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On February 9, 1979.

On February 9, 1979, “Arista” label released “Downwind”, the third Pierre Moerlen’s Gong album (it was the first to be released under that name, the previous two having been released as Gong albums for contractual reasons). It was recorded June – September 1978, and was produced by Pierre Moerlen.


  • Pierre Moerlen– lead vocals, drums, vibraphone, marimba, concert toms, timpani, organ, synthesizer, electric piano, assorted percussion
  • Hansford Rowe– bass
  • Ross Record – vocals, guitar
  • Benoît Moerlen– vibraphon
  • François Causse – percussion
  • Didier Lockwood– violin
  • Didier Malherbe– saxophone
  • Mike Oldfield- guitar, solina strings, bass, Irish drum
  • Steve Winwood– synthesizer
  • Terry Oldfield– flute
  • Mick Taylor- guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Pierre Moerlen, except where noted.

  1. Aeroplane – Pierre Moerlen, Ruan O’Lochlain
  2. Crosscurrents
  3. Downwind
  4. Jin-Go-Lo-Ba – Babatunde Olatunji
  5. What You Know – Pierre Moerlen, Ruan O’Lochlain
  6. Emotions
  7. Xtasea



On May 23, 1988.

On May 23, 1988, “Blackheart” label released “Up Your Alley”, the sixth Joan Jett and the Blackhearts studio album. It was recorded in 1988 and was produced by Kenny Laguna, Ric Browde and Desmond Child.


  • Joan Jett– lead vocals; guitars
  • Ricky Byrd – lead guitars
  • Thommy Price– drums
  • Kasim Sulton– bass guitar
  • The Uptown Horns:
    • Crispin Choe – baritone saxophone
    • Arno Hecht – tenor saxophone
    • Paul Litteral – trumpet
    • Robert Funk – trombone
  • Ronnie Lawson – keyboards
  • Mick Taylor– guitar solo
  • Frank Carillo– guitar; backing vocals
  • Kenny Laguna– various instruments; backing vocals
  • Desmond Child, Chuck Kentis, Louie Merlino, Paul Carrizzo – backing vocals
  • Thom Panunzio– associate producer; engineer; mixer
  • Jay Healy – engineer; mixer
  • Arthur Payson, James A. Ball, John Aiosa – engineer
  • Andrew Spigleman, David Cook, Rich Travali, Roger Talkov, Scott Forman, Teddy Trewhella, Thom Cadley – assistant engineer
  • Bob Ludwig– mastering

Track listing:

  1. I Hate Myself for Loving You – Joan Jett, Desmond Child
  2. Ridin’ with James Dean – Joan Jett, Ricky Byrd, Ric Browde
  3. Little Liar – Joan Jett, Desmond Child
  4. Tulane – Chuck Berry
  5. I Wanna Be Your Dog – Dave Alexander, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Iggy Pop
  6. I Still Dream About You – Joan Jett, Ricky Bird, Gary Rottger
  7. You Want In, I Want Out – Joan Jett, Desmond Child
  8. Just Like in the Movies – Joan Jett, Ric Browde, Ricky Byrd, Kenny Laguna
  9. Desire – Joan Jett, Diane Warren, Kenny Laguna
  10. Back It Up – Joan Jett, Ricky Bird, Ric Browde
  11. Play That Song Again – Joan Jett, Ricky Bird, Frank Carillo

In November 1968.

In November 1968, “Decca” label released “Blues from Laurel Canyon”, the ninth  John Mayall album. It was recorded in August 1968, at “Decca Studios” in London, and was produced by Mike Vernon and John Mayall. It was his first album after the breakup of his band the Bluesbreakers in July 1968.


  • John Mayall– guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
  • Mick Taylor– guitar, pedal steel guitar
  • Colin Allen– drums, tabla
  • Steve Thompson – bass guitar
  • Peter Green– guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by John Mayall.

  1. Vacation
  2. Walking on Sunset
  3. Laurel Canyon Home
  4. 2401
  5. Ready to Ride
  6. Medicine Man
  7. Somebody’s Acting Like a Child
  8. The Bear
  9. Miss James
  10. First Time Alone
  11. Long Gone Midnight
  12. Fly Tomorrow

In October 1968.

In October 1969, “Deram” label released “The Battle of North West Six”, the second Keef Hartley Band album. It was recorded in 1969, and was produced by Neil Slaven.


  • Keef Hartley– drums, percussion
  • Miller Anderson– vocals, guitars
  • Henry Lowther– trumpet, flugelhorn, violin, brass arrangements
  • Jim Jewell, Chris Mercer– tenor saxophone
  • Gary Thain– bass guitar
  • “Spit James” (Ian Cruickshank) – guitar
  • Mick Weaver– organ, piano, percussion
  • Mike Davis – trumpet
  • Harry Beckett– trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Lyn Dobson– tenor saxophone, flute
  • Barbara Thompson– baritone saxophone, flute
  • Ray Warleigh– flute
  • Mick Taylor– guitar
  • Derek Varnals – recording engineer
  • Adrian Martins, John Punter– assistant engineer
  • Art Wood– artwork
  • Richard Sacks – photography

Track listing:

  1. The Dansette Kid / Hartley Jam for Bread – Fiona Hewitson, Spit James, Keef Hartley, Gary Thain
  2. Don’t Give Up – Fiona Hewitson, Spit James, Keef Hartley, Gary Thain
  3. Me and My Woman – Gene Barge
  4. Hickory – Fiona Hewitson, Spit James, Keef Hartley, Gary Thain
  5. Don’t Be Afraid – Fiona Hewitson, Spit James, Keef Hartley, Peter Dines, Gary Thain
  6. Not Foolish, Not Wise – Fiona Hewitson, Spit James, Keef Hartley, Gary Thain
  7. Waiting Around – Fiona Hewitson, Keef Hartley, Gary Thain
  8. Tadpole – Fiona Hewitson, Keef Hartley, Gary Thain
  9. Poor Mabel (You’re Just Like Me) – Fiona Hewitson, Spit James, Keef Hartley, Gary Thain
  10. Believe In You – Fiona Hewitson, Keef Hartley, Gary Thain

In July 1968.

In July 1968, “Polydor” label released “Wheels of Fire”, the third Cream album. It was recorded in 1968, and was produced by Felix Pappalardi. The album artwork was by Martin Sharp and the photography was by Jim Marshall. It was also released as two single long-players, Wheels of Fire – In the Studio,  and Wheels of Fire – Live at the Fillmore. In 2012, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked “Wheels of Fire” at number 205 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. The album was certified Platinum in Australia by “ARIA”, Platinum in UK by “BPI”, and Platinum in US by “RIIA”.


  • Jack Bruce– vocals, lead vocals, bass, cello, harmonica, calliope, acoustic guitar, recorder
  • Ginger Baker– drums, percussion, bells, glockenspiel, timpani, spoken word
  • Eric Clapton– guitar, vocals
  • Felix Pappalardi– viola, bells, organ, trumpet, tonette
  • Tom Dowd– recording engineer
  • Adrian Barber– recording engineer

Track listing:

  1. White Room – Jack Bruce, Pete Brown
  2. Sitting on Top of the World – Walter Vinson, Lonnie Chatmon; Chester Burnett
  3. Passing the Time – Ginger Baker, Mike Taylor
  4. As You Said – Jack Bruce, Pete Brown
  5. Pressed Rat and Warthog – Ginger Baker, Mick Taylor
  6. Politician – Jack Bruce, Pete Brown
  7. Those Were the Days – Ginger Baker, Mick Taylor
  8. Born Under a Bad Sign – Booker T. Jones, William Bell
  9. Deserted Cities of the Heart – Jack Bruce, Pete Brown

In March 1971.


In March 1971, “Polydor” label released “Back to the Roots”, the fifteen John Mayall album. It was recorded 15-25 November 1970, in London and California, and was produced by John Mayall.


  • Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Harvey Mandel, Jerry McGee – guitars
  • Larry Taylor, Steven Thompson – bass
  • Keef Hartley, Paul Lagos – drums
  • Johnny Almond – saxophone, flute
  • John Mayall– guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboards, vocals
  • Don “Sugarcane” Harris– violin

Track listing:

All tracks by John Mayall.

  1. Prisons on the Road
  2. My Children
  3. Accidental Suicide
  4. Groupie Girl
  5. Blue Fox
  6. Home Again
  7. Television Eye
  8. Marriage Madness
  9. Looking at Tomorrow
  10. Dream with Me
  11. Full Speed Ahead
  12. Censor Man
  13. Force of Nature
  14. Boogie Albert
  15. Goodbye December
  16. Unanswered Questions
  17. Devil’s Tricks
  18. Travelling


On October 27, 1983.


On October 27, 1983, “Columbia” label released “Infidels”, the twenty-second Bob Dylan studio album. It was recorded April–May 1983, at the “Power Station” in New York, and was produced by Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan.


  • Bob Dylan– guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
  • Alan Clark– keyboards
  • Sly Dunbar– drums, percussion
  • Clydie King– vocals
  • Mark Knopfler– guitar
  • Robbie Shakespeare– bass guitar
  • Mick Taylor– guitar

Track listing:I and I,

All tracks by Bob Dylan.

  1. Jokerman
  2. Sweetheart Like You
  3. Neighborhood Bully
  4. License to Kill
  5. Man of Peace
  6. Union Sundown
  7. I and I
  8. Don’t Fall Apart on Me Tonight