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On June 18, 1989.

On June 18, 1989, “Ariola” label released “Em Toda Parte”, the second Violeta de Outono album. It was recorded in 1989, at “RCA Studios”, “Estudios Da BMG Ariola-SP”, “OBJ Studios, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was produced by R.H. Jackson and Fabio Golfetti, Cláudio Souza and Angelo Pastorello.


  • Fabio Golfetti – vocals, guitar, mixing, artwork, design
  • Angelo Pastorello – bass, design
  • Cláudio Souza – drums, design
  • Stelio Carlini, Walter Lima – recording
  • Gunther Kibelkstis – recording supervisor
  • A. Pastorello – photography
  • Klaus Mitteldorf – photography
  • Rene Ferri – liner notes

Track listing:

  1. Rinoceronte na Montanha de Geleia
  2. Em Toda Parte
  3. Vênus
  4. Aqui e Agora
  5. Outra Manhã
  6. Ilhas
  7. Terra Distante
  8. Dança
  9. Lunática

On February 10, 1968.

On February 10, 1968, “Warner Bros” label released “The Bonniwell Music Machine”, the second and final Music Machine album. It was recorded in 1967, at “Jazz City Studio”, “RCA Studios” and “United Western recorders”, and was produced by Brian Ross.


  • Sean Bonniwell – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, horn
  • Mark Landon – lead guitar
  • Ron Edgar – drums
  • Doug Rhodes – bass guitar, keyboards, tambourine, backing vocals
  • Keith Olsen – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Alan Wisdom – lead guitar
  • Jerry Harris – drums
  • Ed Jones – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Harry Garfield – keyboards

Track listing:

All tracks by Sean Bonniwell.

  1. Astrologically Incompatible
  2. Double Yellow Line
  3. The Day Today
  4. Absolutely Positively
  5. Somethin Hurtin’ on Me
  6. The Trap
  7. Soul Love
  8. Bottom of the Soul
  9. Talk Me Down
  10. The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly
  11. I’ve Loved You
  12. Affirmative No
  13. Discrepancy
  14. Me, Myself, and I

On July 29, 1986.

On July 29, 1986, “Family Productions” and “Columbia” labels released “The Bridge”, the tenth Billy Joel studio album. It was recorded 1985 – 1986, at “The Power Station”, “Chelsea Sound”, “RCA Studios”, in New York City and “Evergreen Studios”, in Burbank, California, and was produced by Phil Ramone. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, 2 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, and 2 x Platinum in the US by “RIAA”.


  • Billy Joel– lead and backing vocals, acoustic piano, synthesizers, electric guitar, Fender Rhodes
  • Ray Charles– acoustic piano, lead vocals
  • David Brown – guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar
  • Russell Javors– guitar
  • Liberty DeVitto– drums, percussion
  • Doug Stegmeyer– bass guitar
  • Mark Rivera– tenor and alto saxophone
  • Rob Mounsey– synthesizer, orchestration
  • Jeff Bova– synthesizer, orchestration
  • Steve Winwood– Hammond B3 organ
  • Dean Parks– guitar
  • John McCurry– guitar
  • Neil Stubenhaus– bass guitar
  • Ron Carter– acoustic bass
  • Neil Jason– bass guitar
  • Vinnie Colaiuta– drums
  • Jimmy Bralower – percussion
  • Eddie Daniels– alto saxophone
  • Michael Brecker– tenor saxophone
  • Ronnie Cuber– baritone saxophone
  • Dave Bargeron– trombone
  • Marvin Stamm– trumpet
  • Alan Rubin– trumpet
  • Don Brooks– harmonica
  • Patrick Williams– arrangements
  • Philippe Saisse– orchestration
  • Peter Hewlett – backing vocals
  • Cyndi Lauper– harmony vocals
  • Joseph D’Ambrosio – production coordinator
  • Jim Boyer – engineer
  • Steve Boyer, David Dickson, Bradshaw Leigh, Fred Tenny – engineer assistant
  • Ricki Begin, Peter Bergren, Mark Betts, Steve Buller, Cary Butler, Gary Ciuzio, Ed Evans, Bruce Howell, Joe Lopes, Frank Rodriguez, Billy Rothschild, Joe Salvatto, Audrey Tanaka, Phil Vachon – technical support
  • Ted Jensen– mixing
  • Mark Larson – design
  • Brad Holland – cover painting
  • Patrick Demarchelier – photography
  • Larry Busacca, Phil Ramone, Charles Reilly – sleeve photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Billy Joel, except where noted.

  1. Running on Ice
  2. This Is the Time
  3. A Matter of Trust
  4. Modern Woman
  5. Baby Grand
  6. Big Man on Mulberry Street
  7. Temptation
  8. Code of Silence – Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper
  9. Getting Closer

In June 1976.

In June 1976, “Pablo” label released “I Told You So”, album by Count Basie and his Orchestra (his sixth album for “Pablo). It was recorded in January 1976, at “RCA Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Norman Granz.


  • Count Basie- piano
  • Sonny Cohn- trumpet
  • Pete Minger- trumpet
  • Bobby Mitchell – trumpet
  • John Thomas – trumpet
  • Jack Feierman – trumpet
  • Al Grey- trombone
  • Curtis Fuller- trombone
  • Bill Hughes- trombone
  • Mel Wanzo- trombone
  • Bobby Plater- alto saxophone
  • Danny Turner – alto saxophone
  • Jimmy Forrest- tenor saxophone
  • Eric Dixon- tenor saxophone
  • Charlie Fowlkes- baritone saxophone
  • John Duke – double bass
  • Freddie Green- guitar
  • Butch Miles- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Holman, except where noted.

  1. Tree Frog
  2. Flirt
  3. Blues for Alfy
  4. Something to Live For – Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
  5. Plain Brown Wrapper
  6. Swee’Pea
  7. Ticker
  8. Too Close for Comfort – Jerry Bock, George David Weiss, Larry Holofcener
  9. Told You So
  10. The Git


On November 27, 1971.

On November 27, 1971, “Warner Bros” label released “Killer”, the fourth Alice Cooper album. It was recorded in 1971, at “RCA Studios” in Chicago, and was produced by Bob Ezrin.


  • Alice Cooper– vocals, harmonica
  • Glen Buxton– lead guitar
  • Michael Bruce– rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Dennis Dunaway– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Neal Smith– drums, backing vocals
  • Bob Ezrin– keyboards
  • Rick Derringer– additional guitar

Track listing:

  1. Under My Wheels – Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Bob Ezrin
  2. Be My Lover – Michael Bruce
  3. Halo of Flies – Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Bruce, Dunaway, Neal Smith
  4. Desperado – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce
  5. You Drive Me Nervous – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Bob Ezrin
  6. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce
  7. Dead Babies – Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Bruce Dunaway, Neil Smith
  8. Killer – Michael Bruce, Bruce Dunaway


On January 5, 1969.

On January 5, 1969, “Fantasy” label released “Bayou Country”, the second  Creedence Clearwater Revival studio album. It was recorded in 1968, at “RCA Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by John Fogerty.


  • John Fogerty– lead guitar, lead and background vocals, harmonica, percussion, arranger
  • Tom Fogerty– backing vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Stu Cook– bass guitar
  • Doug Clifford– drums
  • George Horn – remastering
  • Basul Parik – cover art
  • Hank McGill – engineer
  • Tamaki Beck – mastering supervisor
  • Kevin Gray, Steve Hoffman, Shigeo Miyamoto – mastering
  • Joel Selvin– liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by John Fogerty, except where noted.

  1. Born on the Bayou
  2. Bootleg
  3. Graveyard Train
  4. Good Golly, Miss Molly – Robert Blackwell, John Marascalco
  5. Penthouse Pauper
  6. Proud Mary
  7. Keep on Chooglin’

In December 1975.

In December 1975, “Mercury” label released “Head On”, the fifth Bachman–Turner Overdrive studio album. It was recorded in 1975, at “RCA Studios” in Toronto, and was produced by Randy Bachman.


  • Randy Bachman- vocals, guitar
  • F. Turner- vocals, bass guitar
  • Blair Thornton- guitar
  • Robbie Bachman- drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Little Richard- piano
  • Barry Keane – congas
  • Engineer: Mark Smith

Track listing:

  1. Find Out About Love – Randy Bachman
  2. It’s Over – C.F. Turner, Blair Thornton
  3. Average Man – Randy Bachman, Robbie Bachman
  4. Woncha Take Me for a While – F. Turner, Randy Bachman
  5. Wild Spirit – F.Turner, Blair Thornton
  6. Take It Like a Man – F. Turner, Blair Thornton
  7. Lookin’ Out for #1 – Randy Bachman
  8. Away from Home – Blair Turner
  9. Stay Alive (mono) – Randy Bachman
  10. Down to the Line – Randy Bachman, Kim Fowley, Mark Anthony, Vincent Furnier



In November 1966.

In November 1966, “Elektra” label released “Da Capo”, the second Love studio album.It was recorded September – October 1966, at “RCA Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Paul Rothchild and Jac Holtzman.


  • Arthur Lee– lead vocals, harmonica, guitar, drums, percussion
  • Bryan MacLean– rhythm guitar, vocal
  • Johnny Echols – lead guitar, lead vocal Ken Forssi – bass
  • Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer – organ, harpsichord, drums
  • Michael Stuart – drums, percussion
  • Tjay Cantrelli – saxophone, flute, percussion
  • Dave Hassinger, Bruce Botnick– engineer

Track listng:

All tracks by Arthur Lee, except where noted.

  1. Stephanie Knows Who
  2. Orange Skies – Bryan MacLean
  3. Que Vida!
  4. 7 and 7 Is
  5. The Castle
  6. She Comes in Colors
  7. Revelation – Arthur Lee, Bryan MacLean, Johnny Echols, Ken Forssi

In October 1972.

In October 1972, “RCA” label released “Bustin’ Out”, the second Pure Prairie League studio album. It was recorded in 1972, at “RCA Studios” in Toronto, and was produced by Bob Ringe, Susan Ruskin and Don Wardell.


  • Craig Fuller– bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals
  • George Powell – electric guitar, vocals
  • Billy Hinds – drums
  • David Huchins – guitar
  • Dianne Brooks, Steven Edney – background vocals
  • Al “Brisco” Clark – steel guitar
  • Michael Connor – piano, keyboards
  • Bob Ringe – percussion, marimba
  • James Rolleston – bass
  • Mick Ronson– guitar, background vocals, string arrangements
  • Gary Smith – guitar
  • Art direction: Acy Lehman

Track listing:

All tracks by Craig Fuller, except where noted.

  1. Jazzman – Ed Holstein
  2. Angel No. 9
  3. Leave My Heart Alone – George Powell
  4. Early Morning Riser
  5. Falling In and Out of Love
  6. Amie
  7. Boulder Skies
  8. Angel
  9. Call Me, Tell Me

In October 1971.

In October 1971, “Curtom” label released “Roots”, the second Curtis Mayfield studio album. It was recorded in 1971, at “RCA Studios” in Chicago, and was produced by Curtis Mayfield.


  • Curtis Mayfield – vocals, guitar
  • Craig McMullen – guitar
  • Joseph “Lucky” Scott – bass
  • Tyrone McCullen – drums
  • Henry Gibson- percussion
  • Leroy Hutson, Michael Hawkins – background vocals
  • Johnny Pate, Riley Hampton – arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Curtis Mayfield, except where noted.

  1. Get Down
  2. Keep On Keeping On
  3. Underground
  4. We Got to Have Peace
  5. Beautiful Brother of Mine
  6. Now You’re Gone – Curtis Mayfield, Joseph Scott
  7. Love to Keep You in My Mind