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On January 11, 1974.

On January 11, 1974, “United Artists” label released “Lookin’ for a Love Again”, the sixth Bobby Womack studio album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Muscle Shoals Sound Studios” in  Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and was produced by Bobby Womack.


  • Bobby Womack – vocals, guitar, string arrangements
  • Pete Carr, Rhino Rheinardt, Tippy Armstrong – guitar
  • Jimmy Johnson- rhythm guitar
  • David Hood– bass
  • Barry Beckett, Clayton Ivey, Truman Thomas – keyboards
  • Roger Hawkins– drums
  • Friendly Womack, Jr., Curtis Womack, Cecil Womack, Harry Womack- background vocals
  • René Hall- string arrangements
  • Gregg Hamm, Jerry Masters, Karat Faye – engineer
  • John Kehe, Ria Lewerke – design

Track listing

All tracks by Bobby Womack; except where noted.

  1. Lookin’ for a Love – James Alexander, Zelda Samuels
  2. I Don’t Wanna Be Hurt by Ya Love Again
  3. Doing it My Way
  4. Let it Hang Out
  5. Point of No Return – Jim Ford
  6. You’re Welcome, Stop on By – Bobby Womack, Truman Thomas
  7. You’re Messing Up a Good Thing – Clayton Ivey, Frank Johnson, Terry Woodford
  8. Don’t Let me Down – Truman Thomas
  9. Copper Kettle – Albert Frank Beddoe
  10. There’s One Thing That Beats Failing – Bobby Womack, Truman Thomas

In July 1971.

In July 1971, “Stax” label released “Lovejoy”, the sixth Albert King studio album. It was recorded December 1970 – January 1971, and was produced by Don Nix.


  • Albert King– electric guitar, vocals
  • Jesse Edwin Davis, Tippy Armstrong, Wayne Perkins– guitar
  • John Gallie, Barry Beckett– keyboards
  • Donald “Duck” Dunn, David Hood– bass
  • Jim Keltner, Roger Hawkins – drums
  • Sandy Konikoff – percussion
  • Jeanne Green, The Mt. Zion Singers – background vocals

Track listing:

  1. Honky Tonk Woman – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  2. Bay Area Blues – Donald “Duck” Dunn, Don Nix
  3. Corrina, Corrina – Don Nix
  4. She Caught the Katy(And Left Me A Mule To Ride) – Taj Mahal, James Rachell
  5. For the Love of a Woman – Don Nix
  6. Lovejoy, III.-Don Nix
  7. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven – Don Nix
  8. Going Back To Iuka – Don Nix
  9. Like A Road Leading Home – Don Nix, Dan Penn