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On February 28, 1995.

Porcupine_Tree - The_sky_moves_sideways

On February 28, 1995, “Delenum” label released “The Sky Moves Sideways”, the third Porcupine Tree studio album. It was recorded June 1993 – July 1994, and was produced by Steven Wilson.


  • Steven Wilson: vocals, guitars, keyboards, tapes, programming
  • Richard Barbieri: keyboards, electronics, programming
  • Colin Edwin: bass guitar
  • Chris Maitland: drums, percussion
  • Michael Bennion: art direction
  • Ricky Edwards: percussion
  • Theo Travis: flute
  • Suzanne J. Barbieri: vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Steven Wilson, except “Moonloop”, by Porcupine Tree.

  1. The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 1
    I. The Colour of Air
    II. I Find That I’m Not There
    III. Wire the Drum,
    IV. Spiral Circus
  2. Dislocated Day
  3. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder
  4. Prepare Yourself
  5. Moonloop
  6. The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 2
    I. Is…Not
    II. Off the Map