On May 31, 2011.


On May 31, 2011, “Monkeywrench” label released “Ukulele Songs”, the second Eddie Vedder solo studio album. It was recorded in 2010 – 2011, and was produced by Eddie Vedder and Adam Kasper. The album is mix of original songs and new arrangements of standards. The cover is photography of the sculptural work “The Lost Correspondent” by Jason de Caires Taylor.

Track listing:

All tracks by Eddie Vedder, except where noted.

  1. Can’t Keep
  2. Sleeping by Myself
  3. Without You
  4. More Than You Know – lyrics by Billy Rose and Edward Eliscu, music by Vincent Youmans
  5. Goodbye
  6. Broken Heart
  7. Satellite
  8. Longing to Belong
  9. Hey Fahkah
  10. You’re True
  11. Light Today
  12. Sleepless Nights – Felice Bryant, Boudleaux Bryant
  13. Once in a While – lyrics by Bud Green, music by Michael Edwards
  14. Waving Palms
  15. Tonight You Belong to Me – lyrics by Billy Rose, music by Lee David
  16. Dream a Little Dream – lyrics by Gus Kahn, music by Fabian Andreand , Wilbur Schwandt




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