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In November 1972.

In November 1972, “Windfall” label released “Why Dontcha”, the debut West, Bruce and Laing studio album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Andy Johns, Leslie West, Jack Bruce and Corky Laing.


  • Leslie West– vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Dobro,
  • Jack Bruce– bass, organ, harmonium, harp, vocals, choir, chorus, ARP synthesizer, acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano
  • Corky Laing– drums, rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Andy Johns– engineer
  • Dan Turbeville – assistant engineer
  • Ed Lee – art direction, design, photography

Track listing:

  1. Why Dontcha – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing
  2. Out into the Fields – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing, Pete Brown
  3. The Doctor – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing, Sue Palmer
  4. Turn Me Over – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing
  5. Third Degree – Eddie Boyd, Willie Dixon
  6. Shake Ma Thing (Rollin’ Jack) – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing
  7. While You Sleep – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing
  8. Pleasure – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing, Pete Brown
  9. Love Is Worth the Blues – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing
  10. Pollution Woman – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Laing, Pete Brown

In September 1970.

In September 1970, “Curtom” label released “Curtis”, the debut Curtis Mayfield solo album. It was recorded May – July 1970, at “RCA Studios” in Chicago, and was produced by Curtis Mayfield.


  • Curtis Mayfield – primary artist
  • Loren Binford, Sol Bobrob, Clifford Davis, Harold Dessent, Donald Simmons, Leonard Druss, Robert Lewis, Clifford Davis, Donald Simmons, Elliot Golub, Gary Slabo, Harold Klatz, Harold Lepp, Henry Gibson, John Howell, John Ross,Patrick Ferreri, Philip Upchurch, Richard Single, Robert Sims, Ronald Kolber, Rudolph Stauber, Sam Heiman – musicians
  • Bob Cato – photography, design
  • John A. Beck – design
  • J. Anfinson, Tom Flye – engineer
  • Riley Hampton, Gary Slabo – arranger
  • Dan Turbeville – assistant engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Curtis Mayfield.

  1. (Don’t Worry) If There’s a Hell Below, We’re All Going to Go
  2. The Other Side of Town
  3. The Makings of You
  4. We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue
  5. Move On Up
  6. Miss Black America
  7. Wild and Free
  8. Give It Up

In March 1974.

In March 1974, “Kirshner” label released the debut, self-titled Kansas album. It was recorded in 1973 at “Record Plant Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Wally Gold.


  • Steve Walsh– piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, congas, lead and backing vocals
  • Kerry Livgren– guitars, piano, organ, Moog synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Robby Steinhardt– violin, lead and backing vocals
  • Rich Williams– electric and acoustic guitars
  • Dave Hope– bass, backing vocals
  • Phil Ehart– drums
  • Jay Siegel – vocals
  • Engineer: Dan Turbeville
  • Assistant Engineers: Kevin “Whip” Herron, Jimmy “Shoes” Iovine
  • Mastering: Tom Rabstenek, Greg Caldi
  • CoverDesign: Ed Lee
  • Painting: John Steuart Curry
  • Back cover photo: Don Hunstein

Track listing:

  1. Can I Tell You – Rich Williams, Phil Ehart, Dave Hope, Steve Walsh
  2. Bringing It Back – J.J. Cale
  3. Lonely Wind – Steve Walsh
  4. Belexes – Kerry Livgren
  5. Journey from Mariabronn – Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh
  6. The Pilgrimage – Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh
  7. Aperçu – Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh
  8. Death of Mother Nature Suite – Kerry Livgren