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On August 29, 1977.

On August 29, 1977, “Mushroom Records” label released “Dizrythmia” the third Split Enz album. It was recorded June – July 1977, at “AIR Studios” in London, and was produced by Geoff Emerick, Timothy Finn, Neil Finn, Edward Rayner, Noel Crombie, Robert Gillies, Malcolm Green, Nigel Griggs and Mal Jacobson.


  • Timothy Finn– vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
  • Neil Finn– vocals, guitars, mandolin
  • Edward Rayner– keyboards
  • Noel Crombie– vocals, percussion
  • Robert Gillies– saxophones, trumpet
  • Malcolm Green– drums
  • Nigel Griggs– bass
  • Mal Jacobson– sonor drums, percussion
  • Phil Judd– vocals, guitar
  • Mike Chunn– vocals, bass
  • Geoff Emerick – engineer
  • Colin Fairley – assistant engineer
  • Peter Henderson – additional engineering
  • Nigel Walker – assistant engineer
  • Noel Crombie, Peter Wagg – design
  • Han Chew Tham – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Tim Finn, except where noted.

  1. Bold as Brass – Tim Finn, Robert Gilles
  2. My Mistake – Tim Finn, Eddie Rayner
  3. Parrot Fashion Love – Tim Finn, Eddie Rayner
  4. Sugar and Spice – Phil Judd
  5. Without a Doubt
  6. Crosswords
  7. Charlie
  8. Nice to Know – Tim Finn, Phil Judd, Eddie Rayner
  9. Jamboree – Tim Finn, Phil Judd, Eddie Rayner, Noel Crombie, Malcolm Green, Robert Gillies, Mike Chunn

On November 22, 1984.

On November 22, 1984,“Mushroom” label released “See Ya ‘Round”, the ninth and final Split Enz album. It was recorded in 1984, and was produced by Jim Barton,


  • Neil Finn– vocals, guitar
  • Eddie Rayner– keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Noel Crombie– percussion, vocals
  • Nigel Griggs– bass, backing vocals
  • Paul Hester– drums, vocals
  • Wilbur Wilde– saxophone
  • Bob Venier– flugelhorn

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Finn, except where noted.

  1. Breakin’ My Back
  2. I Walk Away
  3. Doctor Love
  4. One Mouth Is Fed
  5. Years Go By – Neil Finn, Eddie Rayner
  6. Voices
  7. The Lost Cat – Eddie Rayner
  8. Adz – Nigel Griggs
  9. This Is Massive – Paul Hester
  10. Kia Kaha (Ever Be Strong)
  11. Ninnie Knees Up – Noel Crombie

On October 2, 2018.

On October 2, 2018, Geoffrey Emerick died aged 72. He was recording studio audio engineer and producer, worked with America, Elvis Costello, Badfinger, Art Garfunkel, Jeff Beck, Gino Vannelli, Supertramp, Cheap Trick, Nazareth, Chris Bell, Split Enz, Trevor Rabin, Nick Heyward, Big Country, Gentle Giant, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Ultravox, Matthew Fisher, Kate Bush, Nellie McKay and Robin Trower, but he was best known for his work with The Beatles, on their albums Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles and Abbey Road. For his work in the music recording field, Emerick won “European Edison Award” and four “Grammy Awards”.

In August 1976.

In August 1976, “Mushroom” label released “Second Thoughts”, the second Split Enz studio album. It was recorded April – May 1976, at “Basing Street Studios” in London, and was produced by Phil Manzanera.


  • Tim Finn– vocals, piano
  • Phil Judd– vocals, guitars, mandolin
  • Jonathan Michael Chunn– bass, piano
  • Emlyn Crowther– drums
  • Noel Crombie– percussion
  • Edward Rayner– keyboards
  • Robert Gillies– saxophone, trumpet
  • Miles Golding – violin
  • Ian Sharp – cello
  • Rhett Davies, Guy Bidmead – recording
  • Rhett Davies – mixing
  • John Prew – photography

Track listing:

  1. Late Last Night – Phil Judd
  2. Walking Down a Road – Tim Finn, Phil Judd
  3. Titus – Phil Judd
  4. Lovely Dovey – Tim Finn, Phil Judd
  5. Sweet Dreams – Phil Judd
  6. Stranger Than Fiction – Tim Finn, Phil Judd
  7. Time for a Change – Phil Judd
  8. Matinee Idyll – Tim Finn, Phil Judd
  9. The Woman Who Loves You – Tim Finn, Phil Judd

In April 1982.

In April 1982, “Mushroom” label released “Time and Tide”, the seventh Split Enz album. It was recorded January-February in Sydney, and was produced by Hugh Padgham, Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Noel Crombie, Nigel Griggs and Eddie Rayner.


  • Tim Finn– vocals, piano, mixing
  • Neil Finn– vocals, guitar, mixing
  • Nigel Griggs– bass, mixing
  • Noel Crombie– drums, percussion, mixing, cover design, photos
  • Eddie Rayner– percussion, keyboards, mixing
  • Hugh Padgham – engineer, mixing
  • David Price – engineer assistant
  • Ian Cooper, Howard Grey – mastering
  • Jeff Ayeroff – art direction:

Track listing:

  1. Dirty Creature – Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Nigel Griggs
  2. Giant Heartbeat – Neil Finn, Nigel Griggs
  3. Hello Sandy Allen – Neil Finn
  4. Never Ceases to Amaze Me – Tim Finn
  5. Lost for Words – Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Nigel Griggs
  6. Small World – Tim Finn
  7. Take a Walk – Neil.Finn
  8. Pioneer – Eddie Rayner
  9. Six Months in a Leaky Boat – Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Noel Crombie, Nigel Griggs, Eddie Rayner
  10. Haul Away – Tim Finn
  11. Log Cabin Fever – Neil Finn
  12. Make Sense of It – Noel Crombie, Tim Finn, Neil Finn, Nigel Griggs, Eddie Rayner

In April 1981.

In April 1981, “Mushroom” label released “Corroboree” (Waiata), the sixth Split Enz studio album. It was recorded in 1980, at “AAV Studios” in Melbourne, and was produced by David Tickle.


  • Tim Finn– vocals
  • Neil Finn– vocals, guitar
  • Edward Rayner– vocals, keyboards
  • Nigel Griggs– bass
  • Malcolm Green– drums
  • Noel Crombie– percussion
  • Scott (Blackhand) Hemming – engineer assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Tim Finn, except where noted.

  1. Hard Act to Follow
  2. One Step Ahead – Neil Finn
  3. I Don’t Wanna Dance
  4. Iris – Neil Finn
  5. Wail – Eddie Rayner
  6. Clumsy
  7. History Never Repeats – Neil Finn
  8. Walking Through the Ruins
  9. Ships – Neil Finn
  10. Ghost Girl
  11. Albert of India – Eddie Rayner