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The Teskey Brothers: Half Mile Harvest

On January 12, 2017, “Half Mile Harvest Recordings” label released “Half Mile Harvest”, the debut Teskey Brothers (The) studio album. It was recorded in 2016, at “Half Mile Recording Studios” in Melbourne, Australia, and was produced by Sam Teskey and Brendon Love.


  • Sam Teskey – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • John Teskey – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
  • Brendon Love – bass, guitar percussion, backing vocals
  • Liam Gough – drums, percussion
  • Reuben Lewis – trumpet
  • Nathaniel Sametz – trombone
  • Joseph Carra – mastering
  • CDALTRON – lacquer cut
  • John Fish – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Sam Teskey, John Teskey, Brendon Love and Liam Gough, except where noted.

  1. Crying Shame
  2. I Love a Woman – Billy Myles
  3. Pain and Misery
  4. Shiny Moon
  5. Reason Why
  6. Louisa
  7. Love Her with a Feeling
  8. Til’ the Sky Turns Black
  9. Hard Feeling
  10. Honeymoon

Midnight Oil: Species Deceases

On November 26, 1985 “CBS” label released “Species Deceases”, the second Midnight Oil EP. It was recorded in September 1985, at “Paradise Studios” in Darlinghurst, Australia, and was produced by Francois Kevorkian, Peter Garrett, Peter Gifford, Rob Hirst, Jim Mogine and Martin Rotsey. “Species Deceases” was certified 2 x Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, first time on December 14, 1985, only two weeks after its release.


  • Peter Garrett – lead vocals, harmonica, mixing, artwork concept
  • Jim Moginie – lead guitar, keyboards, mixing, artwork concept
  • Martin Rotsey – lead guitar, mixing, artwork concept
  • Peter Gifford – bass guitar, backing vocals, mixing, artwork concept
  • Rob Hirst – drums, backing vocals, mixing, artwork concept
  • David Price – engineer, mixing
  • Tom Colley – assistant
  • Philip Ellett – artwork concept

Track listing:

  1. Progress – Jim Moginie, Peter Garrett
  2. Hercules – Jim Moginie, Peter Garrett, Rob Hirst
  3. Blossom and Blood – Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie
  4. Pictures – Rob Hirst, Jim Moginie, Peter Garrett, Martin Rotsey, Peter Gifford

Josh Teskey & Ash Grunwald: Push the Blues Away

On November 13, 2020, “Ivy League” label released “Push the Blues Away”, album by Josh Teskey and Ash Grunwald. It was recorded in 2020, at “Half Mile Harvest” in Warrandyte, VIC, Australia, and was produced by Sam Teskey.


  • Josh Teskey – vocals, guitar
  • Ash Grunwald – vocals, guitar
  • Sam Teskey – recording, mixing
  • Joe Carra – mastering
  • Sebastian White – design, illustration
  • Tom Dunphy – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Josh Teskey and Ash Grunwald, except where noted.

  1. Low Down Dog
  2. Hungry Heart – Josh Teskey
  3. Thinking Bout’ Myself – Ash Grunwald
  4. Push the Blues Away
  5. It Rained
  6. Sometimes with Feel
  7. Preachin’ the Blues – Son House
  8. The Sky Is Crying – Elmore James, Morgan Robinson, Clarence Lewis

Rage Against the Machine: Renegades

On December 5, 2000, “Epic” label released “Renegades”, the fourth Rage Against the Machine studio album. It was recorded April – September 2000, at “Cello Studios” in Hollywood, “The Village Recorder” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Brendan O’Brien, Rick Rubin, Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk.The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA” and in US by “RIAA”.


  • Zack de la Rocha – vocals, art direction
  • Tom Morello – guitar, art direction
  • Tim Commerford – bass, backing vocals, art direction
  • Brad Wilk – drums, art direction
  • Jim Scott – engineer
  • David Schiffman – engineer
  • Katie Teasdale – engineer assistant
  • Darren Mora – engineer assistant
  • Matt Marin – engineer assistant
  • Mike Scotella – engineer assistant
  • Geoof Walcha – engineer assistant
  • Rich Veltrop – engineer assistant
  • Rich Costey – mixing
  • D. Sardy – mixing
  • Greg Fidelman – digital editing
  • Mark Moreau – digital editing
  • Aimee Macauley – art director
  • Lindsay Chase – production coordination
  • Jake Sexton – political coordinator
  • Jake Koppell – inside booklet

Track listing:

  1. Microphone Friend – Eric Barrier, Rakim Allah
  2. Pistol Grip Pump – Roger Troutman, Dino Hawkins, Adrian  Miller, Eric Vidal, Nick Vidal
  3.  Kick Out the Jams – Wayne Kramer, Fred Sonic Smith, Rob Tyner, Michael Davis, Dennis Thompson
  4. Renegades of Funk – Lance Taylor, Arthur Baker, John Miller, John Robie
  5. Beautiful World – Mark Motherbaugh, Gerald Casale
  6. I’m Housin – Erick Sermon, Parish Smith
  7. In My Eyes – Ian MacKaye, Jeff Nelson, Brian Haker, Lyle Preslar
  8. How I Could Just Kill a Man – Louis Freese, Senen Reyes, Lawrence Muggerud
  9. The Ghost of Tom Joad – Bruce Springsteen
  10. Down on the Street – Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander
  11. Street Fighting Man – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  12. Maggie’s Farm – Robert Zimmerman

Caligula’s Horse: The Tide, the Thief & River’s End

On October 4, 2013, “Welkin Records” label released “The Tide, the Thief & River’s End”, the second Caligula’s Horse studio album. It was recorded April 2012 – March 2013, at “Heaven’s Gate Studio” in Brisbane, Australia, and was produced by Sam Vallen.


  • Jim Grey – vocals
  • Sam Vallen – guitar, engineer, mixing
  • Zac Greensill – guitar
  • Dave Couper – bass
  • Geoff Irish – drums
  • Sean Thomas – electric piano
  • Holly Terrens – flute
  • Michelle Wilson – violin
  • Natasha Ivanovic – violin
  • Stefanie Bernard – clarinet
  • Boy Potts, Dario Lagana, Dave Couper, Geoff Irish, John Grey, Lucas Stone, Mitchell Legg, Sam Grey, Sam Vallen, Sean Thomas, Zac Greensill – backing vocals
  • Dale Prinsse – assistant engineer
  • Zac Greensill – assistant engineer
  • Dave Collins – mastering
  • Kelly Meyer – artwork
  • Stephanie Bernard – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Jim Grey and Sam Vallen, except where noted.

  1. A Gift to Afterthought
  2. Water’s Edge
  3. Atlas
  4. Into the White
  5. Old Cracks in New Earth
  6. Dark hair Down – Jim Grey, Sam Vallen, Zac Greensill
  7. Thief
  8. All Is Quiet by the Wall

Steve Howe: Motif

On August 19, 2008, “Howe Sound” label released “Motif” (Motif Volume 1), the sixteenth Steve Howe album. It features re-recordings of songs from his career, including tracks from his solo albums as well as “Clap” from “The Yes Album”, and “Sketches in the Sun” from GTR. The album was recorded at “Langley Studios”, UK, and was produced by Steve Howe.


  • Steve Howe – guitars, various instruments, arranger, photography
  • Sui-Yin Chan- design, layout
  • Miki Slingsby – photography
  1. The Golden Mean
  2. Intersection Blues
  3. Corkscrew
  4. Trombone
  5. Devon Blue
  6. Clap
  7. Australia
  8. Part and Parcel
  9. Sketches in the Sun
  10. Second Initial
  11. Concerto in D (Second Movement)
  12. Diary of a Man Who Vanished
  13. Cat Napping
  14. Ram
  15. Provence
  16. Winter (Second Movement)
  17. Meadow Rag
  18. Heritage
  19. Bareback
  20. Dorothy

Screaming Jets: Gotcha Covered

On July 27, 2018, “Dinner for Wolves” label released “Gotcha Covered”, the eighth Screaming Jets studio album. It was recorded in 2018, at “Sing Sing” studio in Chapel St, South Yarra, Australia, “Tender Trap Studios” In Melbourne, and was produced by Steve James.


  • Dave Gleeson – vocals
  • Jimi Hocking – guitar, backing vocals
  • Scott Kingman – guitar
  • Greedy Smith – keyboards
  • Paul Woseen – bass, backing vocals
  • Mark Mcleod – drums
  • Dean Sutherland – backing vocals
  • Bob Spencer, Brett Kingman, Brett Williams, Cameron McKenzie, Chris Hawker, Daniel Wayne Spencer, Dave Leslie, Dean Sutherland, Nat Allison, Peter Wanliss, Rick Brewster, Ronnie Simmons, Stu Marshall, Stuart Fraser, Tim Henwood, Warwick Scott, Zakk Zedras – guitar solos
  • Steve James – recording
  • Luke Cincotta – engineer assistant
  • Erin Newman – artwork
  • Matthew Gray – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Wedding Ring – Steve Wright, George Young, Harry Vanda
  2. The Razor’s Edge – Shane Howard, Ian Morrison
  3. Gimme Head – Geoff Turner
  4. Overkill – Colin Hay
  5. Darling It Hurts – Paul Kelly, Steve Connolly
  6. The Right Time – Dave Faulkner
  7. Walls – Iva Davies
  8. Purple Sneakers – Rusty Hopkinson, Andy Kent, Tim Rogers
  9. Aloha Steve and Danno – Rob Younger, Denis Tek, Mort Stevens
  10. Shadow Boxer – Doc Neeson, John Brewster
  11. This Time – Andrew Farriss
  12. Errol – James Reyne
  13. Rain – Johanna Pigott, Todd Hunter
  14. Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation – Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Bon Scott
  15. Guitar Band – G. Young, Vanda, Wright

Skyhooks: Ego Is Not a Dirty Word

In July 1975, “Mushroom” label released “Ego Is Not a Dirty Word”, the second Skyhooks studio album. It was recorded January – May 1975, at “TCS Studios” in Melbourne, and was produced by Duke Wilson. In 1975, at the Australian “King of Pop Awards”, “Ego Is Not a Dirty Word”, was voted the “Most Popular Australian Album”.


  • Shirley Strachan – lead vocals
  • Red Symons – guitar, backing vocals
  • Bob “Bongo” Starkie – guitar, backing vocals
  • Greg Macainsh – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Imants Alfred Strauks – drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Peter Jones – Fender Rhodes piano, marimba and vibes, chimes, boobams
  • Greg Sneddon – Arp synthesizer
  • Ross Wilson – Yamaha synthesiser, vocal harmonies
  • Andy Cowan – Mini Moog
  • Col Loughnan – tenor and baritone saxophones
  • Pat Wilson – finger cymbals
  • Ian Mason – harmony vocals
  • Jenny Keath – harmony vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Greg Macainsh, except where noted.

  1. Ego Is Not a Dirty Word
  2. Love on the Radio – Greg Macainsh, Steve Hill
  3. Saturday Night
  4. Love’s Not Good Enough
  5. The Other Side
  6. Smartarse Songwriters
  7. Mercedes Ladies
  8. All My Friends Are Getting Married
  9. Every Chase a Steeple – Red Symons

Little River Band: Sleeper Catcher

On May 26, 1978, “EMI” label released “Sleeper Catcher”, the fourth Little River Band album. It was recorded in 1977, at “Armstrong Studios” in Melbourne, Australia, and was produced by  John Boylan, Glenn Shorrock, David Briggs, Beeb Birtles, Graham Goble, George McArdle and Derek Pellicci. The album was certified Platinum in US by “RIAA”.


  • Glenn Shorrock – lead vocals
  • David Briggs – lead guitar, Roland synthesizer guitars
  • Beeb Birtles – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
  • Graham Goble – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, vocal arrangements
  • George McArdle – bass
  • Derek Pellicci – drums, percussion
  • Vernon Hill – flute
  • Bob Venier – flugelhorn
  • Pan Raines – harp
  • Peter Sullivan – acoustic and electric pianos
  • Peter Jones – electric piano
  • Mal Logan – Hammond organ
  • Rick Formosa – conductor, orchestral arrangements

Track listing:

  1. Fall from Paradise – Beeb Birtles, Graham Goble
  2. Lady – Graham Goble
  3. Red-Headed Wild Flower – Beeb Birtles, Ed Nimmervoll
  4. Light of Day – Beeb Birtles
  5. So Many Paths – Glenn Shorrock, Idris Jones
  6. Reminiscing – Graham Goble
  7. Sanity’s Side – Glenn Shorrock, Chris Dawes
  8. Shut Down Turn Off – Glenn Shorrock
  9. One for the Road – Beeb Birtles, Graham Goble

Tame Impala: Inner Speaker

On May 21, 2010, “Modular Recordings” label released “Inner Speaker”, the debut Tame Impala studio album. It was recorded June – August 2009, at “Wave House” in Injidup, Australia, and was produced by Kevin Parker. At the 2010 , Inner Speaker won “Australian Album of the Year” award.


  • Kevin Parker – vocals, various instruments, recording
  • Dom Simper – bass guitar, additional guitar, additional sound effects
  • Jay Watson – drums, guitar
  • Tim Holmes – engineer
  • Dave Fridmann – mixing
  • Greg Calbi – mastering
  • Leif Podhajsky – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Kevin Parker, except interlude after “The Bold Arrow of Time”, by Jay Watson and Kevin Parker.

  1. It Is Not Meant to Be
  2. Desire Be Desire Go
  3. After Ego
  4. Lucidity
  5. Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?
  6. Solitude Is Bliss
  7. Jeremy’s Storm
  8. Expectation
  9. The Bold Arrow of Time
  10. Runway, Houses, City, Clouds
  11. I Don’t Really Mind