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On June 11, 2002.

On June 11, 2002, “Concord Jazz” label released self-titled, second Maia Sharp album. It was recorded in 2002, and was produced by Maia Sharp, Randy Sharp and Mark Addison.


  • Maia Sharp – vocals, djembe,guitars, flute, Harmonium, keyboards, organ, percussion sequencing, piano, sampling, tenor saxophone , shaker, tambourine, vibraphone, Wurlitzer, engineer
  • Mark Addison – electric guitar, piano, strings, Hi Hat
  • Randy Sharp – background vocals, guitars, mandolin, tambourine, bass, engineer, mixing
  • Andy Georges – background vocals, guitars, bass, djembe
  • Daris Adkiins – electric guitar
  • David Batteau, Jerry Jones – guitars
  • Janet Robin – 6 string bass, banjo
  • Jimmy Earl – bass, loop
  • Joe Zimmerman – bass (acoustic and electric)
  • Chris Ralles – drums, percussion, shaker
  • Ronnie Manaog – drums
  • Joshua Segal – violin, viola
  • Jonathan Brooke, Mark Lennon – background vocals
  • Abbey Anna – art direction
  • Andrea R. Nelson – art direction, design
  • Sharon Bays, Mitch Tobias – photography

Track listing:

  1. Crimes of the Witness – Maia Sharp, Randy Sharp
  2. Willing to Burn – Nathan December, Colin James, Maia Sharp
  3. Long Way Home – Maia Sharp
  4. Sinners – Andy Georges, Maia Sharp
  5. Crooked Crown – David Batteau, Maia Sharp
  6. Lightning – Rose, Maia Sharp
  7. One Good Reason – Susan Ashton, Maia Sharp
  8. Happiness – Janet Robin, Maia Sharp
  9. Understudies – Buddy Mondlock, Maia Sharp
  10. Your Own Justice – Maia Sharp
  11. You Can’t Lose Them All – Kim Richey, Maia Sharp, Paul Thorn
  12. Ghosts – Maia Sharp, Randy Sharp

In July 1981.

In July 1981, “ZE” label released the debut, self-titled “Was (Not Was)” album. It was recorded January-March 1981;at “Sound Suite” in Detroit, Michigan, and was produced by David Was, Don Was, Jack Tann and Michael Zilkha.


  • David Was- vocals, alto saxophone, piano
  • Don Was- vocals, bass, vibraphone, Moog synthesizer, clavinet,
  • Sir Harry Bowens – vocals
  • Sweet Pea Atkinson – vocals
  • Bruce Nazarian, Ricardo Rouse, Wayne Kramer- guitar
  • Jervonny Collier, Lamont Johnson, Bruce Nazarian – bass
  • Franklin K. Funklyn McCullers, Jerry Jones – drums
  • Larry Fratangelo, Kevin Tschirhart, Carl “Butch” Small – percussion
  • Gary Stuck, Jim Matthews, Les Chambers – additional percussion
  • Irwin Krinsky – piano
  • Luis Resto, Raymond Johnson, Mark Johnson – keyboards
  • David McMurray, Armand Angeloni – saxophone
  • Marcus Belgrave- trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Mack Pitt – mandolin
  • Carol Hall, Carolyn Crawford, Kathy Kosins, Michelle Goulet, Sheila Horne – background vocals
  • Anthony Was, Kim Heron, Lamont Zodiac, Mark J. Norton, Mitchell Jacobs, Mrs. Martinez’s Fifth Hour Vocal Music Class, Birney Middle School, Pam Schlom, Richard Pinkston, Rick Cushingberry, Rubin Weiss, Ruth Seymore, Tom Brzezina – additional vocals
  • Johnny Allen- string arrangement
  • Michael Zilkha- executive producer

Track listing:

All tracks by David Was and Don Was; except where noted.

  1. Out Come the Freaks
  2. Where Did Your Heart Go?
  3. Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
  4. Oh, Mr. Friction
  5. Carry Me Back to Old Morocco – David Was, Don Was, Doug Fieger
  6. It’s an Attack! – David Was, Don Was, Goss
  7. The Sky’s Ablaze
  8. ..Now! – David Was, Don Was, Ron Banks