Tears for Fears: The Hurting

On March 7, 1983, “Mercury” label released “The Hurting”, the debut Tears for Fears studio album. It was recorded 1982 – 1983, and was produced by Chris Hughes and Ross Cullum.


  • Roland Orzabal – lead and backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, rhythm programming
  • Curt Smith – lead and backing vocals, bass, keyboards
  • Ian Stanley – keyboards programming, computer programming
  • Manny Elias – drums, rhythm programming
  • Chris Hughes – rhythm programming, tuned percussion, conducting
  • Ross Cullum – jazz high, dynamic toggle percussion
  • Mel Collins – saxophones
  • Phil Palmer – Palmer picking guitar
  • Caroline Orzabal – child vocal

Track listing:

All tracks by Roland Orzabal.

  1. The Hurting
  2. Mad World
  3. Pale Shelter
  4. Ideas as Opiates
  5. Memories Fade
  6. Suffer the Children
  7. Watch Me Bleed
  8. Change
  9. The Prisoner
  10. Start of the Breakdown

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