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On September 30, 1996.

On September 30, 1996, “Delerium” label released “Signify”, the fourth Porcupine Tree studio album. It was recorded 1995 – 1996, at “No Man’s Land” in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, “The Doghouse”  in Henley-on-Thames,” Katrina & the Waves’ Studio” in Cambridge, and was produced by Steven Wilson.


  • Steven Wilson– vocals, guitars, piano, organ, mellotron, samples, tapes, banshee guitar, drum programming, chimes, musical boxes, mixing
  • Richard Barbieri- synthesisers, Hammond organ, Prophet V/System 700 electronics, piano, tapes, texture, sequencers
  • Colin Edwin- electric bass, double bass
  • Chris Maitland- drums, cymbals, percussion, vocal harmonies, drum loops, keyboards, voices
  • Terumi – voices
  • Chris Thorpe – mastering
  • John Blackford – art, design

Track listing:

All tracks by Steven Wilson, except where noted.

  1. Bornlivedie – Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri
  2. Signify
  3. Sleep of No Dreaming
  4. Pagan
  5. Waiting (Phase One)
  6. Waiting (Phase Two)
  7. Sever
  8. Idiot Prayer – Steven Wilson, Colin Edwin
  9. Every Home Is Wired
  10. Intermediate Jesus – Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin, Chris Maitland
  11. Light Mass Prayers – Chris Maitland
  12. Dark Matter (song ends at 8:10; after 19 seconds a hidden track plays)



On March 28, 2011.

On March 28, 2011, “Kscope” label released “Welcome to My DNA”, the third Blackfield studio album. It was recorded in 2010, at “No Man’s Land” in Hemel Hempstead, “Sarm West” in London, “Pluto” and “Bardo” in Tel Aviv, and was produced by Steven Wilson, Aviv Geffen and Trevor Horn.


  • Steven Wilson– vocals, guitars, keyboards, string arrangements
  • Aviv Geffen– vocals, guitars, keyboards, string arrangements
  • Eran Mitelman – piano, keyboards
  • Seffy Efrat– bass
  • Tomer Z– drums
  • Yankale Segal – Tar lute, oud, baglama
  • Trevor Horn- additional keyboards

Track listing:

All tracks by Aviv Geffen except where noted.

  1. Glass House
  2. Go to Hell
  3. Rising of the Tide
  4. Waving – Steven Wilson
  5. Far Away
  6. Dissolving with the Night
  7. Blood
  8. On the Plane
  9. Oxygen
  10. Zigota
  11. DNA


In August 1980.

In August 1980, “RCA” label released “Neutronica”, the fifteenth Donovan studio album. It was recorded in 1980, and was produced by Donovan Leitch and Peter Walsh.


  • Donovan – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Ian Berenson – electric guitar
  • John Giblin- bass
  • Morris Pert- drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Donovan Leitch, except where noted.

  1. Shipwreck
  2. Only to Be Expected
  3. Comin’ to You
  4. No Hunger
  5. Neutron
  6. Mee Mee I Love You – Donovan Leitch, Astrella Leitch
  7. The Heights of Alma – traditional, arranged by Donovan
  8. No Man’s Land – Eric Bogle
  9. We Are One
  10. Madrigalinda
  11. Harmony

On August 10, 1993.

On August 10, 1993, “Columbia” label released “River of Dreams”, the twelve Billy Joel studio album. It was recorded in 1992, at The Boathouse at the “Island Boatyard” in Shelter Island, NY, “Cove City Sound Studios” in Glen Cove, NY and “The Hit Factory” in New York City, and was produced by Billy Joel, Danny Kortchmar, Joe Nicolo and David Thoener. The album cover was a painting by Christie Brinkley (Joel’s then-wife). The album was certified 3 x Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”; Platinum in Austria by “IFPI Austria”; 3 x Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada; Platinum in Germany by “BMVI”; 2 x Platinum in Ireland by “IRMA”; Platinum in Japan by “RIAJ”; Platinum in Netherlands by “NVPI”; Platinum in New Zealand by “RMNZ”; Platinum in Switzerland by “IFPI Switzerland”; Platinum in UK by “BPI”; and 5 x Platinum in US by “RIIA”.


  • Billy Joel: lead vocals, clavinet, Hammond organ, background vocals, piano, organ, synthesizer, keyboards
  • Zachary Alford: – drums
  • Phillip Ballou, Katreese Barnes, Dennis Collins, Will Downing, Frank Floyd, Diane Garisto, Stephanie James, Devora Johnson, Corliss Stafford, Brenda White-King – choir vocals
  • Tommy Byrnes: guitar
  • Richie Cannata: tenor sax
  • Schuyler Deale: bass
  • Lewis Del Gatto: orchestra manager
  • Liberty DeVitto: drums
  • Laurence Etkin: trumpet
  • Wrecia Ford: background vocals
  • Arno Hecht: baritone sax
  • Lonnie Hillyer: bass
  • Jeff Jacobs: synthesizer, additional programming
  • Color Me Badd: backing vocals
  • Jeff Lee Johnson: bass
  • Steve Jordan: drums
  • Curtis Rance King, Jr.: choir conductor and contractor
  • Danny Kortchmar: guitar
  • Andy Kravitz: percussion
  • Osvaldo Melindez: trombone
  • Ira Newborn: orchestration
  • Jim Saporito: percussion
  • Marlon Saunders: choir vocals, background vocals
  • Frank Simms, George Simms: background vocals
  • M. Stevens: bass
  • Crystal Taliefero: vocal arrangement, background vocals
  • Chuck Treece: bass
  • Mike Tyler: guitar
  • Leslie West: guitat
  • David Witworth: background vocals
  • A&R – Don DeVito
  • Art, commerce – Jeff Schock
  • Art direction – Christopher Austopchuk
  • Design – Sara Rotman
  • Engineers – Carl Glanville, Joe Nicolo, Phil Nicolo, Dick Grobelny
  • Engineer – Dan Hetzel
  • Engineer – Brian Vibberts
  • Mastered by Ted Jensen
  • Mixed by Niko Bolas, David Thoener, Joe Nicolo, Phil Nicolo
  • Photography – Glen Erler
  • Production coordinator – Bill Zampino
  • Recorded by Bob Thrasher, Bradshaw Leigh, Dave Wilkerson, Jay Healy.
  • Technical Support – Andrew Baker*, Artie Smith, Courtney Spencer, Dave Hofbauer, David Hewitt, Doug Kleeger, Greg Garland, Howie Mendelson, Jon “J.D.” Dworkow*, Larry DeMarco, Laura Delia, Lester Baylinson, Peter Goodrich, Steve Bramberg.

Track listing:

All tracks by Billy Joel.

  1. No Man’s Land
  2. The Great Wall of China
  3. Blonde Over Blue
  4. A Minor Variation
  5. Shades of Grey
  6. All About Soul
  7. Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
  8. The River of Dreams
  9. Two Thousand Years
  10. Famous Last Words

In April 1984.

In April 1984, “Abstract Records” label released “Vengeance”, the debut New Model Army album. It was recorded in 1984, at “Alaska Studios” in London, and was produced by Mond Cowie, Slade the Leveller, Stuart Morrow and Rob heaton.


  • Slade the Leveller– vocals, guitar
  • Stuart Morrow – bass, vocals
  • Rob Heaton– drums
  • Ian O’Higgins – engineer
  • Joolz– front cover art

Track listing:

  1. Bittersweet – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  2. Betcha – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow, Tompkins
  3. Tension – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  4. Great Expectations – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  5. Waiting – Justin Sullivan
  6. Christian Militia – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  7. Notice Me – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  8. Small Town England – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  9. A Liberal Education – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  10. Vengeance – Justin Sullivan
  11. Sex (The Black Angel) – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow, Robert Heaton
  12. Running In The Rain – Justin Sullivan
  13. Spirit of the Falklands – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  14. The Price – Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow
  15. 1984 – Justin Sullivan
  16. No Man’s Land – Justin Sullivan

In January 1969.


In January 1969, “Island” label released “What We Did on Our Holidays”, the second Fairport Convention album. It was recorded June – October 1968, at “Sound Techniques”; “Olympic Studio No. 1”; “St. Peter’s Church”, and “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Joe Boyd. It was the first band’s album to feature  Sandy Denny.


  • Sandy Denny (as Alexandra Elene MacLean Denny) – vocals, acoustic & 12-string acoustic guitars, organ, piano, harpsichord
  • Iain Matthews– vocals, congas
  • Richard Thompson– vocals, electric, acoustic and 12-string acoustic guitars, piano accordion, sitar
  • Ashley Hutchings– bass, backing vocals
  • Simon Nicol– acoustic and electric guitars, electric autoharp, electric dulcimer, backing vocals
  • Martin Lamble– drums, percussion, violin, tabla, footsteps
  • Bruce Lacey and his Robots
  • Claire Lowther – cello
  • Kingsley Abbott – coins, backing vocals
  • Paul Ghosh, Andrew Horvitch, Marc Ellington – backing vocals
  • Peter Ross – harmonica
  • John Wood – engineer
  • Richard Bennett Zeff, Annie Brown – photography
  • Diogenic Attempts Ltd. – design

Track listing:

  1. Fotheringay – Sandy Denny
  2. Mr Lacey – Ashley Hutchings
  3. Book Song – Iain Matthews, Richard Thompson
  4. The Lord Is in This Place…How Dreadful Is This Place (based on “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground” by Blind Willie Johnson) – Ashley Hutchings, Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson
  5. No Man’s Land – Richard Thompson
  6. I’ll Keep It With Mine – Bob Dylan
  7. Eastern Rain – Joni Mitchell
  8. Nottamun Town – traditional, arranged by Sandy Denny, Iain Matthews, Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Ashley Hutchings, Martin Lamble
  9. Tale in Hard Time – Richard Thompson
  10. She Moves Through the Fair – traditional, arr. Sandy Denny, Iain Matthews, Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol, Ashley Hutchings, Martin Lamble
  11. Meet on the Ledge – Richard Thompson
  12. End of a Holiday – Simon Nicol

On February 25, 1980.


On February 25, 1980, “Capitol” label released “Against the Wind”, the eleventh Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band studio album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by Punch Andrews, Steve Melton, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section,Bob Seger and Bill Szymczyk. The album won two Grammy Awards.


  • Bob Seger– guitar, vocals, background vocals
  • Drew Abbott– guitar
  • Alto Reed– horn, saxophone
  • Chris Campbell –bass
  • David Teegarden – percussion, drums
  • Barry Beckett– piano, keyboard
  • Randy McCormick – organ, keyboard
  • Pete Carr– guitar
  • Jimmy Johnson– guitar, horn
  • David Hood– bass
  • Roger Hawkins– percussion, drums
  • Bill Payne– organ, synthesizer, piano
  • Dr. John– keyboard
  • Paul Harris– organ, piano
  • Doug Riley – synthesizer
  • Sam Clayton –percussion
  • Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Ginger Blake, Laura Creamer, Linda Dillard – backing vocals
  • John Arrias, Steve Melton, Bill Szymczyk – engineers
  • Punch Andrews, John Arrias, Steve Melton, Muscle Shoals Sound Rhythm Section, Bob Seger, Bill Szymczyk – mixing
  • Wally Traugott – mastering
  • Robert Vosgien – remastering
  • Roy Kohara – art direction
  • Tom Bert – photography
  • Jim Warren – paintings

Track listing:

All tracks by Bob Seger.

  1. The Horizontal Bop
  2. You’ll Accomp’ny Me
  3. Her Strut
  4. No Man’s Land
  5. Long Twin Silver Line
  6. Against the Wind
  7. Good for Me
  8. Betty Lou’s Gettin’ Out Tonight
  9. Fire Lake
  10. Shinin’ Brightly