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On April 13, 1993.

On April 13, 1993, “Virgin” label released “Taxi”, the eighth Bryan Ferry studio album. It was recorded 1988 – 1993, at “Matrix Studios” in London, and was produced by Bryan Ferry and Robin Trower.


  • Bryan Ferry– lead vocals, piano, organ, witch, synthesizer, strings, art direction
  • Robin Trower– pin guitar, theme guitar, wah wah, pocket guitar, space guitar
  • Neil Hubbard– guitar, probe guitar, trace guitar, lead guitar, licks guitar, rhythm guitar
  • David E. Williams– rhythm guitar, hook, cat
  • Michael Brook– atmos guitar, lead guitar, infinite guitar
  • Andy Newmark– drums
  • Steve Ferrone– drums
  • Michael Giles– drums
  • Nathan East– bass guitar
  • Steve Pearce – bass guitar
  • Greg Phillinganes– vibraphones, strings, synthesizer, harp
  • Chris Stainton– Hammond organ
  • David Sancious– Hammond organ
  • Andy Mackay– alto saxophone
  • Maceo Parker– alto saxophone
  • Mel Collins– tenor saxophone
  • Flaco Jiménez– accordion
  • Luís Jardim– percussion
  • Carleen Anderson– backing vocals
  • Richard T. Norris – programming
  • Richard T. Norris, Sven Taits – engineer
  • Bob Clearmountain– mixing
  • Nick de Ville – art direction
  • Anton Corbijn- photography

Track listing:

  1. I Put a Spell on You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow – Carole King, Gerry Goffin
  3. Answer Me – Carl Sigman, Gerhard Winkler, Fred Rauch
  4. Just One Look – Doris Payne, Gregory Carroll
  5. Rescue Me – Carl Smith, Raynard Miner
  6. All Tomorrow’s Parties – Lou Reed
  7. Girl of My Best Friend – Sam Bobrick, Ross Butler
  8. Amazing Grace – John Newton
  9. Taxi – Homer Banks, Charles Brooks
  10. Because You’re Mine – Bryan Ferry

On January 30, 1976.

On January 30, 1976, “Warner Bros” label released “Stretchin’ Out in Bootsy’s Rubber Band”, the debut Bootsy’s Rubber Band album. It was recorded 1975 – 197, at “United Sound Systems” in Detroit, Michigan, and was produced by George Clinton and William “Bootsy” Colins.


  • William “Bootsy” Collins– vocals, bass, guitar, drums, cowbell
  • Phelps Collins– guitar
  • Garry Shider– guitar
  • Michael Hampton– guitar
  • Gary Cooper – vocals, drums, tambourine
  • Cordell Mosson– drums
  • Frank Waddy – drums
  • Fred Wesley– trombone
  • Maceo Parker– saxophone
  • Michael Brecker– saxophone
  • Rick Gardner – trumpet
  • Randy Brecker– trumpet
  • Bernie Worrell– keyboards; melodica
  • Sonny Talbert – keyboards
  • Frederick Allen – keyboards
  • Leslyn Bailey – vocals
  • Robert Johnson – vocals

Track listing:

  1. Stretchin’ Out (In a Rubber Band) – William Collins, George Clinton
  2. Psychoticbumpschool – William Collins, George Clinton, Bernard Worrell, Phelps Collins
  3. Another Point of View – William Collins, George Clinton, Phelps Collins
  4. I’d Rather Be With You – William Collins, George Clinton, Gary Cooper
  5. Love Vibes – William Collins, Leslyn Bailey
  6. Physical Love – William Collins, George Clinton, Gary Cooper, Garry Shider
  7. Vanish in Our Sleep – William Collins, George Clinton


On November 20, 1979.

On November 20, 1979, “Casablanca” label released “Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin the Tale on the Funky)”, the eight Parliament studio album. It was recorded in 1979, and was produced by George Clinton.


  • Michael Hampton, Garry Shider, William Collins, Phelps Collins, Gordon Carlton, DeWayne McKnight, Walter Morrison – guitars
  • Rodney Curtis, Donnie Sterling, William Collins, DeWayne McKnight, Walter Morrison – bass
  • Bernie Worrell, Walter Morrison, David Lee Chong – keyboards
  • Dennis Chambers, Kenny Colton, Tyrone Lampkin, William Collins, DeWayne McKnight – drums
  • Larry Fratangelo, Carl “Butch” Small – percussion
  • Greg Thomas, Greg Boyer, Bennie Cowens, Larry Hatcher, Maceo Parker, Sam Peakes – horns
  • Bernie Worrell, Fred Wesley, P-Funk Horns (The Baltimore Connection Horn Section), Sam Peakes – horn arrangements
  • Ray Davis, Garry Shider, Ron Ford, Larry Heckstall, Michael “Clip” Payne, Tracey “Lewd” Lewis, Linda Shider, Dawn Silva, Sheila Horne, Jeanette Washington, Jeanette McGruder, Shirley Hayden, Janice Evans, Greg Thomas, Robert Johnson, Ron Dunbar, Jessica Cleaves, Philippe Wynne, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Gary Cooper, Joel Johnson, Wellington Wigout, Star Child – choir
  • Jerome Rogers, Tony Davis, Andre Williams, Larry Hackett, Walter Morrison, Rod – additional backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Prologue
  2. (Gloryhallastoopid) Pin the Tail on the Funky – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton
  3. Party People – Bootsy Collins , George Clinton, Garry Shider
  4. The Big Bang Theory – Donnie Sterling, Ron Dunbar, George Clinton
  5. The Freeze (Sizzaleenmean) – DeWayne McKnight, George Clinton
  6. Colour Me Funky – Walter Morrison (J.S.Theracon), George Clinton
  7. Theme from the Black Hole – Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Walter Morrison (J.S.Theracon)
  8. May We Bang You? – George Clinton, William Collins, Bootsy Collins, Walter Morrison (J.S.Theracon)

On June 9, 2017.

On June 9, 2017, “Righteous Babe” label released “Binary”, the 19th Ani DiFranco studio album. It was recorded 2015 – 2016, at “The Dugout Esplanade Studios”  in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was produced by Ani DiFranco.


  • Ani DiFranco – vocals, guitar; mellotron, orchestron guitar synth,
  • Todd Sickafoose – bass, celeste, keyboards, shaker, vibraphone, Wurlitzer, bells, prepared piano
  • Terence Higgins – drums, congas, pandiero
  • Ivan Neville – organ, Clavinet, bass, piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer
  • Jenny Scheinman – violin, backing vocals
  • Maceo Parker – alto saxophone
  • Skerik – tenor and baritone saxophones
  • Alonzo Bowens – clarinet
  • Bobby Campo – trumpet
  • Mark Mullins – trombone
  • Justin Vernon – backing vocals
  • Petah Napolitano, Gail Ann Dorsey – backing vocals
  • Tchad Blake – mixing
  • Mike Napolitano – recording engineer
  • Brian Lucey – mastering
  • Todd Sickafoose – horn arrangements
  • David Calderley at graphictherapy – design
  • Ani photographs by GMDThree

Track listing:

All tracks by Ani DiFranco.

  1. Binary
  2. Pacifist’s Lament
  3. Zizzing
  4. Play God
  5. Alrighty
  6. Telepathic
  7. Even More
  8. Spider

In March 1969.

In March 1969, “King” label released “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud”, the 27th James Brown studio album. It was recorded August 1967 – October 1968, and was produced by James Brown.


  • James Brown – vocals, organ
  • Bobby Byrd – vocals, organ
  • Ernie Hayes – piano
  • Timothy Hedding – organ, piano
  • Carl Lynch, Jimmy Nolen, Wallace Richardson, Troy Seals, Eddie Setser – guitar
  • Alphonso “Country” Kellum – guitar, bass
  • Tim Drummond, Al Lucas, Bernard Odum, Sweet Charles Sherrell, Ken Tibbets – bass
  • Beau Dollar Bowman, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, John Starks, Clyde Stubblefield – drums
  • Maceo Parker, Eldee Williams – tenor saxophone
  • Pee Wee Ellis – alto and tenor saxophone, organ
  • Les Asch, Dave Parkinson, St. Clair Pinckney – baritone and tenor saxophone
  • Dud Bascomb, Joe Dupars, Richard “Kush” Griffith, Johnny Grimes, Waymon Reed – trumpet
  • Fred Wesley, Dicky Hardone, Levi Rasbury – trombone
  • Selwart Clarke, Winston Collymore, Sidney Edwards, Nick Hardone, Harry Katzman, Harry Malnikoff, Matthew Raimondi – strings
  • Sammy Lowe – conductor, arranger
  • Mitchell Kanner – design
  • Alan Leeds, Harry Weinger – liner notes

Track listing:

  1. Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud – James Brown, Alfred Ellis
  2. I Guess I’ll Have to Cry Cry Cry – James Brown
  3. Goodbye My Love, Pts. 1 & 2 – James Brown
  4. Shades of Brown – Bud Hobgood
  5. Licking Stick, Pt. 1 – James Brown
  6. I Love You – James Brown, Clyde Stubblefield, Alfonzo Kellum
  7. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye – John D. Loudermilk
  8. Let Them Talk – Sonny Thompson
  9. Maybe I’ll Understand – James Brown, Bud Hobgood
  10. I’ll Lose My Mind – James Brown, Bud Hobgood, Bobby Byrd

In December 1973.

In December 1973, “Polydor” label released “The Payback”, the 40th James Brown studio album. It was recorded February – October 1973, and was produced by James Brown.


  • James Brown – lead vocals, electric piano
  • Clair Pinckney- tenor saxophone, flute
  • Maceo Parker- alto saxophone, flute
  • Darryl “Hasaan” Jamison, Jerone “Jasaan” Sanford, Isiah “Ike” Oakley – trumpet
  • Fred Wesley- trombone
  • Hearlon “Cheese” Martin – guitar
  • Jimmy Nolen- guitar
  • Fred Thomas – bass
  • John Starks – drums
  • John Morgan – percussion

Track listing.

All tracks by James Brown, Fred Wesley and Charles Bobbit; except where noted.

  1. The Payback – James Brown, Fred Wesley, John “Jabo” Starks
  2. Doing the Best I Can
  3. Take Some…Leave Some
  4. Shoot Your Shot – James Brown
  5. Forever Suffering
  6. Time Is Running out Fast
  7. Stone to the Bone – James Brown
  8. Mind Power