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On December 7, 2020.

On December 7, 2010, Harold Montgomory Budd died aged 84. He was musician (piano, keyboards, guitar), composer, professor, and poet, noted for his work in the avant-garde minimalist scene in the USA in the 60’. His work in avant-garde, jazz, minimalism, ambient, and neoclassical music brought him world recognition, especially through his collaboration with Brian Eno and Robin Guthrie. He also collaborated with Andy Partridge, John Foxx, Graham Haynes, Simon Raymonde, Elizabeth Fraser, Eralso Bernocchi, Bill Nelson, Clive Wright, Jaki Liebezeit, Ruben Garcia, Daniel Lentz, Bill Laswell and Jah Wobble.  

On December 7, 2010.

On December 7, 2010, “Vortexan” and “EMI” labels released “Up Close”, the sixth Eric Johnson studio album. It was recorded in 2010, and was produced by Eric Johnson and Richard Mullen.


  • Eric Johnson – vocals, guitar
  • Sonny Landreth – guitar
  • Jimmie Vaughan – guitar
  • Jonny Lang – vocals, guitar
  • Malford Milligan – vocals
  • Steve Miller – vocals
  • Roscoe Beck – bass guitar
  • Kevin Hall – drums
  • Barry “Frosty” Smith – drums
  • Tommy Taylor – drums
  • Kelly Donnelly – engineer
  • Andy Johns – mixing
  • Kelly Toombs – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Eric Johnson, except where noted.

  1. Awaken
  2. Fatdaddy
  3. Brilliant Room
  4. Texas – Mike Bloomfield, Buddy Miles
  5. Gem
  6. Traverse
  7. Austin
  8. Soul Surprise
  9. On the Way
  10. Arithmetic
  11. The Sea and the Mountain
  12. Vortexan
  13. A Change Has Come to Me
  14. Change (revisited)
  15. Your Book

On December 7, 2010.

On December 7, 2010, “Hollywood Records” label released “Wonders of the Younger”, the sixth Plain White T’s studio album. It was recorded in 2010, and was produced by Ian Kirkpatrick.


  • Tom Higgenson – vocals, guitar, keyboards, celeste, percussion
  • De’Mar Hamilton – vocals, drums, percussion
  • Dave Tirio – vocals, guitar
  • Tim G. Lopez – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Mike Retondo – vocals, bass, keyboards, celeste, accordion, horns, woodwinds
  • Dan Monahan – celeste, guitar, accordion, bouzouki, drum programming
  • Augie Schmidt – keyboards, synths, drum programming, strings, horns
  • Nick Rucker – additional instrumentation
  • Jeremy Smith – piano
  • Mike Daly – pedal steel
  • Matt Rohde – piano, organ

Track listing:

  1. Irrational Anthem – Tom Higgenson, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd
  2. Boomerang – Tom Higgenson, Jeremy Smith
  3. Welcome to Mystery – Tom Higgenson, Chris Tompkins
  4. Rhythm of Love – Tim Lopez
  5. Map of the World – Tom Higgenson, John Feldmann
  6. Killer – Tom Higgenson, Marty Dodson
  7. Last Breath – Tom Higgenson, John Feldmann
  8. Broken Record – Tom Higgenson, Zac Malloy, Chris Tompkins
  9. Our Song – Tom Higgenson, Shakur Green
  10. Airplane – Tom Higgenson, Mike Retondo
  11. Cirque Dans La Rue – Tom Higgenson, Marty Dodson
  12. Body Parts – Tim Lopez
  13. Make It Up as You Go – Tom Higgenson, Dave Tirio
  14. Wonders of the Younger – Tom Higgenson, Sean McConnell
  15. Thanks for Nothing (Bonus)
  16. Hollywood Love (Bonus)

On December 7, 2016.


On December 7, 2016, Gregory Stuart “Greg” Lake died aged 69. He was singer, musician, songwriter and producer, best known as member of bands Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) and King Crimson. He released three solo albums:

  • Greg Lake (1981)
  • Manoeuvres(1983)
  • Ride the Tigerwith Geoff Downes (2015)


On December 7, 1984.


On December 7, 1984, “Atlantic” label released “Agent Provocateur”, the fifth Foreigner studio album. It was recorded in 1984, and was produced by Mick Jones and Alex Sadkin. The album was certified Platinum in Germany by “BVMI”; Platinum in Switzerland by “IFPI Switzerland”; Platinum in UK by “BPI”, and 3 x Platinum in the U.S. by the “RIAA”.


  • Lou Gramm- lead vocals, percussion
  • Mick Jones- guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, synthesizers
  • Rick Wills- bass, backing vocals
  • Dennis Elliott- drums
  • Wally Badarou- analog and digital synthesizers
  • Tom Bailey– vocals
  • Brian Eddolls – synthesizer
  • Larry Fast– synthesizer
  • Don Harper- backing vocals
  • Jennifer Holliday- backing vocals
  • Dave Lebolt – synthesizer
  • Ian Lloyd- backing vocals
  • Bob Mayo- synthesizer, piano, backing vocals
  • New Jersey Mass Choir of the GMWA – backing vocals
  • Mark Rivera- saxophone, backing vocals
  • Jack Waldman– synthesizer
  • Thompson Twins- backing vocals
  • Josh Abbey, Larry Alexander, Joe Ferla, Frank Filipetti, Howie Lindeman – engineers
  • Assistant engineers: Bobby Cohen, Tim Crich, Scott Mabuchi
  • Original mastering: Ted Jensen
  • Art direction, design: Bob Defrin

Track listing:

  1. Tooth and Nail – Lou Gramm, Mick Jones
  2. That Was Yesterday – Lou Gramm, Mick Jones
  3. I Want to Know What Love Is – Mick Jones
  4. Growing Up the Hard Way – Lou Gramm, Mick Jones
  5. Reaction to Action – Mick Jones, Lou Gramm
  6. Stranger in My Own House – Mick Jones
  7. A Love in Vain – Mick Jones, Lou Gramm
  8. Down on Love – Mick Jones, Lou Gramm
  9. Two Different Worlds – Lou Gramm
  10. She’s Too Tough – Mick Jones, Lou Gramm



On December 7, 1973.


On December 7, 1973, “Atlantic” label released “Tales from Topographic Oceans”, the sixth Yes studio album. It  was recorded in 1973, at the “Morgan Studios” in London, and was produced by Eddy Offord, Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White.  Rick Wakeman disagreed with the direction that Yes took and spent little time writing and recording with them, and he left the band in 1974.

  • Jon Anderson– lead vocals, harp, drums, percussion
  • Steve Howe– guitars, vocals
  • Chris Squire– bass guitar, timpani, vocals
  • Rick Wakeman– Minimoog synthesiser, Mellotron, Hammond organ, pipe organ, RMI Electra Piano, grand piano
  • Alan White– drums, percussion, piano
  • Guy Bidmead – tapes
  • Mansell Litho – plates
  • Roger Dean– cover design, illustrations

Track listing:

All lyrics by Jon Anderson and Steve Howe, all music by Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White.

  1. The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)
  2. The Remembering (High the Memory)
  3. The Ancient (Giants Under the Sun)
  4. Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil)

On December 7, 1977.

Goldmark jpg

On December 7, 1977, Peter Carl Goldmark (Hungarian: Goldmark Péter Károly) died aged 71. Goldmark was German-Hungarian inventor and engineer, who, during his work in “Columbia Records” in 1945, invented the long-playing microgroove 33-1/3 rpm record, which revolutionized the way people listened to music.

On December 7, 1973.

Angels Egg

On December 7, 1973, “Virgin” label released “Angels Egg”, the fifth Gong album. It was recorded August 1973, at the “Manor Mobile” in France, and was produced by Gong. ”Angels Egg” is the second of the Gong’s “Radio Gnome” trilogy of albums, following “Flying Teapot” and preceding “You”.


  • Bloomdido Bad De Grass (Didier Malherbe) – tenor / soprano  saxophone , floot, bi-focal vocal
  • Shakti Yoni (Gilli Smyth) – space whisper, loin cackle
  • Being esq. (Mike Howlett, spelled Howlitt on composer credits) – basso profundo
  • Capt. Hillage (Steve Hillage) – lewd guitar
  • Hi T. Moonweed (the favourite) (Tim Blake) – Cynthia “size a”, lady voce
  • Pierre de Strasbourg (Pierre Moerlen, spelled Moerlin on composer credits) – bread & batteur drums, vibes, marimba
  • Mirielle de Strasbourg (Mireille Bauer) – glockenspiel
  • Dingo Virgin (Daevid Allen) – local vocals, aluminium croon, glissando guitar

Track listing

  1. Other Side of the Sky – Tim Blake, Daevid Allen
  2. Sold to the Highest Buddha – Mike Howlett, Daevid Allen
  3. Castle in the Clouds – Steve Hillage
  4. Prostitute Poem – Gilli Smyth, Steve Hillage
  5. Givin My Luv to You – Daevid Allen
  6. Selene – Daevid Allen
  7. Flute Salad – Didier Malherbe
  8. Oily Way – Daevid Allen, Didier Malherbe
  9. Outer Temple – Tim Blake, Steve Hillage
  10. Inner Temple – Daevid Allen, Didier Malherbe
  11. Percolations – Pierre Moerlen
  12. Love is How u Make It – Pierre Moerlen, Daevid Allen
  13. I Niver Glid Before – Steve Hillage
  14. Eat That Phone Book Coda – Didier Malherbe


On December 7, 1973.


On December 7, 1973, “Gordy” label released “1990”, album by The Temptations. It was recorded in 1973, and was produced by Norman Whitfield.  As The Temptations were dissatisfied with Whitfield’s socially conscious message tracks, which were by now failing commercially, ”1990” was the last album written and produced by Norman Whitfield.


  • Dennis Edwards: vocals
  • Damon Harris: vocals
  • Richard Street: vocals
  • Melvin Franklin: vocals
  • Otis Williams: vocals
  • The Funk Brothers and Rose Royce: instrumentation
  • Jack Ashford – tambourine
  • Don Baldwin – keyboards, wind, synthesizer
  • George Bohanon – trombone
  • Kenji Brown – guitar
  • Ollie E. Brown – drums
  • Dennis Coffey – guitar
  • Kenneth Copeland – trumpet
  • Fred Dunn – trumpet
  • Zachary Fraizer – drims
  • James Gadson – drums
  • Henry Gamer Jr. – drums
  • Ed Green – drums
  • Bobbye Hall – congas
  • Eddie Hazel – guitar
  • James Jamerson – bass
  • Leqyeint Jobe – bass
  • Michael Moore – saxophone
  • Billy “Bass” Nelson – bass
  • Victor Nix – keyboards
  • Melvin ”Wah Wah” Ragin – guitar
  • Terral ”Terry” Santiel – congas
  • Earl Van Dyke – keyboards
  • Wah – Wah Watson – guitar
  • Eddie Willis – guitar
  • Jim Britt – photography
  • Don Baldwin – design
  • John Cabalka – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Norman Whitfield.

  1. Let Your Hair Down
  2. I Need You
  3. Heavenly
  4. You’ve Got My Soul on Fire
  5. Ain’t No Justice
  6. 1990
  7. Zoom



On December 7, 1971.


On December 7, 1971, “Apple” label released “Wild Life”, the debut Wings album.  It was recorded July – August 1971 at the “Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by  Paul and Linda McCartney.


  • Paul McCartney– vocals, bass guitar, guitar, piano, keyboards, percussion
  • Linda McCartney– keyboards, piano, percussion, vocals
  • Denny Laine– guitars, bass guitar, percussion, keyboards, vocals
  • Denny Seiwell– drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul and Linda McCartney, except where noted.

  1. Mumbo
  2. Bip Bop
  3. Love Is Strange – Mickey Baker, Sylvia Vanderpool, Ethel Smith
  4. Wild Life
  5. Some People Never Know
  6. I Am Your Singer
  7. Tomorrow
  8. Dear Friend