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In February 1978.

In February 1978, “Harvest” label released “Drastic Plastic”, the fifth and the final Be-Bop Deluxe album. It was recorded in 1977, at “Chateau Saint Georges” in Juan-les-Pins, in France, and was produced by John Leckie and Bill Nelson.


  • Bill Nelson– lead vocals, electric, acoustic and 12-string guitars, mandolin, guitar synthesizer, piano, percussion
  • Andy Clark- keyboards and synthesizers
  • Charlie Tumahai- bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Simon Fox- drums, loops

Track listing:

All tracks by Bill Nelson.

  1. Electrical Language
  2. New Precision
  3. New Mysteries
  4. Surreal Estate
  5. Love in Flames
  6. Panic in the World
  7. Dangerous Stranger
  8. Superenigmatix (Lethal Appliances for the Home with Everything)
  9. Visions of Endless Hopes
  10. Possession
  11. Islands of the Dead



On February 15, 1980.


On February 15, 1980, “F-Beat” label released “Get Happy!!”, the fourth Elvis Costello album, third one with the Attractions. It was recorded in October 1979, and was produced by Nick Lowe. Album sleeve was designed by “F-Beat” art director Barney Bubbles. Magazine “Rolling Stone” ranked “Get Happy” at number 11 of its list of the “100 Greatest Albums of the 1980s”. In 2012, “Slant”  magazine ranked the album at number 68 on its list of “Best Albums of the 1980s.


  • Elvis Costello– vocals, guitar, organ, all instruments on “New Amsterdam”
  • Steve Nieve– piano, organ
  • Bruce Thomas– bass, harmonica
  • Pete Thomas– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Elvis Costello except where noted.

  1. Love for Tender
  2. Opportunity
  3. The Imposter
  4. Secondary Modern
  5. King Horse
  6. Possession
  7. Man Called Uncle
  8. Clowntime Is Over
  9. New Amsterdam
  10. High Fidelity
  11. I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down – Homer Banks, Allen Jones
  12. Black & White World
  13. 5ive Gears in Reverse
  14. B Movie
  15. Motel Matches
  16. Human Touch
  17. Beaten to the Punch
  18. Temptation
  19. I Stand Accused – Tony Colton, Ray Smith
  20. Riot Act

On January 22, 1968.


On January 22, 1968, “Atco” label released “Heavy”, the debut Iron Butterfly studio album.  It was recorded in October 1967, and was produced by Charles Greene and Brian Stone.


  • Darryl DeLoach- tambourine, backing and lead vocals
  • Danny Weis- guitar
  • Doug Ingle- organ, lead and backing vocals
  • Jerry Penrod- bass, backing and co-lead vocals
  • Ron Bushy- drums

Track listing:

  1. Possession – Doug Ingle
  2. Unconscious Power – Ron Bushy, Doug Ingle, Danny Weis
  3. Get Out of My Life, Woman – Allen Toussaint
  4. Gentle as It May Seem – Darryl DeLoach, Danny Weis
  5. You Can’t Win – Darryl DeLoach, Danny Weis
  6. So-Lo – Darryl DeLoach, Doug Ingle
  7. Look for the Sun – Darryl DeLoach, Doug Ingle, Danny Weis
  8. Fields of Sun – Darryl DeLoach, Doug Ingle
  9. Stamped Ideas – Darryl DeLoach, Doug Ingle
  10. Iron Butterfly Theme – Doug Ingle