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On August 27, 2012.

On August 27, 2012, “Edition Records” label released “Neck of the Woods”, album by Marius Neset and Daniel Herskedal. It was recorded 2011 – 2012, at “Wanngren” at Fredriksberg Church, and “We Know Music Studios” in Copenhagen, and in “Kulturskolan” in Lund, and was produced by Marius Neset and Daniel Herskedal.


  • Marius Neset– saxophone
  • Daniel Herskedal– tuba
  • Hallvar Djupvik – vocal solo
  • Svanholm Singers – choir
  • August Wanngren – recording, mixing, mastering
  • Darren Rumney – cover photo, design
  • Enok Holsegård – additional photo
  • Dave Stapleton – executive producer

Track listing:

 All tracks by Daniel Herskedal and Marius Neset, except where noted.

  1. Neck Of The Woods
  2. Preludium
  3. Lutra Lutra
  4. Eg Er Framand – traditional
  5. The Shepherd
  6. Ara’s Dance
  7. The Christmas Song
  8. Dragon’s Eye
  9. Introduction To Swan Island
  10. Swan Island
  11. The Wedding – Abdullah Ibrahim




On August 17, 2009.

On August 17, 2009, “Evil Office” label released “No More Stories Are Told Today, I’m Sorry They Washed Away // No More Stories, The World Is Grey, I’m Tired, Let’s Wash Away”, the fifth Mew studio album. It was recorded in 2008, at “Brooklyn Recording”, “Electric Lady Studios” in New York City, “Evil Office” in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was produced by Rich Costey, Jonas Bjerre, Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen and Bo Madsen.


  • Jonas Bjerre– electric guitars, synthesizers, harmonium, piano, acoustic guitar
  • Bo Madsen – electric guitars, acoustic guitar
  • Silas Graae – drums, percussion, African percussion, drum programming
  • Steve Coleman– alto saxophone
  • Sellasi Dewornu – African percussion
  • Marthisa Friis-Hansen – percussion, Kalimba, marimba
  • Mari Helgerlikova – additional vocals
  • Bastian Juel – bass
  • Nico Muhly– string, piano, piccolo, flute arrangements
  • Damon Tutunjian – bass
  • Nick Watts – additional keyboards
  • Choir
    • Anne Berggren
    • Anni Mogensen
    • Nanna Larsch
    • Lianna Quarshie
  • Children’s choir
    • Mia-Marie Olesen
    • Maria Bruun
    • Fannie Klint
    • Solveig Honore
    • Mathilde Lerentzen
    • Emily Piercy
    • Roselil Hansen
    • Fritjof Nørretranders
    • Sally Risell
    • Vera Kwederis
  • Rich Costey – mixing
  • Bob Ludwig- mastering
  • Ari Marcopoulos- photography
  • Vlado Meller- mastering
  • M/M Paris- album cover, design
  • Charlie Stavish – engineering, mixing
  • Mark Santangelo – recording assistant
  • Alan Mintz, Will Botwin- management
  • Noah Goldstein, Ben Liscio – mixing

Track listing:

  1. New Terrain
  2. Introducing Palace Players
  3. Beach
  4. Repeaterbeater
  5. Intermezzo 1
  6. Silas the Magic Car
  7. Cartoons and Macramé Wounds
  8. Hawaii Dream
  9. Hawaii
  10. Vaccine
  11. Tricks of the Trade
  12. Intermezzo 2
  13. Sometimes Life Isn’t Easy
  14. Reprise
  15. Nervous


On August 1, 1976.

On August 1, 1976, “Epic” label released “What a Lemon”, the ninth Gasolin’ album. It was recorded in June 1975 and March 1976, at “Rosenberg Studio” at Copenhagen and in New York City, and was produced by Roy Thomas Baker.


  • Kim Larsen– vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Franz Beckerlee – lead guitar, moog, harmonica, vocals
  • Wili Jønsson– bass, keyboards, vocals
  • Søren Berlev – drums, percussion, vocals
  • Wolfgang Käfer – string arrangements
  • Palle Mikkelborg– string arrangements
  • Anne Linnet, Lis Sørensen– backing vocals
  • Hugo Rasmussen– double bass
  • Freddy Hansson – engineer

Track listing:

  1. What a Lemon – music Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, lyrics Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, Skip Malone, Dan Beck, Jan Bredsdorf
  2. Fatherless Hill – music: Kim Larsen, Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, lyrics Kim Larsen
  3. Lonesome Avenue – Kim Larsen
  4. Rebel Run – music Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev , Tommy Petersen, lyrics Dan Beck
  5. Lots of Success- music Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, lyrics Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, Beck
  6. It’s All the Same to an American Dane – music Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, lyrics , Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, Mick Moloney, Dan Beck
  7. Lady Oh Lady – music Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, lyrics Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, Mick Moloney
  8. Sad Song of the Bluebird – music Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, lyrics Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev , Mick Moloney
  9. Rabalderstraede – music Kim Larsen, Wili Jønsson, lyrics Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, Søren Berlev, Mogens Mogensen
  10. The Last Jim – Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee

In April 1977.

In April 1977, “Island” label released “Izitso”, the tenth Cat Stevens studio album. It was recorded September 1976 – March 1977, at “Muscle Shoals Sound Studio” in Sheffield, Alabama;“Sound 80 Studios” in Minneapolis; “Ardent Studios” in  Memphis, Tennessee; “Le Studio”, “Morin Heights” in Quebec, Canada;  “Sweet Silence Studios” in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was produced by Cat Stevens
and David Kershenbaum.


  • Cat Stevens– electric and acoustic guitars, steel guitar, guitar synthesizer, bouzouki, keyboards, piano, celesta, harpsichord, Wurlitzer electric piano, Fender Rhodes, Polymoog, Moog synthesizer, Minimoog, ARP String Synthesizer, ARP 2600, Yamaha CS-80, Yamaha GX-1, Yamaha  EA5R  electronic organ, music sequencer,[5] drums, percussion, harmonica,  brass,  arrangements, vocals, programming, illustrations, cover design
  • Jean Roussel– Hammond organ, piano, organ, synthesizer, ARP String Synthesizer, Yamaha CS-80, keyboards, flute, glockenspiel, vibraphone, string instruments, brass instruments, arrangements
  • David Campbell– string and brass arrangements
  • Chick Corea– electric piano, keyboards
  • Barry Beckett– piano, electric piano, organ, keyboards
  • Tim Henson– acoustic piano, piano, organ, keyboards
  • Little Brother Montgomery– ARP 2600
  • Broderick Smith– harmonica
  • Marjorie Lagerwall– harp
  • Ray Gomez– guitar
  • Pete Carr– electric and acoustic guitar, steel guitar, ovation guitar, Epiphone Casino, guitar synthesizer, bouzouki
  • Jim Johnson– rhythm guitar
  • Weldon Myrick– steel guitar
  • Reggie Young– electric guitar
  • Bruce Lynch– double bass, electbass, bass synthesizer
  • David Hood– double bass, bass, bass synthesizer
  • Andy Newmark– drums, percussion
  • Bill Berg– drums, percussion
  • Barry Morgan– drums, percussion
  • Roger Hawkins– drums, percussion
  • Elkie Brooks– vocals on
  • Suzanne Lynch– backing vocals
  • Carla Benson– backing vocals
  • Evette Benton– backing vocals
  • Barbara Ingram– backing vocals
  • Gene Page– string instruments, brass instruments, arrangements
  • Engineers – Harvey Goldberg, Mike Stavros, Ian Boughey, Nigel Walker, Flemming Rasmussen, Tom Jung, Paul Martinson, Nick Blagona, Mike Ross, Freddy Hansson, Steve Brandon, Jerry Masters, Gene Eichelberger, Dee Robb, John Kelly, Ken Frieson
  • Mastering – Ted Jensen, Bernie Grundman
  • Mixing – Claude Dupras
  • Design – Mathieu Bitton
  • Programming – Cat Stevens, Claude Dupras
  • Supervisor – Bill Levenson
  • Cover Designs – Eckford Stimpson
  • Photography – Moshe Brakha
  • Coordinator – Beth Stempel

Track listing:

All tracks by Cat Stevens, except where noted.

  1. (Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard
  2. Life
  3. Killin’ Time
  4. Kypros
  5. Bonfire
  6. (I Never Wanted) To Be a Star
  7. Crazy
  8. Sweet Jamaica
  9. Was Dog a Doughnut?- Cat Stevens, Bruce Lynch, Jean Roussel
  10. Child for a Day – Paul Travis, David Gordon

In March 1969.


In March 1969, “Phillips” label released “Scott 3”, the third Scott Walker solo album. It was recorded in 1968, and was produced by John Franz.


  • Scott Walker – vocals, arranger
  • Wally Stott- arranged and conducted
  • Peter Knight- arranged and conducted

Track listing:

All tracks by Scott Walker (credited as Noel Scott Engel), except where noted.

  1. It’s Raining Today
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Rosemary
  4. Big Louise
  5. We came Through
  6. Butterfly
  7. Two Ragged Soldiers
  8. 30 Century Man
  9. Winter Night
  10. Two Weeks Since You’ve Gone
  11. Sons Of – Gérard Jouannest, Jacques Brel, Mort Shuman
  12. Funeral Tango – Gérard Jouannest, Jacques Brel, Mort Shuman
  13. If You Go Away – Jacques Brel, Rod McKuen

On July 21, 1972.


On July 21, 1972, “EMI” label released “The Slider”, the seventh T. Rex studio album. It was recorded March–April 1972, at “Rosenberg Studios” in Copenhagen; “Château d’Hérouville” in Paris, and “Elektra Sound Recorders Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Tony Visconti. The album cover photographs were by Ringo Starr.


  • Marc Bolan– vocals, guitar
  • Steve Currie– bass guitar
  • Mickey Finn– percussion, vocals
  • Bill Legend– drums
  • Howard Kaylan– background vocals
  • Mark Volman– background vocals
  • Tony Visconti– string arrangements
  • Dominique Blanc Francard – engineering
  • Freddy Hansson – engineering
  • David Katz– orchestra contractor
  • Andy Scott – engineering assistance
  • Mark Paytress – liner notes
  • Chris Welch– liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Marc Bolan.

  1. Metal Guru
  2. Mystic Lady
  3. Rock On
  4. The Slider
  5. Baby Boomerang
  6. Spaceball Ricichet
  7. Buick machine
  8. Telegram Sam
  9. Rabbit Finger
  10. Baby Strange
  11. Ballrooms of Mars
  12. Chariot Choogle
  13. Main Man