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On March 1, 2019.

On March 1, 2019, Paul Nigel Vincent Yarlett aka Paul Williams died aged 78. He was musician (bass, keyboards, harmonica, percussion), singer and songwriter, worked with Zoot Money, Aynsley Dunbar, Juicy Lucy, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Allam Holdsworth, Micky Moody, John Mayall and Blue Thunder, but was best known as member of Tempest.

On October 4, 1982.

On October 4, 1982, “Grunt” label released “Winds of Change”, the seventh Jefferson Starship album. It was recorded in 1982, at “The Automat” in San Francisco, and was produced by Kevin Beamish.


  • Grace Slick – vocals
  • Mickey Thomas – vocals
  • Paul Kantner – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Craig Chaquico – lead guitar, rhythm guitar
  • Aynsley Dunbar – drums, percussion
  • David Freiberg – vocals, bass, keyboards, organ, synthesizer
  • Pete Sears – bass, keyboards, synthesizer, piano
  • Maureen Droney – assistant engineer
  • Tom Cummings – assistant mixing engineer
  • Jeff Sanders – mastering
  • Maurice – production coordinator
  • Andreas Nottebohm – cover art, painting
  • Dyer / Kahn, Inc. – design
  • Paul Tokarski, Visual Promotions, Inc. – special effects photography

Track listing:

  1. Winds of Change – lyrics by Jeannette Sears, music by Pete Sears
  2. Keep on Dreamin’ – Craig Chaguico
  3. Be My Lady – lyrics by Jeannette Sears, music by Pete Sears
  4. I Will Stay – lyrics by Jeannette Sears, music by Pete Sears
  5. Out of Control – lyrics by Paul Kantner, China Wing, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, music by Paul Kantner
  6. Can’t Find Love – lyrics by Grace Slick, Monica Clemans, Mickey Thomas, Craig Chaquico, music by Craig Chaquico
  7. Black Widow – Craig Chaquico, Grace Slick
  8. I Came Back From the Jaws of the Dragon – Paul Kantner
  9. Quit Wasting Time – lyrics by Jeannette Sears, music by Pete Sears

On April 26, 2005.

On April 26, 2005, “Shrapnel” label released “Retraced”, the second Jake E. Lee studio album. It was recorded 2004 – 2005, and was produced by Mike Varney, Jake E. Lee and Michael Lardie.


  • Jake E. Lee- lead and rhythm guitars
  • Chris Logan- lead and backing vocals
  • Tim Bogert- bass
  • Aynsley Dunbar- drums, percussion
  • Michael Lardie- engineering
  • Tim Gennert- mastering
  • Dave Stephens- cover artwork design
  • Kelly Garni- photography

Track listing:

  1. Whiskey Train – Robin Trower, Keith Reid
  2. Evil – Willie Dixon
  3. Way Back to the Bone – Glen Hughes
  4. I’ll Be Creepin’ – Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers
  5. Guess I’ll Go Away – Johnny Winter
  6. Love Is Worth the Blues – Leslie West, Jack Bruce, Corky Lang
  7. I Come Tumblin’ – Mark Farner
  8. Woman – Jim Fox, Dale Peters, Joe Walsh
  9. A Hard Way to Go – Chris Youlden
  10. I Can’t Stand It – James Dewar, Robin Trower
  11. Rock Candy – Denny Carmassi, Bill Church, Sammy Hagar, Ronnie Montrose

On March 7, 2000.

On March 7, 2000, “Shrapnel” label released “Adventures of the Imagination”, the third Michael Schenker album. It was recorded in 1999, at “Prairie Sun Recording Studios” in Cotati, California, and was produced by Michael Schenker and Mike Varney.


  • Michael Schenker– guitar
  • John Onder – bass
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums
  • Ralph Patlan – associate producer, engineer, mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Michael Schenker.

  1. Achtung Fertig, Los!
  2. Open Gate

Adventures Part One

  1. Three Fish Dancing
  2. Michael Schenker Junior – 1:54

Adventures Part Two

  1. Aardvark in a VW Smoking a Cigar
  2. I Want to Be with You

Adventures Part Three

  1. Old Man with Sheep on Mars
  2. At the End of the Day
  3. Hand in Hand

On January 20, 1978.

On January 20, 1978, “Columbia” label released “Infinity”, the fourth Journey studio album. It was recorded October–December 1977 at “His Master’s Wheels Studio” in San Francisco  and “Cherokee Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Roy Thomas Baker.


  • Steve Perry– lead vocals
  • Neal Schon– electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Gregg Rolie– lead and backing vocals, keyboards
  • Ross Valory– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums, percussion
  • Roy Thomas Baker– mixing
  • Geoff Workman – engineer

Track listing:

  1. Lights – Steve Perry, Neal Schon
  2. Feeling That Way – Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie, Aynsley Dunbar
  3. Anytime – Gregg Rolie, Roger Silver, Robert Fleischman, Neal Schon, Ross Valory
  4. Lă Do Dā – Steve Perry, Neal Schon
  5. Patiently – Steve Perry, Neal Schon
  6. Wheel in the Sky – Neal Schon, Robert Fleischman, Diane Valory
  7. Somethin’ to Hide – Steve Perry, Neal Schon
  8. Winds of March – Matt Schin, Neal Schon, Robert Fleischman, Gregg Rolie, Steve Perry
  9. Can Do – Steve Perry, Ross Valory
  10. Opened the Door – Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon

On April 2, 1981.

On April 2, 1981, “Grunt” label released “Modern Times”, the 6th Jefferson Starship album. It was recorded 1980 – 1981, at “Record Plant” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Ron Nevison.


  • Grace Slick – vocals
  • Craig Chaquico– lead guitar, rhythm guitar, synthesizer, steel drums
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums, percussion, marimba, synthesizer
  • David Freiberg– vocals, bass, piano, synthesizer, organ
  • Paul Kantner– vocals, rhythm guitar, Oberheim 8-voice synthesizer
  • Pete Sears– bass, piano, synthesizer , Moog
  • Mickey Thomas– lead vocals
  • Grace Slick– vocals
  • Ron Nevison, Michael Clink– engineer
  • Mike Reese – mastering
  • Pat Leraci (Maurice) – production coordinator
  • Bill Murphy / Rod Dyer, Inc. – design, art direction
  • Ryoko Ishioka – cover concept
  • Monica Clemans – cover model
  • Leon LeCash – photography

Track listing:

  1. Find Your Way Back – Craig Chaquico, Tom Borsdorf
  2. Stranger – Jeannette Sears, Pete Sears
  3. Wild Eyes (Angel) – Paul Kantner
  4. Save Your Love – J. Sears
  5. Modern Times – Paul Kantner, Mickey Thomas
  6. Mary – J. Sears, Craig Chaquico
  7. Free – Mickey Thomas, Craig Chaquico
  8. Allen – J. Sears
  9. Stairway To Cleveland (We Do What We Want) – Paul Kantner, Paul Warren


In January 1975.

In January 1975, “RCA” label released “Play Don’t Worry”, the second Mick Ronson album. It was recorded in 1974, at “Trident Studios”, “Scorpio Sound” and “Sundragon Studios” in London, “Strawberry Studios” in Juan La Pins, France, and was produced by Mick Ronson.


  • Mick Ronson– vocals, guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, piano, clavinet, synthesizer, arrangements, mixing
  • Trevor Bolder– bass, horn
  • Mike Garson– piano
  • Ritchie Dharma, Aynsley Dunbar, Tony Newman– drums
  • Jeff Daly – saxophone, flutes
  • Neil Kernon– ARP synthesizer
  • Paul Francis – drums
  • John Mealing– piano
  • Ian Hunter– backing vocals
  • Vicky Silva, Miquel Brown, Beverly Baxton – backing vocals
  • Sid Sax – string conductor
  • Dennis Mackay, Peter Fielder, Ted Sharp, Ray Hendrickson, Ian Major – engineers
  • Clive Arrowsmith- photography

Track listing:

  1. Billy Porter – Mick Ronson
  2. Angel No. 9 – Craig Fuller
  3. This Is for You – Laurie Heath
  4. White Light/White Heat – Lou Reed
  5. Play Don’t Worry – Mick Ronson, Bob Sargeant
  6. Hazy Days – Mick Ronson
  7. Girl Can’t Help It – Bobby Troup
  8. Empty Bed (Io Me Ne Andrei) – Claudio Baglioni, Antonio Coggio, Mick Ronson
  9. Woman – Adam Taylor

On January 1, 1979.

On January 1, 1976, “Columbia” label released “Look into the Future”, the second Journey studio album. It was recorded August – October 1975, at “CBS Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Ross Valory, Aynsley Dunbar and Glen Kolotkin.


  • Gregg Rolie– vocals, keyboards
  • Neal Schon– guitar
  • Ross Valory– bass guitar
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums
  • Mark Friedman – engineer
  • George Horn – mastering

Track listing:

  1. On a Saturday Nite – Gregg Rolie
  2. It’s All Too Much – George Harrison
  3. Anyway – Gregg Rolie
  4. She Makes Me (Feel Alright) – Alex Cash, Gregg Rolie
  5. You’re on Your Own – Gregg Rolie
  6. Look into the Future – Diane Valory, Gregg Rolie
  7. Midnight Dreamer – Gregg Rolie
  8. I’m Gonna Leave You – Gregg Rolie

In August 1971.

In August 1971, “Epic” label released “Freedom Flight”, the second Shuggie Otis album.  It was recorded in 1971, and was produced by Johnny Otis.


  • Shuggie Otis – lead and backing vocals, guitar, bass, organ, piano, drums, bells, bottleneck guitar, tack piano
  • Johnny Otis- percussion, backing vocals
  • Wilton Felder- bass
  • George Duke- organ, electric piano, celesta
  • Aynsley Dunbar- drums
  • Mike Kowalski- drums
  • Richard Aplanalp – tenor saxophone, oboe, flute
  • James ‘Supe’ Bradshaw – harmonica, backing vocals
  • Venetta Fields, Clydie King, Sherlie Matthews- backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Shuggie Otis except where noted.

  1. Ice Cold Daydream
  2. Strawberry Letter 23
  3. Sweet Thang – Johnny Otis, Shuggie Otis
  4. Me and My Woman – Gene Barge
  5. Someone’s Always Singing – Kenny Kahn, Shuggie Otis
  6. Purple
  7. Freedom Flight

In July 1973.

In July 1973, “RCA” label released “Berlin” the third Lou Reed solo album. It was recorded in 1973, at “Morgan Studios” in London, “Record Plant Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Bob Ezrin. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Berlin” at number 344 on its list the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”


  • Lou Reed – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Bob Ezrin– piano, mellotron, arrangement
  • Steve Hunter– electric guitar
  • Dick Wagner– electric guitar, background vocals
  • Jack Bruce– bass
  • Aynsley Dunbar– drums
  • Steve Winwood– organ, harmonium
  • Michael Brecker– tenor saxophone
  • Randy Brecker– trumpet
  • Tony Levin– bass
  • J. Wilson– drums
  • Allan Macmillan – piano
  • Gene Martynec– acoustic guitar, synthesizer, vocal arrangement, bass
  • Jon Pierson – bass trombone
  • Blue Weaver– piano
  • Steve Hyden, Elizabeth March, Lou Reed, Dick Wagner – choir
  • Jim Reeves – engineer
  • Allan Macmillan – arrangement

Track listing:

All tracks by Lou Reed.

  1. Berlin
  2. Lady Day
  3. Men of Good Fortune
  4. Caroline Says I
  5. How Do You Think It Feels
  6. Oh, Jim
  7. Caroline Says II
  8. The Kids
  9. The Bed
  10. Sad Song