James Dean Bradfield: Even in Exile

On August 14, 2020, “MontyRay” label, released “Even in Exile”, the second James Dean Bradfield album. It was recorded in 2019, at “Door to the River Studio” in Caerleon, Wales, UK, and was produced by Loz Williams.“Even in Exile” is a concept album based on the life and death of the Chilean activist, singer and poet Víctor Jara, with lyrics by poet and playwright Patrick Jones.


  • James Dean Bradfield – vocals, guitar, double bass, bass, harmonica, piano, keyboards 
  • Richard Beak – drums
  • Loz Williams – engineer
  • Dave Eringa – mixing
  • Matt Colton – mastering
  • S Mark Gubb – artwork, design, layout

Track listing:

All lyrics by Patrick Jones, all music by James Dean Bradfield, except where noted.

  1. Recuerda
  2. The Boy from the Plantation
  3. There’ll Come a War
  4. Seeking the Room with the Three Windows – James Dean Bradfield, Richard Beak, Loz Williams
  5. Thirty Thousand Milk Bottles
  6. Under the Mimosa Tree – James Dean Bradfield, Gavin Fitzjohn
  7. From the Hands of Violeta
  8. Without Knowing the End (Joan’s Song)
  9. La Partida
  10. The Last Song
  11. Santiago Sunrise

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