White Denim: Corsicana Lemonade

On October 29, 2013, “Downtown” label released “Corsicana Lemonade”, the sixth White Denim studio album. It was recorded in 2013, and was produced by Jeff Tweedy.


  • James Petralli – vocals, guitar, mellotron, electric piano, sitar
  • Matt Oliver – piano, mellotron, synthesizer
  • Josh Block – harmonica, omnichord, synthesizer, drums, percussion, engineer
  • Austin Jenkins – guitar, electric piano
  • Spencer Tweedy – drums
  • Steve Terebecki – bass, synthesizer, photography
  • Jay Jernigen – engineer
  • Jim Vollentine – engineer, mixing
  • Tom Schick – mixing
  • Jeff Tweedy – mixing
  • Joe LaPorta – mastering
  • Michael Hammett – artwork, design
  • Sarah Terebecki – photography

Track listing:

  1. A Night in Dreams
  2. Corsicana Lemonade
  3. Limited by Stature
  4. New Blue Feeling
  5. Come Back
  6. Distant Relative Salute
  7. Let It Feel Good (My Eagles)
  8. Pretty Green
  9. Cheer Up / Blues Ending
  10. A Place to Start

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