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On July 19, 2011.

On July 19, 2011, “311” and “ATO” labels released “Universal Pulse”, a mini-LP and the tenth 311 studio album. It was recorded 2010 – 2011, at “The Hive” in Hollywood, and was produced by Bob Rock.


  • Nick Hexum– vocals, rhythm and lead guitar; programming
  • Doug “SA” Martinez– vocals, turntables
  • Tim Mahoney– lead guitar
  • P-Nut– bass
  • Chad Sexton– drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Time Bomb – lyrics by Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills, music by Nick Hexum, Tim Mahoney
  2. Wild Nights – lyrics by Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, music by Nick Hexum, Chad Sexton
  3. Sunset in July – lyrics by Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills, music by Nick Hexum, Chad Sexton
  4. Trouble – Nick Hexum
  5. Count Me In – lyrics by Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, music by Nick Hexum
  6. Rock On – lyrics by Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, music by Nick Hexum
  7. Weightless – lyrics by Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, music by Nick Hexum
  8. And a Ways to Go – lyrics by Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, music by Nick Hexum, Aaron “P-Nut” Wills

In July 1983.

In July 1983, “EG” label released “Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks”, the ninth Brian Eno studio album. It was recorded in 1983, at “Grant Avenue Studio” in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and was produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.


  • Musicians: Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno
  • Russell Mills- cover art
  • Mastered by Greg Calbi

Track listing:

  1. Under Stairs – Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois
  2. The Secret Place – Daniel Lanois
  3. Matta – Brian Eno
  4. Signals – Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois
  5. An Ending (Ascent) – Brian Eno
  6. Under Stars II – Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois
  7. Drift – Roger Eno, Brian Eno
  8. Silver Morning – Daniel Lanois
  9. Deep Blue Day – Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno
  10. Weightless – Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Roger Eno
  11. Always Returning – Brian Eno, Roger Eno
  12. Stars – Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois


On June 7, 2011.

On June 7, 2011, “Dine Alone” label released “Little Hell”, the third City and Colour album. It was recorded January – February 2011 at “Catherine North Studios” in Hamilton,  Canada, and was produced by Alex Newport.


  • Dallas Green– vocals, guitar, piano
  • Daniel Romano– guitars, bass guitar, harmonies, pedal steel, organ, piano
  • Dylan Green – drums, percussion
  • Scott Remila – bass guitar, harmonies
  • Nick Skalkos– drums
  • Misha Bower – harmonies
  • Anna Jarvis – cello

Track listing:

All tracks by Dallas Green.

  1. We Found Each Other in the Dark
  2. Natural Disaster
  3. The Grand Optimist
  4. Little Hell
  5. Fragile Bird
  6. Northern Wind
  7. O’ Sister
  8. Weightless
  9. Sorrowing Man
  10. Silver and Gold
  11. Hope for Now


In March 1982.

In March 1982, “Venice in Peril” label released “The Golden Age of Wireless” the debut Thomas Dolby album. It was recorded in 1981, and was produced by Thomas Dolby and Tim Friese-Greene.


  • Thomas Dolby – vocals, drum programs, wave computer, backing vocals, synthesizer, piano, monk voice, kalimba
  • James Allen – backing vocals
  • Kevin Armstrong– guitar, backing vocals
  • Dave Birch – guitar, monk voice
  • Bosco – percussion
  • Les Chappel – backing vocals
  • Judy Evans – backing vocals
  • Lesley Fairbairn – backing vocals
  • Mark Heyward-Chaplin – bass guitar
  • Justin Hildreth – drums
  • Simon House– violin
  • Tim Kerr – violin
  • Mutt Lange– backing vocals
  • Simon Lloyd – leadline brass, flute
  • Lene Lovich– backing vocals
  • John Marsh – shipping forecast
  • Daniel Miller– synthesizer
  • Guido Orlando – Chilean translations, distress, grace
  • Andy Partridge– harmonica, percussion
  • Magnus Pyke– voiceover
  • Matthew Seligman– Moog bass
  • Miriam Stockley – backing vocals
  • Bruce Woolley– backing vocals, monk voice
  • Akiko Yano– backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Thomas Dolby, except where noted.

  1. Flying North
  2. Commercial Breakup – Thomas Dolby, Tim Kerr
  3. Weightless
  4. Europa and the Pirate Twins
  5. Windpower
  6. The Wreck of The Fairchild
  7. Airwaves
  8. Radio Silence
  9. Cloudburst at Shingle Street

On August 31, 1992.

Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells_2

On August 31, 1992, “Warner Bros.” label released “Tubular Bells II” the fifteen Mike Oldfield album . The album title and concept followed the highly commercially successful and critically acclaimed 1973’s album “Tubular bells”.  It was recorded at “Roughwood Croft” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Trevor Horn, Tom Newman and Mike Oldfield.


  • Mike Oldfield– vocals, acoustic guitars, banjo, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, flamenco guitar, glockenspiel, Lowrey organ, Hammond organ, Farfisa organ, mandolin, percussion, piano, synthesisers, timpani, twelve-string guitar, tubular bells
  • Sally Bradshaw– vocals
  • Celtic Bevy Band – bagpipes
  • Eric Caudieux– programming, digital sounds
  • Edie Lehmann – vocals
  • Susannah Melvoin– vocals
  • Jamie Muhoberac– keyboards, special effects
  • Steve Payne– bass guitar

Track listing:

All tracks  by Mike Oldfield.

  1. Sentinel
  2. Dark Star
  3. Clear Light
  4. Blue Saloon
  5. Sunjammer
  6. Red Dawn
  7. The Bell
  8. Weightless
  9. The Great Plain
  10. Sunset Door
  11. Tattoo
  12. Altered State
  13. Maya Gold
  14. Moonshine