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On March 25, 1995.

On March 25, 1995, “Drag City” label released “Coconut Hotel”, the seventh Red Crayola album. It was recorded in 1967, and was produced by Mayo Thompson, Steve Cunningham and Rick Barthelme.


  • Rick Barthelme – drums
  • Steve Cunningham – bass guitar
  • Mayo Thompson– vocals, guitar
  • Walt Andrus – recording
  • Les Blank – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Steve Cunningham and Mayo Thompson.

  1. Boards
  2. Water Pour
  3. One – Second Pieces (No. 1 – 36)
  4. Organ Buildup
  5. Vocal
  6. Free Guitar
  7. One – Minute Imposition
  8. Piano
  9. Guitar


On June 8, 1999.

On June 8, 1999, “Drag City” label released “Fingerpainting”, the eighth Red Krayola album.


  • Mayo Thompson
  • Frederick Barthelme
  • Steve Cunningham
  • David Grubbs
  • Bobby Henschen
  • George Hurley
  • Albert Oehlen
  • Stephen Prina
  • Elisa Randazzo
  • Tom Watson
  • Christopher Williams
  • Sandy Yang

Track listing:

  1. George III
  2. Bad Medicine
  3. A Hybrid Creature of Greed, Ignorance and Powers of Comprehension Plays a Vaulted Drum Kit. The Playing Corresponds Completely to the Event. There Are Entrances and Exits. And There Is Gravitation, Where It Is Needed – Tears for Example
  4. There There Betty Betty
  5. The Greed of a Clarinet That Is Puffy from Crying Gets Tossed in Butter and Spread by Notes. This Process Depresses the Entire Orchestra So Much That It Only Plays Behind a Golden Partition. The Partition Is Decorated With Semi-Precious Attractive Diamonds
  6. Vile Vile Grass
  7. A Sow With an Abbess’s Bonnet Is Sitting on Four Rock-Objects and Singing Along With Them. The Song Sounds Like a Cheater, And Is Imprisoned in a Striped Toy Box Because Its Aims Are Not Recognizable. On Top of the Box Is a Head That Could Be Elvis’s, If He Had Survived This
  8. Mother
  9. Out of a Trombone That Is Divided Lengthways by a Partition of Gold Sound Seven Violins of Dynamite That Are Cut Sideways into Thin Slices. They Are Played by the Thrown Out Ex-Members of a Very Bad Band and Blown Up
  10. In My Baby’s Ruth, Sandy’s Drums With David & Shadwell, Filthy Lucre

In June 1977.

In June 1977, “Epic” label released “Pure Mania”, the debut Vibrators album. It was recorded in 1977, and was produced by Robin Mayhew, Knox, John Ellis, Pat Collier and John “Eddie” Edwards.


  • Knox (M. Carnochan)- guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • John Ellis- guitar, vocals
  • Pat Collier – bass, vocals
  • John “Eddie” Edwards – drums
  • Simon Humphrey, Steve Cunningham – engineers
  • Keith Morris- photography

Track listing:

All tracks by I.M. Carnochan except where noted.

  1. Into the Future…
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah – Pat Collier
  3. Sweet Sweet Heart
  4. Keep It Clean – John Ellis
  5. Baby Baby
  6. No Heart
  7. She’s Bringing You Down
  8. Petrol – Pat Collier
  9. London Girls
  10. You Broke My Heart
  11. Whips & Furs
  12. Stiff Little Fingers – John Ellis
  13. Wrecked On You
  14. I Need a Slave
  15. Bad Time