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Tina Turner

On May 24, 2023, Anna Mae Bullock aka Tina Turner died aged 83. She was singer, author, dancer and actress, referred to as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, began her career with Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm in 1957. In 1958, under the name Little Ann, she released her first record, “Boxtop”. In 1960, she debuted as Tina Turner with the duet single “A Fool in Love”. The duo Ike & Tina Turner became “one of the most formidable live acts in history”. In the 1980s, Turner made a great comeback, and in the decades that followed she sold over 100 million records worldwide, and became one of  the best-selling recording artists of all time. She won twelve “Grammy Awards”, three “Grammy Hall of Fame” awards and a “Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award”. Magazine “Rolling Stone” ranked her among the “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” and the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time”. She was twice inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”, with Ike Turner in 1991 and as a solo artist in 2021. In 2005, she was recipient of the “Kennedy Center Honors” and “Women of the Year” award. As leader Tina Turner released nine albums.


Stray Cats: 40

On May 24, 2019, “Surfdog Records” label released “40”, the ninth Stray Cats studio album. It was recorded in 2018, at “Blackbird Studios” in Nashville, Tennessee, and was produced by Peter Collins.


  • Brian Setzer – lead vocals, guitars
  • Lee Rocker – vocals, bass guitar
  • Slim Jim Phantom – vocals, drums
  • Vance Powell – engineer, mixing
  • Mike Fahey – engineer assistant
  • Sean Badum – engineer assistant
  • Pete Lyman – mastering
  • Daniel Bacigalupi – mastering assistant
  • Scrojo Designs – art direction, layout, design
  • Russ Harrington – photography
  • Suzie Kaplan – photography

Track listing:

  1. Cat Fight (Over a Dog Like Me) – Brian Setzer, Mike Himelstein
  2. Rock It Off – Brian Setzer, Mike Himelstein
  3. I’ve Got Love If You Want It
  4. Cry Danger – Brian Setzer, Mike Himelstein, Mike Campbell
  5. I Attract Trouble – Brian Setzer, Mike Himelstein
  6. Three Time’s a Charm – Brian Setzer, Mike Himelstein
  7. That’s Messed Up – Brian Setzer, Mike Himelstein
  8. When Nothing’s Going Right – Lee Rocker as Leon Drucker
  9. Desperado – Brian Setzer
  10. Mean Pickin’ Mama – Brian Setzer
  11. I’ll Be Looking Out for You – Brian Setzer
  12. Devil Train – Brian Setzer

Sebadoh: Act Surprised

On May 24, 2019, “Dangerbird” label released “Act Surprised”, the ninth Sebadoh studio album. It was recorded in 2019, at “Sonelab” in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and was produced by Justin Pizzoferrato.


  • Lou Barlow – vocals, guitar, bass
  • Jason Loewenstein – vocals, bass, guitar
  • Bob D’Amico – drums, percussion
  • Justin Pizzoferrato – recording, mixing, photography
  • Howie Weinberg – mastering
  • Joby J. Ford – layout

Track listing:

  1. Phantom – Jason Loewenstein
  2. Celebrate the Void – Lou Barlow
  3. Follow the Breath – Jason Loewenstein
  4. Medicate – Lou Barlow
  5. See-Saw – Lou Barlow
  6. Vacation – Jason Loewenstein
  7. Stunned – Jason Loewenstein
  8. Fool – Lou Barlow
  9. Raging River – Jason Loewenstein
  10. Sunshine – Lou Barlow
  11. Act Surprised – Jason Loewenstein
  12. Battery – Loewenstein
  13. Belief – Lou Barlow
  14. Leap Year – Bob D’Amico
  15. Reykjavic – Lou Barlow

White Denim: D

On May 24, 2011, “Downtown Records” label released “D”, the fourth White Denim album. It was recorded in 2011, at “Lakeside Studio” and “Mob House” in Austin, Texas, and was produced by Mike McCarthy, James Petralli, Austin Jenkins, Steven Terebecki and Joshua Block.


  • James Petralli – vocals, guitars, arranger
  • Austin Jenkins – guitars, arranger
  • Steven Terebecki – bass guitar, arranger
  • Joshua Block – drums, percussion, mixing, arranger
  • Alex Coke – flute
  • Brian Hall – violin
  • Heather Anderson – viola
  • Amy Harris – viola
  • Elizabeth S. Lee – cello
  • Jonathan Geer – string arrangements
  • Danny Reisch – engineer
  • Mike McCarthy – engineer, mixing
  • Jim Vollentine – assistant engineer
  • Emily Lazar – mastering
  • Joe LaPorta – mastering
  • Michael Hammett – artwork designer, photography
  • Bobby Weiss – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by James Petralli, Austin Jenkins, Steven Terebecki and Joshua Block, except where noted.

  1. It’s Him!
  2. Burnished – James Petralli, Austin Jenkins, Steven Terebecki, Joshua Block, Lucas Anderson
  3. At the Farm
  4. Street Joy
  5. Anvil Everything
  6. River to Consider
  7. Drug
  8. Bess St.
  9. Is and Is and Is
  10. Keys

Robert Cray: Twenty

On May 24, 2005, “Sanctuary” label released “Twenty”, the 15th Robert Cray album. It was recorded in 2005, at “Sound City Recording Studios” in Van Nuys, CA, and was produced by Robert Cray and James Pugh.


  • Robert Cray – vocals, guitar
  • Karl Sevareid – acoustic and electric bass
  • James Pugh – keyboards
  • Kevin Hayes – drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Robert Cray; except where noted.

  1. Poor Johnny
  2. That Ain’t Love
  3. Does It Really Matter – Scott Mathews, James Pugh
  4. Fadin’ Away
  5. My Last Regret – James Pugh
  6. It Doesn’t Show
  7. I’m Walkin’ – Chris Hayes, Kevin Hayes
  8. Twenty
  9. I Know You Will – John Hanes, James Pugh
  10. I Forgot to Be Your Lover – William Bell, Booker T. Jones
  11. Two Steps from the End – James Pugh

Moly Hatchet: Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge

On May 24, 2005, “SPV” label released “Warriors of the Rainbow Bridge”, the eleventh Molly Hatchet studio album. It was recorded in 2004, at “Rockfarm Studio Claus Kramer” in Diemelsee, Germany, and was produced by Bobby Ingram.


  • Phil McCormack – lead vocals, harmonica
  • Bobby Ingram – electric and acoustic guitar, backing vocals, editor
  • Dave Hlubek – guitars, backing vocals
  • John Galvin – keyboards, piano, programming
  • Tim Lindsey – bass, backing vocals
  • Shawn Beamer – drums, percussion
  • Rich DelFalvo – keyboards, piano
  • Nikolo Kotzev – engineer, mixing
  • Rainer Hänsel – mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Bobby Ingram and Phil McCormack, except where noted.

  1. Son of the South
  2. Moonlight Dancin’ on the Bayou
  3. I’m Ready for You
  4. Roadhouse Boogie
  5. Time Keeps Slipping Away – John Galvin, Bobby Ingram, Phil McCormack
  6. Get in the Game
  7. Flames Are Burning
  8. Hell Has No Fury
  9. Gone in Sixty Seconds
  10. Behind the Bedroom Door – John Galvin, Bobby Ingram, Phil McCormack
  11. No Stranger in the Darkness
  12. Rainbow Bridge

Wilbur Cobb

On May 24, 2020, Wilbur James Cobb died aged 91. He was musician (drums), one of the most influential and respected drummers in Jazz music. He has recorded and performed with many musicians including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Dinah Washington, Pearl Bailey, Clark Terry, Cannonball Adderley, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Wynton Kelly, Stan Getz, Wes Montgomery, Art Pepper, Gil Evans, Paul Chambers, Kenny Burrell, J. J. Johnson, Sonny Stitt, Nat Adderley, Phil Upchurch, Benny Golson, Hank Jones, Ron Carter, George Coleman, Fathead Newman, Geri Allen, Earl Bostic, Leo Parker, Charlie Rouse, Ernie Royal, Philly Joe Jones, Bobby Timmons, Walter Booker, Jerome Richardson, Joey DeFrancesco, Keter Betts, Jimmy Cleveland, Sam Jones, Red Garland, Joe Henderson, Eddie Gómez, Bill Evans, Jeremy Steig, Richard Wyands, Peter Bernstein, Walter Bishop, Jr., Richie Cole, Nancy Wilson, Ricky Ford, David Amram, Donald Byrd, Kenny Barron and Toshiko Akiyoshi. Cobb recorded 17 albums as a leader.

On May 24, 2019.

On May 24, 2019, “étienne” and “BMG” labels released “California Son”, the twelfth Morrissey studio album. It was recorded July – August 2018, at “Sunset Sound” in Hollywood, and was produced by Joe Chiccarelli.


  • Morrissey– lead vocals
  • Jesse Tobias– electric guitar, 12-string electric guitar, slide guitar, electric rhythm guitar, fuzz guitar, electric baritone guitar, backbeat guitar, acoustic guitar, ebow guitar
  • Boz Boorer– acoustic guitar, electric rhythm guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
  • Roger Manning – electric piano, synthesisers, keyboards, backing vocals, string arrangement, horn arrangement
  • Zac Rae– organ, upright piano, keyboards
  • Gustavo Manzur – synthesisers, accordion
  • Dave Levita – acoustic guitar
  • Sean Hurley – bass
  • Matthew Ira Walker – drums, drum programming
  • Valerie Pinkston – group vocals
  • Arnold McCuller – group vocals
  • Brigette Bryant – group vocals
  • Ed Droste– backing vocals
  • Billie Joe Armstrong– backing vocals
  • Ariel Engle– backing vocals
  • Sameer Gadhia– backing vocals
  • Petra Haden– backing vocals
  • LP– additional vocals
  • Lydia Night– backing vocals
  • Little Willie Iniesta – vocals, dog barking
  • Steve Aho – orchestration, music copying, musician contractor
  • Joe Chiccarelli– recording, mixing, stylophone, drum programming
  • Bill Mims – recording
  • Chris Dugan – additional engineering
  • Tim Kvasnosky– additional engineering
  • Marcus Paquin – additional engineering
  • Ryan Freeland – mixing
  • Ken Sluiter – mixing
  • Chris Allgood – mastering
  • Emily Lazar – mastering
  • Lars Fox – digital editing
  • Liam Lynch – art, design
  • Michael Muller – front photography

Track listing:

  1. Morning Starship – Jobriath
  2. Don’t interrupt the Sorrow – Joni Mitchell
  3. Only a Pawn in Their Game – Bob Dylan
  4. Suffer the Little Children – Buffy Sainte – Marie
  5. Days of Decision – Phil Ochs
  6. It’s Over – Roy Orbison, Bill Dees
  7. Wedding Bell Blues – Laura Nyro
  8. Loneliness Remembers What happiness Forgets – Burt Bacharach, Hal David
  9. Lady Willpower – Jerry Fuller
  10. When You Close Your Eyes – Carly Simon, Billy Mernit
  11. Lenny’s Tune – Tim Hardin
  12. Some Say I Got the Devil – Melanie Safka

On May 24, 2005.

On May 24, 2005, “Interscope” label released “Rebel, Sweetheart”, the fifth Wallflowers album. It was recorded 2004 – 2005, at “Southern Tracks Recording” in Atlanta, Georgia, “Henson Recording Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Brendan O’Brien.


  • Jakob Dylan– lead vocals, guitars
  • Rami Jaffee– keyboards, backing vocals
  • Greg Richling – bass guitar
  • Fred Eltringham – drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Jakob Dylan.

  1. Days of Wonder
  2. The Passenger
  3. The Beautiful Side of Somewhere
  4. Here He Comes (Confessions of a Drunken Marionette)
  5. We’re Already There
  6. God Says Nothing Back
  7. Back to California
  8. I Am a Building
  9. From the Bottom of My Heart
  10. Nearly Beloved
  11. How Far You’ve Come
  12. All Things New Again