City and Colour: Little Hell

On June 7, 2011, “Dine Alone” label released “Little Hell”, the third City and Colour album. It was recorded January – February 2011 at “Catherine North Studios” in Hamilton,  Canada, and was produced by Alex Newport.


  • Dallas Green– vocals, guitar, piano
  • Daniel Romano– guitars, bass guitar, pedal steel, organ, piano, harmonies
  • Scott Remila – bass guitar, harmonies
  • Dylan Green – drums, percussion
  • Nick Skalkos – drums
  • Anna Jarvis – cello
  • Misha Bower – harmonies

Track listing:

All tracks by Dallas Green.

  1. We Found Each Other in the Dark
  2. Natural Disaster
  3. The Grand Optimist
  4. Little Hell
  5. Fragile Bird
  6. Northern Wind
  7. O’ Sister
  8. Weightless
  9. Sorrowing Man
  10. Silver and Gold
  11. Hope for Now

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