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On June 30, 1969.

On June 30, 1969, “Solid State” label released “Is”, the third Chick Corea studio album. It was recorded in May 1969, at “Bell Sound Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Sonny Lester.


  • Chick Corea – piano, electric piano
  • Woody Shaw– trumpet
  • Bennie Maupin– tenor saxophone
  • Hubert Laws– flute, piccolo flute
  • Dave Holland– double bass
  • Jack DeJohnette– drums
  • Horace Arnold– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Chick Corea.

  1. Is
  2. Jamala
  3. This
  4. It

In February 1972.

In February 1972, “Groove Merchant” label released “Sundance”, the fourth Chick Corea album. It was recorded in May 1969, and was produced by Sonny Lester.


  • Chick Corea– piano
  • Hubert Laws– flute, piccolo flute
  • Bennie Maupin– tenor saxophone
  • Woody Shaw– trumpet
  • Dave Holland– bass
  • Jack De Johnette– drums
  • Horace Arnold– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Chick Corea.

  1. The Brain
  2. Song of Wind
  3. Converge
  4. Sundance


On January 21, 1979.

On January 21, 1979, “CBS / Sony” label released (only in Japan) “Directstep” the twenty-fourth Herbie Hancock studio album. It was recorded October 17 – 18, 1978, and was produced by David Rubinson & Friends, Inc.


  • Herbie Hancock– vocals, Fender Rhodes,  clavinet,  Oberheim,  Prophet, Yamaha CS-80, Minimoog  synthesizers, Sennheiser vocoder
  • Webster Lewis- Hammond B-3 organ; Prophet, Yamaha CS-40, ARP String Ensemble and Minimoog synthesizers; Fender Rhodes, backing vocals
  • Bennie Maupin- soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone,  lyricon
  • Ray Obiedo- electric guitar
  • Paul Jackson- electric bass
  • Alphonse Mouzon– drums
  • Bill Summers- percussion

Track listing:

  1. Butterfly – Herbie Hancock, Bennie Maupin
  2. Shiftless Shuffle – Herbie Hancock, Paul Jackson, Harvey Mason, Bill Summers
  3. I Thought It Was You – Jeffrey Cohen, Herbie Hancock, Melvin Ragin

In August 1976.

In August 1976, “Columbia” label released “Secrets”, the 16th Herbie Hancock studio album. It was recorded in 1976, in San Francisco, and was produced by David Rubinson and Herbie Hancock.


  • Herbie Hancock– acoustic piano, Rhodes electric piano, electric grand piano, ARP Odyssey, ARP String Ensemble,  Hohner D6 Clavinet,  Micromoog, Oberheim 4 Voice, Echoplex
  • Bennie Maupin– soprano sax, tenor sax, saxello, lyricon, bass clarinet
  • Ray Parker Jr.– guitar, backing vocals
  • Paul Jackson– bass
  • James Gadson, James Levi– drums
  • Kenneth Nash– percussion
  • Wah Wah Watson– guitar, Maestro universal synthesiser system / sample and hold unit, voice bag; vocals, bass

Track listing:

  1. Doin’ It – Melvin Ragin, Ray Parker, Jr.
  2. People Music – Herbie Hancock, Melvin Ragin, Paul Jackson
  3. Cantelope Island – Herbie Hancock
  4. Spider – Melvin Ragin, Herbie Hancock, Paul Jackson
  5. Gentle Thoughts – Herbie Hancock, Melvin Ragin
  6. Swamp Rat – Paul Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Melvin Ragin
  7. Sansho Shima – Bennie Maupin

On September 6, 1974.

Herbie Hancock_Thrust

On September 6, 1974, “Columbia” label released “Thrust”, the fourteen Herbie Hancock album. It was recorded August 1974, at “Wally Heider Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by David Rubinson and Herbie Hacock.


  • Herbie Hancock– Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hohner D6 clavinet, ARP Odyssey, ARP Soloist, ARP 2600, ARP String Ensemble
  • Bennie Maupin– tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, saxello, bass clarinet, alto flute
  • Paul Jackson– electric bass
  • Mike Clark– drums
  • Bill Summers- percussion

Track listing.

All tracks by Herbie Hancock except where noted.

  1. Palm Grease
  2. Actual Proof
  3. Butterfly – Herbie Hancock, Bennie Maupin
  4. Spank-a-Lee – Herbie Hancock, Mike Clark, Paul Jackson


On August 22, 1975.

Man Child

On August 22, 1975, “Columbia” label released “Man-Child”, the seventeenth Herbie Hancock studio album. It was recorded 1974 – 1975, at “Wally Heider Studios”; “Funky Features” in San Francisco, “Village Recorders”; “Crystal Studios” in Los Angeles, and was produced by David Rubinson and Herbie Hancock.


  • Herbie Hancock– synthesizer, acoustic piano, electric piano, ARP Odyssey, ARP Pro Soloist, Oberheim 4 Voice, Fender Rhodes, clavinet
  • Wayne Shorter– alto and soprano saxophones
  • Jay DaVersa, Bud Brisbois– trumpet
  • Bennie Maupin– bass clarinet, alto flute, saxello, bass flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, percussion
  • Dick “Slide” Hyde– tuba and bass trombone
  • Garnett Brown– trombone
  • Henry E. Davis, Paul Jackson, Louis Johnson– electric bass
  • Harvey Mason, James Gadson, Mike Clark– drums
  • Stevie Wonder– harmonica
  • Bill Summers– percussion
  • Ernie Watts, Jim Horn– flute and saxophone
  • Dewayne McKnight, David T. Walker– electric guitar
  • Wah Wah Watson– synthesizer, voice bag, electric guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Herbie Hancock, except where noted.

  1. Hang Up Your Hang Ups – Herbie Hancock, Ragin, Paul Jackson
  2. Sun Touch
  3. The Traitor – Herbie Hancock, Ragin, Louis Johnson, Wayne Shorter
  4. Bubbles – Herbie Hancock, Ragin
  5. Steppin’ in It
  6. Heartbeat – Herbie Hancock, Ragin, Paul Jackson




On June 25, 1996.


On June 25, 1996, “Maverick Records” label released “Peace Beyond Passion” the second Me’shell Ndegeocello album. It was recorded 1995 – 1996, and was produced by David Gamson.


  • Me’Shell Ndegéocello – bass guitar, guitar, percussion, arranger, multi instruments, drum programming
  • Billy Preston– organ
  • Joshua Redman– horns, saxophone, horn section
  • Oliver Lake– horns
  • Bennie Maupin– bass clarinet
  • Wendy Melvoin– guitar, arranger, guitar arrangements
  • Allen Cato – guitar
  • David Torn– guitar
  • David Fiuczynski– guitar
  • David Campbell— String and horn arrangements for tracks 2, 4, 5, 6 and 12
  • Wah Wah Watson– guitar, wah wah guitar
  • Federico Pena – percussion, Fender Rhodes
  • Daniel Sadownick – percussion
  • Luis Conte– percussion
  • Gene Lake – drums
  • David Gamson – arranger, drums, engineer, vocal arrangement, drum programming, atmosphere
  • Paul Riser – string arrangements
  • Tom Coyne – mastering
  • Bob Power – mixing
  • Rail Jon Rogut – engineer
  • Mike Krowiak – engineer
  • Charles Nasser – engineer
  • Suzanne Dyer – engineer
  • Gregory-Trevor Gilmer – art direction
  • Guzman (Constance Hansen & Russell Peacock – photography
  • Melvone Farrell – make-up

Track listing:

  1. The Womb
  2. The Way
  3. Deuteronomy: Niggerman
  4. Ecclesiastes: Free My Heart
  5. Leviticus: Faggot
  6. Mary Magdalene
  7. God Shiva
  8. Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?
  9. Stay
  10. Bittersweet
  11. A Tear and a Smile
  12. Make Me Wanna Holler

On April 19, 1974.


On April 19, 1974, “Columbia” label released “Big Fun” a double album by Miles Davis. It was recorded November 1969; February and March 1970, and June 1972, at “Columbia Studios B and E”, and was produced by Teo Macero.


  • Miles Davis– trumpet, electric trumpet with wah wah
  • Sonny Fortune– soprano saxophone, flute
  • Bennie Maupin– clarinet, flute
  • Carlos Garnett– soprano saxophone
  • Lonnie Liston Smith– piano
  • Harold I. Williams, Jr. –piano
  • Michael Henderson– electric bass
  • Al Foster– drums
  • Billy Hart– drums
  • Badal Roy– tabla
  • James Mtume– African percussion
  • Wayne Shorter– soprano saxophone
  • Bennie Maupin– bass clarinet
  • John McLaughlin– guitar
  • Joe Zawinul– electric piano
  • Chick Corea– electric piano
  • Dave Holland– electric bass guitar, double bass
  • Billy Cobham– triangle, drums
  • Jack DeJohnette– drums
  • Airto Moreira– cuíca, percussion, berimbau, Indian instruments
  • Steve Grossman– soprano saxophone
  • Larry Young– organ, celeste
  • Khalil Balakrishna– electric sitar
  • Bihari Sharima– tamboura
  • Harvey Brooks– electric bass guitar
  • Herbie Hancock– electric piano
  • Seth Rothstein – project director
  • Frank Laico, Stan Tonkel – audio engineer
  • Russ Payne, Stan Weiss, John Guerriere – mix engineer
  • Steve Berkowitz –A&R for Legacy
  • Patti Matheny, Darren Salmieri –A&R coordination
  • Corky McCoy– cover art

Track listing:

  1. Great Expectations – Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul
  • Great Expectations – Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul
  • Orange Lady – Joe Zawinul
  1. Ife – Miles Davis
  2. Recollections – Joe Zawinul
  3. Trevere – Miles Davis
  4. Go Ahead John – Miles Davis
  5. Lonely Fire – Miles Davis
  6. The Little Blue Frog – Miles Davis
  7. Yaphet – Miles Davis

On March 30, 1973.


On March 30, 1973, “Columbia” label released “Sextant”, the eleventh Herbie Hancock album. This is his last album with Mwandishi Band and the first one for “Columbia” label. It was recorded in 1972, at “Wally Heider Studios” and “Different Fur Studios” in San Francisco, and was produced by David Rubinson.


  • MWANDISHI (Herbie Hancock) – piano, Fender Rhodes, Hohner D6 Clavinet, mellotron, ARP 2600, ARP Pro Soloist, Moog
  • MWILE (Bennie Maupin) – soprano Sax, bass clarinet, piccolo, afuche, Hum-A-Zoo
  • MGANGA ( Eddie Henderson) – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • PEPO (Julian Priester) – bass trombone, tenor trombone, alto trombone, cowbell
  • MCHEZAJI (Buster Williams) – electric bass, acoustic bass
  • JABALI (Billy Hart) – drums
  • Patrick Gleeson- ARP 2600, ARP Pro Soloist
  • Buck Clarke – percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Herbie Hancock

  1. Rain Dance
  2. Hidden Shadows
  3. Hornets

On October 26, 1973.



On October 26, 1973, “Columbia Records” released “Head Hunters”, the twelfth Herbie Hancock studio album. It was recorded September 1973 at “Wally Heider Studios” and “Different Fur Trading Co.” in San Francisco, and was produced by David Rubinson and Herbie Hancock. In 2003, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album on number 498 in the list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time”


  • Herbie Hancock: Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hohner D6 clavinet, ARP Odyssey synthesizer, ARP Soloist synthesizer
  • Bennie Maupin: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, saxello, bass clarinet, alto flute
  • Paul Jackson: electric bass guitar, marímbula
  • BillSummers: congas, shekere, balafon, agogô, cabasa, hindewhu, tambourine, log drum, surdo, gankogui, beer bottle
  • Harvey Mason: drums
  • Cover design: Victor Moscoso
  • Photos: Waldo Bascom

Track listing:

All tracks by Herbie Hancock except where noted.

  1. Chameleon – Herbie Hancock, Paul Jackson, Harvey Mason, Bennie Maupin
  2. Watemelon Man
  3. Sly
  4. Vein Melter