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Nik Turner

On November 10, 2022, Nicholas Robert Turner died aged 82. He was musician (saxophone, flute), vocalist and composer, member of the bands Sphynx, Inner City Unit and Space Ritual, recorded with Robert Calvert, Michael Moorcock, Mother Gong, Sham 69, Catherine Andrews, Underground Zero, Psychic TV, Helios Creed, The Stranglers, Sting, Blue Horses, Muzak, Space Mirrors, Dodson and Fogg, Paradise 9, Sendelica and Flame Tree, but was best known as member of Hawkwind.

Hawkwind: All Aboard the Skylark

On October 25, 2019, “Cherry Red” label released “All Aboard the Skylark”, the thirty-second Hawkwind album. It was recorded in 2019, and was produced by Dave Brock, Magnus Martin, Niall Hone and Richard Chadwick.


  • Dave Brock – vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, harmonica
  • Magnus Martin – vocals, guitar, keyboards, viola
  • Niall Hone – bass guitar
  • Richard Chadwick – vocals, drums, percussion
  • Michal Sosna – saxophone
  • Haz Wheaton – bass guitar
  • Mr Dibs (Jonathan Darbyshire) – vocals, backing vocals
  • Martin Krel – artwork
  • Meriel Waissman – package layout
  • Kris Tait – coordinator

Track listing:

All tracks by Dave Brock, except where noted.

  1. Flesh Fondue
  2. Nets of Space
  3. Last Man on Earth – Magnus Martin
  4. We Are Not Dead… Only Sleeping
  5. All Aboard the Skylark – Dave Brock, Magnus Martin, Niall Hone, Richard Chadwick
  6. 65 Million Years Ago
  7. In the Beginning
  8. The Road To…
  9. The Fantasy of Faldum – Magnus Martin
  10. Psi Power – Dave Brock, Robert Calvert
  11. Hymn to the Sun – Magnus Martin
  12. The Watcher – Ian Kilmister
  13. Generation Door
  14. Age of the Micro Man – Dave Brock, Robert Calvert
  15. Intro the Night – Magnus Martin
  16. Down Through the Night
  17. Flying Doctor – Dave Brock, Robert Calvert
  18. Get Yourself Together
  19. Ascent of Man
  20. We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago

Psychedelic Warriors: White Zone

On June 20, 1995, “Essential” label released “White Zone”, album by Psychedelic Warriors, side project of the Hawkwind members, and is considered the nineteenth Hawkwind album. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick and Dave Charles.

  • Dave Brock – guitar, keyboards
  • Alan Davey – bass guitar, keyboards
  • Richard Chadwick – drums
  • Dave Charles – sampler, OSCI

Track listing:

  1. Am I Fooling – Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick
  2. Frenzzy – Dave Brock
  3. Pipe Dreams – Dave Brock
  4. Heart Attack – Dave Brock
  5. Time And Space – Dave Brock, Alan Davey
  6. The White Zone – Dave Brock
  7. In Search of Shangrila – Dave Brock
  8. Bay of Bengal – Dave Brock
  9. Moonbeam – Richard Chadwick
  10. Window Pane – Alan Davey
  11. Love in Space – Alan Davey

On February 26, 2019.

On February 26, 2019, Clifford Leon “Andy” Anderson died aged 68. He was musician (drums, percussion), recorded and performed with many artists and bands including Techno Twins, M/Robin Scott, Mother Gong, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Steve Vengeance, Two-Bit Thief, The Saints, Backbeats, Edgar Broughton Band, Martha Munizzi, Group 1 Crew, the Gun Club, Spirits Burning & Clearlight, Steve Hillage, The Glove, Jimmy Somerville, Jimmy Pursey, Isaac Hayes, Midge Ure, Iggy Pop, Hawkwind, The Last Poets, Jason Donovan, The Rock & Roll Gypsies, Peter Gabriel, Mike Oldfield, Edwyn Collins, Glenn Matlosk, but was best known as member and drummer with The Cure.

On December 28, 2015.

On December 28, 2015, Ian Fraser Kilmister aka Lemmy died aged 70. He was musician (bass), singer, and songwriter, was member and worked with Hawkwind, The Rockin’ Vickers, Opal Butterfly, The Damned, The Head Cat, Girlschool, and Sam Gopal, but was best known as founder, leader, singer, primary songwriter, and bass player of Motörhead.

On October 29, 1982.

On October 29, 1982, “RCA” label released “Choose Your Masques”, the thirteenth Hawkwind studio album. It was recorded June – July 1982, at “Rockfield Studios” in Wales, and was produced by Pat Moran,


  • Dave Brock – vocals, electric guitar, keyboards
  • Huw Lloyd-Langton – vocals, electric guitar
  • Harvey Bainbridge – bass guitar, keyboards
  • Martin Griffin – drums
  • Nik Turner – saxophone
  • Andrew Christian, Terry Oakes – sleeve design

Track listing:

  1. Choose Your Masks – Michael Moorcock, Dave Brock
  2. Dream Worker – Harvey Bainbridge
  3. Arrival in Utopia – Michael Moorcock, Dave Brock
  4. Utopia – Dave Brock
  5. Silver Machine – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  6. Void City – Harvey Bainbridge, Dave Brock
  7. Solitary Mind Games – Marion Lloyd-Langton, Huw Lloyd-Langton
  8. Fahrenheit 451 – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  9. The Scan – Harvey Bainbridge, Dave Brock
  10. Waiting for Tomorrow – Marion Lloyd-Langton, Huw Lloyd-Langton


On October 25, 1993.

On October 25, 1993, “Essential Records” label released “It Is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous”, the eighteenth Hawkwind studio album. It was recorded in 1993, at “Barking Dog Studios” in Devon, England, and was produced by Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick, and Paul Cobbold.


  • Dave Brock – vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, sequencing, sampling
  • Alan Davey – vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, programming, sequencing, sampling
  • Richard Chadwick – vocals, drums
  • Alan The Ghost – artwork

Track listing:

  1. It Is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous – Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  2. Space Is Their (Palestine) – Dave Brock
  3. Tibet Is Not China (Part 1) – Alan Davey
  4. Tibet Is Not China (Part 2) – Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  5. Let Barking Dogs Lie – Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  6. Wave upon Wave – Alan Davey
  7. Letting in the Past (Looking in the Future) – Dave Brock
  8. The Camera That Could Lie – Dave Brock
  9. 3 or 4 Erections in the Course of a Night – Dave Brock, Alan Davey
  10. Techno Tropic Zone Exists – Dave Brock
  11. Gimme Shelter – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  12. Avante – Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey

On June 15, 1979.

On June 15, 1979, “Charisma” label released “PXR5”, the ninth Hawkwind studio album. It was recorded September 1977 – June 1978, at “Leicester”, “De Montfort Hall”, “Hammersmith Odeon” in London, “Rockfield Studios” and “Week Park Farm” in Devon, and was produced by Robert Calver, Dave Brock, Adrian Shaw, Simon House, and Simon King.


  • Robert Calvert– vocals
  • Dave Brock– vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Adrian Shaw– bass guitar
  • Simon House– violin, keyboards
  • Simon King– drums
  • Dave Charles, Anton Matthews – engineer
  • Phillip Tonkyn – artwork

Track listing:

  1. Death Trap – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  2. Jack of Shadows – Robert Calvert, Simon House, Adrian Shaw
  3. Uncle Sam’s on Mars – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock, Simon House, Simon King
  4. Infinity – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  5. Life Form – Dave Brock
  6. Robot – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  7. High Rise – Robert Calvert, Simon House
  8. PXR5 – Dave Brock


On October 30, 1995.

On October 30, 1995, “Emergency Broadcast System Records” label released “Alien 4”, the twentieth Hawkwind studio album. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Paul Cobbold, Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick and Jerry Richards.


  • Ron Tree– vocals
  • Dave Brock– vocals, electric guitar, keyboards
  • Jerry Richards – electric guitar
  • Alan Davey – vocals, bass guitar
  • Richard Chadwick – drums
  • Alan Arthurs – design

Track listing:

  1. Abducted – Ron Tree, Dave Brock
  2. Alien (I Am) – Dave Brock
  3. Reject Your Human Touch – Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  4. Blue Skin – Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey

Beam Me Up – Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Alan Davey, Richard Chadwick, Jerry Richards.

  1. Vega – Alan Davey
  2. Xenomorph – Ron Tree, Alan Davey
  3. Journey – Dave Brock, Alan Davey
  4. Sputnik Stan – Alan Davey
  5. Kapal – Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  6. Festivals – Kris Tait, Dave Brock
  7. Death Trap – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  8. Wastelands (Wastelands Of Sleep) – Dave Brock
  9. Are You Losing Your Mind? – Ron Tree, Dave Brock, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey
  10. Space Sex – Dave Brock