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In September 1977.

In September 1977, “Mercury” label released the debut, self-titled Boomtown Rats album. It was recorded in 1977, and was produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange.


  • Bob Geldof: lead vocals
  • Pete Briquette: bass, vocals
  • Garry Roberts: guitar, vocals
  • Gerry Cott: guitar
  • Simon Crowe: drums, vocals
  • Johnnie Fingers: keyboards
  • Albie Donnelly: saxophone
  • Sue Dubois: art direction, design
  • Geoff Halpin: design
  • Hannah Sharn: photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Geldof.

  1. Lookin’ After No. 1
  2. Neon Heart
  3. Joey’s on the Street Again
  4. Never Bite the Hand That Feeds
  5. Mary of the 4th Form
  6. (She’s Gonna) Do You In
  7. Close As You’ll Ever Be
  8. I Can Make It If You Can
  9. Kicks



In May 1976.

In May 1976, “A&M” label released “No Earthly Connection”, the fourth Rick Wakeman solo album. It was recorded January-March 1976, at “Château d’Hérouville” in Herouville, France, and was produced by Rick Wakeman.


  • Rick Wakeman – Mander pipe organ, Hammond C3 organ, 9′ Steinwaygrand piano, RMI Electra piano, Hohner clavinet, Moog synthesizer, Baldwin electric harpsichord, upright honky-tonk piano, Fender Rhodes 88 electric piano,  Mellotron, Godwin organ with Sisme Rotary-Cabinet, Systech effects pedals
  • Ashley Holt – vocals
  • Roger Newell – bass guitar, bass pedals, vocals
  • John Dunsterville – acousticand electric guitars, mandolin, vocals
  • Tony Fernandez– drums, percussion
  • Martyn Shields – trumpet, flugelhorn, French horn, vocals
  • Reg Brooks – trombone, bass trombone, vocals
  • Paul Tregurtha – engineer
  • Didier Utard – assistant engineer
  • Toby Errington – crew in France
  • Jake Berry – crew in France
  • John Cleary – crew in England
  • Tony Merrell – crew in England
  • Tony Powell – crew in England
  • Fabio Nicoli – art direction
  • Mike Doud – concept, design
  • Chris Moore – cover illustrations
  • Geoff Halpin – logo design
  • George Snow – inner sleeve design
  • Mike Putland – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Rick Wakeman.

  1. Music Reincarnate

Part I: The Warning

Part II: The Maker

Part III: The Spaceman

Part IV: The Realisation

  1. Music Reincarnate (Continued)

Part V: The Reaper

  1. The Prisoner
  2. The Lost Cycle


In December 1975.


In December 1975, “RCA” label released “Heaven and Hell”, the sixth Vangelis studio album. It was recorded in September 1975, at “Nemo Studios” in London, and was produced by Vangelis.


  • Vangelis– synthesizers, Bösendorfer grand piano, percussion, arranger
  • Jon Anderson– lead vocals
  • Vana Veroutis – lead vocals
  • English Chamber Choir– choir
  • Guy Protheroe– conductor
  • Alan Lucas – sound engineer
  • Geoff Halpin – logo design
  • Mike Doud – sleeve concept
  • Paul Wakefield – photographer

Track listing:

All tracks by Vangelis, except where noted.

  1. Heaven and Hell Part I
  2. Bacchanale
  3. Symphony to the Powers B” (Movements 1 and 2)
  4. Movement 3″ (from “Symphony to the Powers B”)
  5. So Long Ago, So Clear – lyrics by Jon Anderson
  6. Heaven and Hell Part II”
  • Intestinal Bat
  • Needles & Bones
  • 12 O’Clock (in two parts)
  • Aries”
  • A Way


On June 17, 1977.

Quark Strangeness And Charm

On June 17, 1977, “Charisma” label released “Quark, Strangeness and Charm”, the seventh Hawkwind studio album. It was recorded in February 1977, at “Rockfield Studios”, and was produced by Hawkwind. The art cover designed by Hipgnosis and Geoff Halpin, features photographs are of the control room at Battersea Power Station.


  • Dave Brock– guitar, synthesisers, sound FX, vocals, quark
  • Robert Calvert– vocals, percussion, morse, strangeness
  • Simon House– keyboards, violin, anvil, vocals, charm
  • Adrian Shaw– bass guitar, vocals, hand-claps
  • Simon King– drums, percussion, no-vocal
  • Dave Charles – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Spirit of the Age – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  2. Damnation Alley – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock, Simon House
  3. Fable of a Failed Race – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  4. Quark, Strangeness and Charm – Robert Calvert, Dave Brock
  5. Hassan I Sabbah – Robert Calvert, Paul Rudolph
  6. The Forge of Vulcan – Simon House
  7. The Days of the Underground – Robert Calvert,Dave Brock
  8. The Iron Dream – Simon King


On March 7, 1980.


On March 7, 1980, “Chrysalis” label released “Nobody’s Heroes”, the second Stiff Little Fingers album. It was recorded January – February 1980, and was produced by Doug Bennett.


  • Jake Burns– vocals, guitar
  • Jim Reilly– drums
  • Henry Cluney– guitar
  • Ali McMordie– bass
  • Agency – cowbell
  • Geoff Halpin – cover lettering
  • Brian Cooke, Chris Gabrin, Mats Lundgren, Barry Plummer – photography

Track listing:

  1. Gotta Getaway – Fingers, Gordon, Ogilvie
  2. Wait and See – Jake Burns, Ogilvie
  3. Fly the Flag – Fingers, Ogilvie
  4. At the Edge – Fingers
  5. Nobody’s Hero – Jack Burns, Ogilvie
  6. Bloody Dub – Fingers
  7. Doesn’t Make It All Right – Dave Goldberg, Jerry Dammers
  8. I Don’t Like You – Fingers, Ogilvie
  9. No Change – Fingers, Ogilvie
  10. Tin Soldiers – Fingers, Ogilvie