Hull – guitar
  • Bob Getter – string bass
  • Robbie Patton, David Adelstein – arrangements
  • Steve Goldstein – associate producer:
  • Recorded by Val Garay & Richard Bosworth
  • Assisted by Duane Saykora
  • Mixed by Val Garay
  • Assistant engineer: Wayne Lewis
  • Jim Gaines – mixing

Track listing:

  1. Breaking Out – Alphonso Johnson, Alex Ligertwood
  2. Written in Sand – Mitchell Froom, Jerry Stahl
  3. How Long – Robbie Patton
  4. Brotherhood – David Sancious, Carlos Santana, Chester D. Thompson
  5. Spirit – Alphonso Johnson, Ale Ligertwood, Raul Rekow
  6. Say It Again – Garay, Steve Goldstein, Lapeau
  7. Who Loves You – Carlos Santana, Chester D.Thompson, Orestes Vilato
  8. I’m the One Who Loves You – Curtis Mayfield
  9. Touchdown Raiders – Carlos Santana
  10. Right Now – Ale Ligertwood, Carlos Santana



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