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On May 13, 2008.

On May 13, 2008, “In-akustik” label released “In the Midst of Beauty”, the thirteenth Michael Schenker Group album. It was recorded in 2008, at “Studio 2” in Neu-Ulm, Germany, “Phantom Recordings” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Michael Schenker, Romi Schickle and Siggi Schwarz.


  • Gary Barden – vocals
  • Michael Schenker – guitars, producer
  • Don Airey – keyboards
  • Neil Murray – bass
  • Simon Phillips – drums
  • Romi Schickle – engineer, mixing
  • Siggi Schwarz – mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Michael Schenker and Gary Barden

  1. City Lights
  2. Competition
  3. I Want You
  4. End of the Line
  5. Summerdays
  6. A Night to Remember
  7. Wings of Emotion
  8. Come Closer
  9. The Cross of Crosses
  10. Na Na
  11. I Am the One
  12. Ride on My Way

On June 1, 1998.

On June 1, 1998, “Parlaphone” label released “Another World”, the second Brian May studio album. It was recorded 1996 – 1998, at May’s home studio and “Allerton Hill Studio”, and was produced by Brian May. Drummer Cozy Powell died in a car accident before the album was completed.


  • Brian May- vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass guitar, programming, arrangements
  • Neil Murray- bass guitar
  • Ken Taylor – bass guitar
  • Jamie Moses– guitar
  • Jeff Beck- guitar
  • Spike Edney- keyboards
  • Cozy Powell– drums, percussion
  • Steve Ferrone– drums
  • Taylor Hawkins- drums
  • London Metropolitan Orchestra– strings
  • Michael Kamen – conductor
  • Cathy Porter- backing vocals
  • Shelley Preston- backing vocals
  • Nikki Love – backing vocals
  • Becci Glover – backing vocals
  • Ian Hunter- guest raconteur
  • Justin Shirley-Smith – engineering, co-production
  • Richard Gray – design, photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian May, except where noted.

  1. Space
  2. Business
  3. China Belle
  4. Why Don’t We Try Again
  5. On My Way Up
  6. Cyborg
  7. The Guv’nor
  8. Wilderness
  9. Slow Down – Larry Williams
  10. One Rainy Wish – Jimi Hendrix
  11. All the Way from Memphis – Ian Hunter
  12. Another World
  • The song “Another World” ends at 4:05, then after a minute of silence, starting at 5:05, a hidden trackplays, consisting of the piano part of “Business”.


In January 1978.

In January 1978, “EG” and “Polydor” labels released “Feels Good to Me”, the debut Bill Bruford album. It was recorded in August 1977, at “Trident Studios” in London, and was produced by Robin Lumley and Bill Bruford.


  • Bill Bruford– drums, percussion
  • Allan Holdsworth– electric guitar
  • Dave Stewart– keyboards
  • Jeff Berlin– bass
  • Kenny Wheeler– flugelhorn
  • Annette Peacock– vocals
  • John Goodsall– additional guitar
  • John Clark – additional guitar
  • Neil Murray– additional bass
  • John Brand, Colin Green, Stephen Short – tape operators
  • Stephen W Tayler – engineer
  • Peter Revill, Mick Rossi – equipment technicians

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Bruford except where noted.

  1. Beelzebub
  2. Back to the Beginning
  3. Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part One)
  4. Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part Two)
  5. Sample and Hold – Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart
  6. Feels Good to Me
  7. Either End of August
  8. If You Can’t Stand the Heat…- Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart
  9. Springtime in Siberia – Bill Bruford, Dave Stewart
  10. Adios a la pasada (Goodbye to the Past) – Bill Bruford, Annette Peacock

On August 20, 1990.

On August 20, 1990, “I.R.S.” label released “Tyr”, the fifteenth Black Sabbath studio album. It was recorded February – June 1990, at “Rockfield Studios” in Rockfield, Monmouthshire, Wales and “Woodcray Studios” in Berkshire, UK, and was produced by Tony Iommi, Cozy Powel, Tony Martin, Neil Murray and Geoff Nichols.


  • Tony Iommi– lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
  • Cozy Powell– drums, percussion
  • Tony Martin– lead and backing vocals
  • Neil Murray– bass
  • Geoff Nicholls– keyboards
  • Sean Lynch – engineering
  • Leif Mases – mixing
  • Tony Cousins – mastering

Track listing:

All lyrics by Tony Martin; all music by Tony Iommi, Cozy Powel, Tony Martin, Neil Murray and Geoff Nichols.


  1. Anno Mundi
  2. The Law Maker
  3. Jerusalem
  4. The Sabbath Stones
  5. The Battle of Tyr
  6. Odin’s Court
  7. Valhalla
  8. Feels Good to Me
  9. Heaven in Black

On September 28, 1992.


On September 28, 1992, “Parlaphone” label released “Back to the Light” the first Brian May solo album. It was recorded 1988 – 1992, and was produced by Brian May and Justin Shirley-Smith.


  • Brian May – vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Cozy Powell– drums
  • Geoff Dugmore– drums
  • Gary Tibbs– bass
  • Neil Murray– bass
  • John Deacon– bass
  • Suzie O’List, Gill O’Donovan – backing vocals
  • Mike Moran– piano, keyboards
  • Don Airey- keyboards

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian May, except where noted.

  1. The Dark
  2. Back to the Light
  3. Love Token
  4. Resurrection – Brian May, Cozy Powell, Jamie Page
  5. Too Much Love Will Kill You – Brian May, Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers
  6. Driven by You
  7. Nothin’ But Blue – Brian May, Cozy Powell
  8. I’m Scared
  9. Last Horizon
  10. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
  11. Just One Life
  12. Rollin’ Over – Ronnie Lane, Steve Marriott

On June 28, 1982.


On June 28, 1982, “Harvest” label released “Before I Forget”, album by Jon Lord. It was recorded in September 1981, February – March 1982, at “Britannia Row Studios”, and was produced by Guy Bidmead and Jon Lord.


  • Jon Lord: piano, organ, keyboards, mini Moog
  • Vicky Brown: lead and backing vocals
  • Tony Ashton: lead vocals
  • Elmer Gantry: lead vocals
  • Sam Brown: backing vocals
  • Bernie Marsden: guitar, lead vocals
  • Mick Ralphs: guitar
  • Neil Murray: bass
  • Boz Burrell: bass
  • Ian Paice: drums
  • Simon Phillips: drums
  • Cozy Powell: drums
  • Simon Kirke: drums
  • Assisted by Guy Bidmead
  • Engineered by Guy Bidmead
  • Assistant engineer: Mike Johnson
  • Mixed by Guy Bidmead and Mike Johnson

Track listing:

All tracks by Jon Lord, except where noted.

  1. Chance on a Feeling
  2. Tender Babes (O Ye Tender Babes) – Thomas Tallis, arr. by Jon Lord
  3. Hollywood Rock And Roll
  4. Bach Onto This (Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565) – Johann Sebastian Bach, Jon Lord by Jon Lord
  5. Before I Forget
  6. Say Its Alright
  7. Burntwood
  8. Where Are You?

On April 11, 1981.

Come An Get It

On April 11, 1981, “Liberty” label released “Come an’ Get It”, the fourth Whitesnake studio album. It was recorded July and September 1980, January 1981, at “Startling Studios” in Ascot, England, and was produced by Martin Birch.


  • David Coverdale– vocals
  • Micky Moody– guitar, backing vocals
  • Bernie Marsden– guitar, backing vocals
  • Jon Lord– keyboards
  • Neil Murray– bass guitar
  • Ian Paice– drums
  • Martin Birch-engineer, mixing

Track listing:

  1. Come an’ Het It – David Coverdale
  2. Hot Stuff – David Coverdale, Micky Moody
  3. Don’t Break My Heart Again – David Coverdale
  4. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights – David Coverdale
  5. Wine, Women an’ Song – David Coverdale, Micky Moody,Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Jon Lord, Ian Paice
  6. Child of Babylon – David Coverdale, Bernie Marsden
  7. Would I Lie To You – David Coverdale, Micky Moody,Bernie Marsden
  8. Girl – David Coverdale, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray
  9. Hit an’ Run – David Coverdale, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden
  10. Till the Day I Die – David Coverdale


On April 7, 1987.


On April 7, 1987, “Geffen” label released the self-titled Whitesnake seventh studio album. It was recorded September 1985 – April 1986, at “Little Mountain Sound Studios” in Vancouver, “Phase One Studios” in Toronto, “Compass Point Studios” in  Bahamas, “Cherokee Studios” and “One on One Recording” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Mike Stone and Keith Olsen. The album was certified eight  times Platinum by “RIAA”.


  • David Coverdale– lead vocals
  • John Sykes– guitars, backing vocals
  • Neil Murray– bass
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums, percussion
  • Don Aireyand Bill Cuomo – keyboards
  • Adrian Vandenberg- guitar
  • Mixed by Keith Olsenat Goodnight LA
  • Mastered by Greg Fulginitiat Artisan Sound Recorders
  • A&Rby John Kalodner
  • Hugh Syme – cover design

Track listing:

All tracks by David Coverdale and John Sykes, except where noted.

  1. Still of the Night
  2. Bad Boys
  3. Give Me All Your Love
  4. Looking for Love
  5. Crying in the Rain – David Coverdale
  6. Is This Love
  7. Straight for the Heart
  8. Don’t Turn Away
  9. Children of the night
  10. Here I Go Again – David Coverdale and Bernie Marsden
  11. You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again