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On September 12, 1980.


On September 12, 1980, “RCA” label released “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” the fourteenth David Bowie studio album. It was recorded February – April 1980, at “The Power Station” in London, and was produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti. In 2000, “Q” magazine ranked “Scary Monsters” at number 30 in its list of the “100 Greatest British Albums Ever”. In 2013, “NME” magazine ranked the album at number 381 on its list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. The album was certified Platinum in Canada by “Music Canada”, and Platinum in UK by the “BPI”.


  • David Bowie– vocals, keyboards, backing vocals, saxophone, engineering
  • Dennis Davis– percussion
  • George Murray– bass guitar
  • Carlos Alomar– guitars
  • Chuck Hammer– guitar synthesizer
  • Robert Fripp– guitar
  • Roy Bittan– piano
  • Andy Clark– synthesizer
  • Pete Townshend– guitar
  • Tony Visconti– acoustic guitar, backing vocals, engineering
  • Lynn Maitland – backing vocals
  • Chris Porter – backing vocals
  • Michi Hirota – voice
  • Larry Alexander, Jeff Hendrickson – engineering assistance
  • Peter Mew, Nigel Reeve –mastering

Track listing:

All tracks by David Bowie, except where noted.

  1. It’s No Game (No. 1) – music and lyrics by Bowie, Japanese translation by Hisahi Miura
  2. Up the Hill Backwards
  3. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  4. Ashes to Ashes
  5. Fashion
  6. Teenage Wildlife
  7. Scream Like a Baby
  8. Kingdom Come – Tom Verlaine
  9. Because You’re Young
  10. It’s No Game (No. 2)



On May 18, 1979.


On May 18, 1979, “RCA” label released “Lodger”, the thirteenth David Bowie studio album. It was recorded September 1978 – March 1979, at “Mountain Studios” in “Montreux”, “Record Plant Studios” in New York, and was produced by Tony Visconti and David Bowie.


  • David Bowie– vocals, backing vocals, piano, guitar, synthesizer, Chamberlin, producer
  • Tony Visconti– backing vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, recording engineer, mixing engineer
  • Brian Eno– synthesizers, ambient drone, prepared piano, cricket menace, guitar treatments, horse trumpet, eroica horn, piano, backing vocals
  • Adrian Belew– guitar, mandolin
  • Carlos Alomar– guitar, drums
  • Dennis Davis– percussion, drums, bass guitar
  • George Murray– bass guitar
  • Sean Mayes– piano
  • Simon House– violin, mandolin
  • Roger Powell– synthesizer
  • Stan Harrison– saxophone
  • David Richards– recording engineer
  • Rod O’Brien – mixing engineer

Track listing:

All lyrics by David Bowie; all music by David Bowie and Brian Eno, except where noted.

  1. Fantastic Voyage
  2. African Night Flight
  3. Move on – David Bowie
  4. Yassassin – David Bowie
  5. Red Sails
  6. DJ – David Bowie, Brian Eno, Carlos Alomar
  7. Look Back in Anger
  8. Boys Keep Swinging
  9. Repetition – David Bowie
  10. Red Money – David Bowie, Carlos Alomar

On January 23, 1976.


On January 23, 1976, “RCA” label released “Station to Station”, the tenth David Bowie studio album.”Station to Station” was recorded from September to November 1975, at the “Cherokee Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by David Bowie and Harry Maslin. In 2003, the album was ranked No. 323 on “Rolling Stone” magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • David Bowie– vocals, guitar, tenor and alto saxophone, Moog synthesiser, mellotron
  • Carlos Alomar– guitar
  • Roy Bittan– piano
  • Dennis Davis– drums
  • George Murray– bass guitar
  • Warren Peace– backing vocals
  • Earl Slick– guitar
  • Steve Shapiro –photography

All tracks by David Bowie, except where noted.

  1. Station to Station
  2. Golden Years
  3. Word on a Wing
  4. TVC 15
  5. Stay
  6. Wild Is the Wind – Ned Washington and Dimitri Tiomkin

On January 14, 1977.


On January 14, 1977, “RCA” label released David Bowie’s album “Low” the first of three collaborations with Brian Eno termed the “Berlin Trilogy”.  It was recorded in September and October 1976, at the “Château d’Hérouville” in Hérouville and “Hansa Studio by the Wall?”, West Berlin, and was produced by Tony Visconti and David Bowie.


  • David Bowie– vocals, saxophones, guitar, pump bass, harmonica, vibraphone, xylophone, pre-arranged percussion, keyboards: ARP synthesiser, Chamberlin
  • Brian Eno– keyboards: Minimoog, ARP, EMS Synthi AKS, piano, , other synthesisers, vocals, guitar treatments, synthetics “instruments”
  • Carlos Alomar– rhythm guitars, guitar
  • Dennis Davis– percussion
  • George Murray– bass
  • Ricky Gardiner– rhythm guitar, guitar
  • Roy Young– pianos, Farfisa organ
  • Iggy Pop– backing vocals
  • Mary Visconti– backing vocals
  • Eduard Meyer – cellos
  • Peter Robinson and Paul Buckmaster  – pianos and ARP

Track listing:

All tracks by David Bowie, except where noted.

  1. Speed of Life
  2. Breaking Glass – David Bowie, Dennis Davis, George Murray
  3. What in the World
  4. Sound and Vision
  5. Always Crashing in the Same Car
  6. Be My Wife
  7. A New Career in a New Town
  8. Warszawa – Brian Eno, David Bowie
  9. Art Decade
  10. Weeping Wall
  11. Subterraneans


On October 14, 1977.


On October 14, 1977, “RCA” label released “Heroes” the twelfth David Bowie studio album. “Heroes” is the second album of Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy” with Brian Eno. The other two releases are Low and Lodger”.  It was recorded July – August 1977, at the “Hansa Studio by the Wall” in West Berlin, and was produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti. “NME” magazine voted “Heroes” album of year 1977.


  • David Bowie– vocals, keyboards, guitars, saxophone, koto, backing vocals
  • Carlos Alomar– rhythm guitar
  • Dennis Davis– drums, percussionJoe the Lion,
  • George Murray– bass
  • Brian Eno– synthesisers, keyboards, guitar treatments
  • Robert Fripp– lead guitar
  • Tony Visconti– backing vocals
  • Antonia Maass – backing vocals

Track listing:

All compositions by David Bowie, except where noted.

  1. Beauty and the Beast
  2. Joe the Lion
  3. Heroes – David Bowie, Brian Eno
  4. Sons of the Silent Age
  5. Blackout
  6. V-2 Schneider
  7. Sense of Doubt
  8. Moss Garden
  9. Neukoln – David Bowie, Brian Eno
  10. The Secret Life of Arabia – David Bowie, Brian Eno, Carlos Alomar