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On July 11, 2000.

On July 11, 2000, “Magna Carta” label released “Somewhere to Elsewhere”, the fourteenth Kansas studio album. It was recorded in 1999, at “GrandyZine Recording Co.” in Berryton, Kansas, and was produced by Kerry Livgren, Phil Ehart and Rich Williams.


  • Steve Walsh– lead and backing vocals
  • Kerry Livgren- guitars, keyboards, engineer, mixing
  • Robby Steinhardt- violin, viola, lead and backing vocals
  • Rich Williams- guitars
  • Billy Greer- bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
  • Dave Hope- bass guitar
  • Phil Ehart- drums
  • Jake Livgren, Jessica Livgren – additional background vocals
  • Brad Aaron – engineer, mixing

Track listing:

All songs by Kerry Livgren.

  1. Icarus II
  2. When the World Was Young
  3. Grand Fun Alley
  4. The Coming Dawn (Thanatopsis)
  5. Myriad
  6. Look at the Time
  7. Disappearing Skin Tight Blues
  8. Distant Vision
  9. Byzantium
  10. Not Man Big – (1:00 of silence)
  11. Geodesic Dome (hidden track)





In May 1979.

In May 1979, “Kirshner” label released “Monolith”, the sixth Kansas studio album. It was recorded January – April 1979, and was produced by Steve Walsh, Kerry Livgren, Rich Williams, Robby Steinhardt, Dave Hope and Phil Ehart. The album cover art was by Bruce Wolfe.


  • Steve Walsh– keyboards, lead vocals
  • Kerry Livgren– guitar, keyboards
  • Rich Williams– guitar
  • Robby Steinhardt– violin, vocals, anvil, lead vocals
  • Dave Hope– bass
  • Phil Ehart– drums
  • Engineers: Brad Aaron, Davey Moiré, Steve Tillisch, David Pinkston
  • Assistant engineer: Les Horn

Track listing:

  1. On the Other Side – Kerry Livgren
  2. People of the South Wind – Kerry Livgren
  3. Angels Have Fallen – Steve Walsh
  4. How My Soul Cries Out for You – Steve Walsh
  5. A Glimpse of Home – Kerry Livgren
  6. Away from You – Steve Walsh
  7. Stay Out of Trouble – Steve Walsh, Rich Williams, Robby Steinhardt
  8. Reason to Be – Kerry Livgren

In March 1974.

In March 1974, “Kirshner” label released the debut, self-titled Kansas album. It was recorded in 1973 at “Record Plant Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Wally Gold.


  • Steve Walsh– piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, congas, lead and backing vocals
  • Kerry Livgren– guitars, piano, organ, Moog synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Robby Steinhardt– violin, lead and backing vocals
  • Rich Williams– electric and acoustic guitars
  • Dave Hope– bass, backing vocals
  • Phil Ehart– drums
  • Jay Siegel – vocals
  • Engineer: Dan Turbeville
  • Assistant Engineers: Kevin “Whip” Herron, Jimmy “Shoes” Iovine
  • Mastering: Tom Rabstenek, Greg Caldi
  • CoverDesign: Ed Lee
  • Painting: John Steuart Curry
  • Back cover photo: Don Hunstein

Track listing:

  1. Can I Tell You – Rich Williams, Phil Ehart, Dave Hope, Steve Walsh
  2. Bringing It Back – J.J. Cale
  3. Lonely Wind – Steve Walsh
  4. Belexes – Kerry Livgren
  5. Journey from Mariabronn – Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh
  6. The Pilgrimage – Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh
  7. Aperçu – Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh
  8. Death of Mother Nature Suite – Kerry Livgren

In February 1975.


In February 1975, “Kirshner Legacy” label released “Song for America”, the second Kansas studio album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Wally Heider Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Jeff Glixman and Wally Gold.


  • Steve Walsh– organ, ARP and Moog synthesizers, lead vocals, backing vocals, piano
  • Robby Steinhardt– violin, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • Kerry Livgren– electric and rhythm guitars, Moog and ARP synthesizers, ARP strings, piano
  • Rich Williams– electric, acoustic, and rhythm guitars
  • Dave Hope– bass guitar
  • Phil Ehart– drums, glockenspiel, Moog drum and gong
  • Engineer: Peter Granet
  • Mastering: Tom Rabstenek
  • Preparation: Don Meehan
  • Arranger: Kansas
  • Art direction: Ed Lee
  • Paintings: Peter Lloyd

Track listing:

All tracks by Kerry Livgren except where noted.

  1. Down by the Road – Steve Walsh, Kerry Livgren
  2. Song for America
  3. Lamplight Symphony
  4. Lonely Street – Steve Walsh, Dave Hope, Rich Williams, Phil Ehart
  5. The Devil Game – Steve Walsh, Dave Hope
  6. Incomudro – Hymn to the Atman


On October 11, 1977.


On October 11, 1977, “Kirshner” label released “Point of Know Return”, the fifth Kansas studio album. It was recorded June–July 1977, at “Woodland Sound” in Nashville, Tennessee, and “Studio in the Country” in Bogalusa, Louisiana, and was produced by Jeff Glixman


  • Steve Walsh– organ, synthesizers, vibraphone, piano, lead vocals, backing vocals, additional percussion
  • Robby Steinhardt– violins, viola, backing vocals, lead vocals
  • Kerry Livgren– synthesizers, piano, clavinet, electric and acoustic guitars, additional percussion
  • Rich Williams– electric and acoustic guitars, pedals
  • Dave Hope– bass
  • Phil Ehart– drums, timpani, chimes, additional percussion
  • Engineers: Terry Becker, Jeff Glixman
  • Mastering: George Marino
  • Arranger: Kansas
  • Art direction: Tom Drennon
  • Cover artconcept: Kansas
  • Cover design: Rod Dyer
  • Artwork: Peter Lloyd
  • Artwork: Bob Maile

Track listing:

All tracks by Kerry Livgren and Steve Walsh except where noted.

  1. Point of Know Return – Phil Ehart, Robby Steinhardt, Steve Walsh
  2. Paradox
  3. The Spider – Steve Walsh
  4. Portrait (He Knew)
  5. Closet Chronicles
  6. Lightning’s Hand
  7. Dust in the Wind – Kerry Livgren
  8. Sparks of the Tempest
  9. Nobody’s Home
  10. Hopelessly Human – Kerry Livgren