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On June 8, 1999.

On June 8, 1999, “Drag City” label released “Fingerpainting”, the eighth Red Krayola album.


  • Mayo Thompson
  • Frederick Barthelme
  • Steve Cunningham
  • David Grubbs
  • Bobby Henschen
  • George Hurley
  • Albert Oehlen
  • Stephen Prina
  • Elisa Randazzo
  • Tom Watson
  • Christopher Williams
  • Sandy Yang

Track listing:

  1. George III
  2. Bad Medicine
  3. A Hybrid Creature of Greed, Ignorance and Powers of Comprehension Plays a Vaulted Drum Kit. The Playing Corresponds Completely to the Event. There Are Entrances and Exits. And There Is Gravitation, Where It Is Needed – Tears for Example
  4. There There Betty Betty
  5. The Greed of a Clarinet That Is Puffy from Crying Gets Tossed in Butter and Spread by Notes. This Process Depresses the Entire Orchestra So Much That It Only Plays Behind a Golden Partition. The Partition Is Decorated With Semi-Precious Attractive Diamonds
  6. Vile Vile Grass
  7. A Sow With an Abbess’s Bonnet Is Sitting on Four Rock-Objects and Singing Along With Them. The Song Sounds Like a Cheater, And Is Imprisoned in a Striped Toy Box Because Its Aims Are Not Recognizable. On Top of the Box Is a Head That Could Be Elvis’s, If He Had Survived This
  8. Mother
  9. Out of a Trombone That Is Divided Lengthways by a Partition of Gold Sound Seven Violins of Dynamite That Are Cut Sideways into Thin Slices. They Are Played by the Thrown Out Ex-Members of a Very Bad Band and Blown Up
  10. In My Baby’s Ruth, Sandy’s Drums With David & Shadwell, Filthy Lucre

In January 1983.

In January 1983, “SST” label released “What Makes a Man Start Fires?”, the second Minutemen studio album. It was recorded July – August 1982, and was produced by Spot.


  • Boon- guitar, lead vocals
  • Mike Watt- bass, backing vocals
  • George Hurley- drums, oil drums
  • Joe Baiza – additional guitar

Track listing:

  1. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs – Mike Watt
  2. One Chapter in the Book – Mike Watt
  3. Fake Contest – Mike Watt
  4. Beacon Sighted Through Fog – Mike Watt
  5. Mutiny in Jonestown – Boon, Mike Watt
  6. East Wind/Faith – George Hurley, Mike Watt
  7. Pure Joy – George Hurley, Mike Watt
  8. 99 – George Hurley, Mike Watt
  9. The Anchor – George Hurley, Mike Watt
  10. Sell or Be Sold – Boon, Mike Watt
  11. The Only Minority – Boon, Mike Watt
  12. Split Red – Boon, Mike Watt
  13. Colors – Boon, Mike Watt
  14. Plight – Boon, Mike Watt
  15. The Tin Roof – Mike Watt
  16. Life as a Rehearsal – Mike Watt
  17. This Road – Mike Watt
  18. Polarity – Mike Watt

In July 1984.

In July 1984, “SST” label released “Double Nickels on the Dime”, the third Minutemen studio album. It was recorded November 1983 – April 1984, at “Radio Tokyo Studios” in Venice, California, and was produced by Ethan James. “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Double Nickels on the Dime” at number 413 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.


  • Boon– vocals, guitar
  • Mike Watt– bass, vocals
  • George Hurley– drums, vocals
  • Joe Baiza– guitar
  • John Rocknowski  – guitar
  • Dirk Vandenberg  – guitar
  • Ethan James– engineer

Track listing:

Side D

  1. Anxious Mo-Fo – D. Boon, Mike Watt
  2. Theatre Is the Life of You – D. Boon, Mike Watt
  3. Viet Nam – D. Boon
  4. Cohesion – D. Boon
  5. It’s Expected I’m Gone – Mike Watt
  6. #1 Hit Song – D. Boon, George Hurley
  7. Two Beads at the End – D. Boon, George Hurley
  8. Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth? – Mike Watt
  9. Don’t Look Now – John Fogerty
  10. Shit from an Old Notebook – D. Boon, Mike Watt
  11. Nature Without Man – Chuck Dukowski, D. Boon
  12. One Reporter’s Opinion – Mike Watt

Side Mike

  1. Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing – Mike Watt
  2. Maybe Partying Will Help – D. Boon, Mike Watt
  3. Toadies – Mike Watt
  4. Retreat – Mike Watt
  5. The Big Foist – Mike Watt
  6. God Bows to Math – Jack Brewer, Mike Watt
  7. Corona – D. Boon
  8. The Glory of Man – Mike Watt
  9. Take 5, D – Joe Baiza, John Rocknowski, Dirk Vandenberg, Mike Watt
  10. My Heart and the Real World – Mike Watt
  11. History Lesson – Part II – Mike Watt

Side George

  1. You Need the Glory – George Hurley
  2. The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts – Dick Vandenberg, Mike Watt
  3. Robot’s Holy Orders – George Hurley
  4. West Germany – D. Boon
  5. The Politics of Time – Mike Watt
  6. Themselves – D. Boon
  7. Please Don’t Be Gentle with Me – Jack Brewer, Mike Watt
  8. Nothing indeed – George Hurley, Mike Watt
  9. No Exchange – George Hurley, Mike Watt
  10. There Ain’t Shit on T.V. Tonight – George Hurley, Mike Watt
  11. There Ain’t Shit on T.V. Tonight – D. Boon
  12. This Ain’t No Picnic – D. Boon
  13. Spillage – Mike Watt

Side Chaff

  1. Untitled Song for Latin America – D. Boon
  2. Jesus and Tequila – D. Boon, Joe Carducci
  3. June 16th – Mike Watt
  4. Storm in my House – D. Boon, Henry Rollins
  5. Martin’s Story – Martin Tamburovich, Mike Watt
  6. Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love – Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony
  7. Wu – Donald Fagen, Walter Becker
  8. Little Man with a Gun in His Hand – D. Boon, Chuck Dukowski
  9. The World According to Nouns – Mike Watt
  10. Love Dance – D. Boon

In December 1985.


In December 1985, “SST” label released “3-Way Tie (For Last)”, the fourth and final Minutemen album. It was recorded August – September 1985, and was produced by Mike Watt, D. Boon and Ethan James. The album features few covers of songs by bands such as the Urinals, Meat Puppets, Blue Öyster Cult, Creedence Clearwater Revival,  Roky Erickson and the Aliens. The album cover painting was by D. Boon.


  • D. Boon– electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, piano
  • Mike Watt– bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • George Hurley– drums
  • Joe Baiza– lead guitar
  • Ethan James– Linn drum, Vietnam War battlefield tape

Track listing:

  1. Price of Paradise – D. Boon
  2. Lost – Kirkwood
  3. The Big Stick – D. Boon
  4. Political Nightmare – Roessler, Mike Watt
  5. Courage – D. Boon
  6. Have You Ever Seen the Rain? – Fogerty
  7. The Red and the Black – Bloom, Bouchard, Pearlman
  8. Spoken Word Piece – Mike Watt
  9. No One – Roessler, Mike Watt
  10. Stories – Roessler, Mike Watt
  11. What Is It? – Roessler, Mike Watt
  12. Ack Ack Ack – Johansen, Jones, Talley
  13. Just Another Soldier – D. Boon
  14. Situations at Hand – Mike Watt
  15. Hittin’ the Bong – Mike Watt
  16. Bermuda – Roky Erickson