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Bad Religion: Against the Grain

On November 23, 1990, “Epitaph” label released “Against the Grain”, the fifth Bad Religion studio album. It was recorded in May 1990, at “Westbeach Recorders” in Hollywood, and was produced by Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz, Greg Hetson, Jan Bentley and Pete Finestone.


  • Greg Graffin – vocals
  • Brett Gurewitz – guitar, backing vocals
  • Greg Hetson – guitar
  • Jay Bentley – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Pete Finestone – drums
  • Karat Faye – engineer
  • The Legendary Starbolt – mixing
  • Eddie Schreyer – mastering
  • Joy Aoki – art direction

Track listing:

All tracks by Greg Graffin, except where noted.

  1. Modern Man
  2. Turn on the Light – Brett Gurewitz
  3. Get Off
  4. Blenderhead – Brett Gurewitz
  5. The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking – Jay Bentley
  6. Anesthesia – Brett Gurewitz
  7. Flat Earth Society – Brett Gurewitz
  8. Faith Alone
  9. Entropy
  10. Against the Grain
  11. Operation Rescue
  12. God Song
  13. 21st Century (Digital Boy) – Brett Gurewitz
  14. Misery and Famine
  15. Unacceptable – Greg Hetson, Jay Bentley
  16. Quality or Quantity
  17. Walk Away – Brett Gurewitz

On December 18, 1976.

On December 18, 1976, “Epic/CBS” labels released “Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I’m Back”, the eighth Sly and the Family Stone album. It was recorded in 1976, and was produced by Sly Stone.


  • Sly Stone: vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass, various instruments, string arrangements
  • Cynthia Robinson: vocals, trumpet
  • Joe Baker: vocals, guitar
  • Dwight Hogan: vocals, bass
  • John Colla: vocals, alto and soprano saxophone
  • Steve Schuster: tenor saxophone, flute
  • John Farey: keyboards, percussion
  • Virginia Ayers: vocals, percussion
  • Anthony Warren: drums
  • Lady Bianca: lead and background vocals, clavinet
  • Vicki Blackwell: violin
  • Ed Bogas: string arrangements
  • Armando Peraza: timbales, congas
  • Peter Frampton: guitar
  • Sister Vet& Cousin Tiny: vocals
  • Karat Faye: Engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Sly Stone.

  1. Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I’m Back
  2. What Was I Thinkin’ in My Head
  3. Nothing Less Than Happiness
  4. Sexy Situation
  5. Blessing in Disguise
  6. Everything in You
  7. Mother Is a Hippie
  8. Let’s Be Together
  9. The Thing
  10. Family Again

On November 3, 1979.

On November 3, 1979, “Warner Bros” label released “Back on the Right Track”, the ninth Sly and the Family Stone album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Mark Davis.


  • Sly Stone (Sylvester Stewart) – vocals, keyboards, harmonica
  • Mark Davis – keyboards
  • Walter Downing – keyboards
  • Alvin Taylor – drums
  • Keni Burke – bass
  • Hamp Banks – guitar
  • Joseph Baker – guitar
  • Roscoe Peterson – guitar
  • Ollie E. Brown – percussion
  • Cynthia Robinson – trumpet
  • Tom DeCourcey – trombone
  • Pat Rizzo – saxophone
  • Steve Madaio, Gary Herbig, Fred Smith – horns
  • Rose Banks, Lisa Banks, Joe Baker, Freddie Stewart – background vocals
  • Karat Faye – engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Sly Stone except where noted.

  1. Remember Who You Are – Sly Stone, Hamp Banks
  2. Back On The Right Track
  3. If It’s Not Addin’ Up…
  4. The Same Thing (Makes You Laugh, Makes You Cry)
  5. Shine It On
  6. It Takes All Kinds
  7. Who’s To Say
  8. Sheer Energy


On January 11, 1974.

On January 11, 1974, “United Artists” label released “Lookin’ for a Love Again”, the sixth Bobby Womack studio album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Muscle Shoals Sound Studios” in  Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and was produced by Bobby Womack.


  • Bobby Womack – vocals, guitar, string arrangements
  • Pete Carr, Rhino Rheinardt, Tippy Armstrong – guitar
  • Jimmy Johnson- rhythm guitar
  • David Hood– bass
  • Barry Beckett, Clayton Ivey, Truman Thomas – keyboards
  • Roger Hawkins– drums
  • Friendly Womack, Jr., Curtis Womack, Cecil Womack, Harry Womack- background vocals
  • René Hall- string arrangements
  • Gregg Hamm, Jerry Masters, Karat Faye – engineer
  • John Kehe, Ria Lewerke – design

Track listing

All tracks by Bobby Womack; except where noted.

  1. Lookin’ for a Love – James Alexander, Zelda Samuels
  2. I Don’t Wanna Be Hurt by Ya Love Again
  3. Doing it My Way
  4. Let it Hang Out
  5. Point of No Return – Jim Ford
  6. You’re Welcome, Stop on By – Bobby Womack, Truman Thomas
  7. You’re Messing Up a Good Thing – Clayton Ivey, Frank Johnson, Terry Woodford
  8. Don’t Let me Down – Truman Thomas
  9. Copper Kettle – Albert Frank Beddoe
  10. There’s One Thing That Beats Failing – Bobby Womack, Truman Thomas

In July 1982.

In July 1982, “Arista” label released “Jump To It”, the thirtyfirst Aretha Franklin studio album. It was recorded 1981 – 1982, at “Mediasound Studios” in New York City, “Record Plant” and “The Village Recorder” in Los Angeles, “Soundsuite” in Detroit, and was produced by Luther Vandross and Aretha Franklin. The album received the “American Music Award” for “Best Soul Album”.


  • Aretha Franklin – lead vocals, rhythm and vocal arrangements
  • Levi Stubbs – lead vocals
  • Doc Powell– guitar
  • Steve Love – guitar
  • George Duke– piano
  • Sonny Burke– keyboards
  • Nat Adderley, Jr.– keyboards, rhythm arrangements
  • Luther Vandross– keyboards, backing vocals, rhythm and vocal arrangements
  • Marcus Miller– bass, keyboards, synthesizer, synthesizer and rhythm arrangements
  • Francisco Centeno, Louis Johnson– bass
  • Yogi Horton, Buddy Williams– drums
  • Errol “Crusher” Bennett – congas, percussion
  • Paulinho Da Costa– percussion
  • George Young – soprano saxophone
  • Paul Riser, Leon Pendarvis, Jr., Jerry Hey– horn and string arrangements
  • Four Tops– backing vocals, vocal arrangements
  • Erma Franklin, Pam Vincent, Sandra Dance, Brenda White, Cissy Houston, Fonzi Thornton, Michelle Cobbs, Phillip Ballou, Tawatha Agee, Norma Jean Wright, Alexandra Brown, Darlene Love, Paulette McWilliams, Stephanie Spruill, Brenda Corbett – backing vocals
  • Michael Brauer – recording, mixing
  • Carl Beatty, Lee Keifer – additional engineering
  • Michael Christopher, Karat Faye, John Hanlon, Harry Spiridakis, Don Wershba, Warren Woods
  • Ria Lewerke-Shapiro – art direction, design
  • Harry Langdon – photography
  • Sue Reilly – lettering
  • Sephra Herman – production coordinator

Track listing:

  1. Jump to It – Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller
  2. Love Me Right – Luther Vandross
  3. If She Don’t Want Your Lovin’ – Sam Dees
  4. This Is for Real – Luther Vandross
  5. (It’s Just) Your Love – Luther Vandross, Marcus Miller
  6. I Wanna Make It Up to You – Aretha Franklin
  7. It’s Your Thing – O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley
  8. Just My Daydream – Smokey Robinson

In July 1974.

In July 1974, “Epic” label released “Small Talk”, the seventh Sly and the Family Stone album. It was recorded in 1974, and was produced by Sly Stone.


  • Sly Stone – vocals, organ, guitar, piano, harmonica
  • Freddie Stone – guitar, backing vocals
  • Rose Stone – piano, keyboard, backing vocals
  • Rusty Allen – bass guitar
  • Andy Newmark, Bill Lordan – drums
  • Cynthia Robinson – trumpet
  • Jerry Martini – saxophone
  • Pat Rizzo – saxophone
  • Sid Page – violin
  • Little Sister (Vet Stone, Mary McCreary, Elva Mouton) – backing vocals
  • Ed Bogas– string arrangements
  • Karat Faye – engineer
  • Norman Seeff – cover photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Sylvester Stewart, save for “Small Talk”, written by Sylvester Stewart and W. Silva

  1. Small Talk
  2. Say You Will
  3. Mother Beautiful
  4. Time For Livin’
  5. Can’t Strain My Brain
  6. Loose Booty
  7. Holdin’ On
  8. Wishful Thinkin’
  9. Better Thee Than Me
  10. Livin’ While I’m Livin
  11. This is Love

On May 16, 1980.

Devo - Freedom of Choice

On May 16, 1980, “Warner Bros” label released “Freedom of Choice”, the third Devo studio album. It was recorded October 1979 – 1980, at “Record Plant” in Hollywood, and was produced by Mark Mothersbaugh, Gerald Casale, Bob Casale, Bob Mothersbaugh, Alan Myers and Robert Margouleff.


  • Mark Mothersbaugh– lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Gerald Casale– lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, keyboards
  • Bob Casale– guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Bob Mothersbaugh– guitar, backing vocals
  • Alan Myers– drums
  • Karat Faye – engineer
  • Ken Perry/Capitol Studios – mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale, except where noted.

  1. Girl U Want
  2. It’s Not Right
  3. Whip It
  4. Snowball
  5. Ton o’Luv
  6. Freedom of Choice
  7. Gates of Steel – Gerald Casale, Mark Mothersbaugh, Sue Schmidt, Debbie Smith
  8. Cold War – Bob Mothersbaugh, Gerald Casale
  9. Don’t You Know – Mark Mothersbaugh
  10. That’s Pep! – Mark Mothersbaugh
  11. B’s Ballroom – Mark Motherbaugh
  12. Planet Earth