On June 18, 1989.

On June 18, 1989, “Ariola” label released “Em Toda Parte”, the second Violeta de Outono album. It was recorded in 1989, at “RCA Studios”, “Estudios Da BMG Ariola-SP”, “OBJ Studios, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was produced by R.H. Jackson and Fabio Golfetti, Cláudio Souza and Angelo Pastorello.


  • Fabio Golfetti – vocals, guitar, mixing, artwork, design
  • Angelo Pastorello – bass, design
  • Cláudio Souza – drums, design
  • Stelio Carlini, Walter Lima – recording
  • Gunther Kibelkstis – recording supervisor
  • A. Pastorello – photography
  • Klaus Mitteldorf – photography
  • Rene Ferri – liner notes

Track listing:

  1. Rinoceronte na Montanha de Geleia
  2. Em Toda Parte
  3. Vênus
  4. Aqui e Agora
  5. Outra Manhã
  6. Ilhas
  7. Terra Distante
  8. Dança
  9. Lunática

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