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On November 25, 2016.

On November 25, 2016, “Park” label released “Dodgy Bastards”, the twenty-third Steeleye Span album. The album draws on the work of 19th century American scholar Francis James Child’s and his collection of English and Scottish Ballads.


  1. Maddy Prior– vocals
  2. Jessie May Smart- violin, vocals
  3. Rick Kemp- bass, vocals
  4. Julian Littman- guitars, mandolin, keyboards, vocals
  5. Spud Sinclair- guitars, vocals
  6. Liam Genockey- drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Cruel Brother
  2. All Things Are Quite Silent
  3. Johnnie Armstrong
  4. Boys Of Bedlam
  5. Brown Robin’s Confession
  6. Two Sisters
  7. Cromwell’s Skull
  8. Dodgy Bastards
  9. Gulliver Gentle And Rosemary
  10. The Gardener
  11. Bad Bones
  12. The Lofty Tall Ship / Shallow Brown




On July 23, 1996.

On July 23, 1996, “American” label released “Three Snakes and One Charm”, the fourth Black Crowes studio album. It was recorded in 1995, and was produced by Jack Joseph Puig, Chris Robinson, Rich Robinson, Marc Ford, Eddie Harsch, Johnny Colt and Steve Gorman.


  • Chris Robinson– vocals
  • Rich Robinson– guitar
  • Marc Ford– guitar
  • Eddie Harsch– keyboards
  • Johnny Colt– bass guitar
  • Steve Gorman– drums
  • The Dirty Dozen – horns, arrangements
  • Bruce Kaphan – pedal steel
  • Rik Taylor – banjo
  • Gary “Mudbone” Cooper, Garry Shider, Barbara Mitchell, Erica Stewart – backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. Under a Mountain
  2. Good Friday
  3. Nebakanezer
  4. One Mirror Too Many
  5. Blackberry
  6. Girl from a Pawnshop
  7. (Only) Halfway to Everywhere
  8. Bring On, Bring On
  9. How Much for Your Wings?
  10. Let Me Share the Ride
  11. Better When You’re Not Alone
  12. Evil Eye

In June 1985.

In June 1985, “Kitchenware” label released “Steve McQueen”, the second Prefab Sprout studio album. It was recorded 1984 – 1985, at “Nomis Studios” in London, and was produced by Thomas Dolby. Due to legal conflict with the estate of American actor Steve McQueen, the album was released in US by the name “The Wheels Good”.


  • Neil Conti– drums, percussion
  • Martin McAloon – bass
  • Paddy McAloon– composition, guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Wendy Smith – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Kevin Armstrong– guitar
  • Mark Lockhart – saxophone
  • Matt Barry, Brian Evans, Tim Hunt, Dana, Andy Scarth, Chris Sheldon, Kathy Smith, Sven Taits – engineering
  • Thomas Dolby– instruments, mixing
  • East Orange – sleeve design
  • Mike Shipley – mixing, mixdown engineering
  • Phil Thornally – mixing
  • John Warwick – photography, hand-colouring

Track listing:

All tracks by Paddy McAloon.

  1. Faron Young
  2. Bonny
  3. Appetite
  4. When Love Breaks Down
  5. Goodbye Lucille #1
  6. Hallelujah
  7. Moving the River
  8. Horsin’ Around
  9. Desire As
  10. Blueberry Pies
  11. When the Angels

On April 8, 2003.

On April 8, 2003, “American” label released “Rainy Day Music”, the seventh  Jayhawks album. It was recorded in 2002, at “Sunset Sound Recording Studio” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Ethan Johns,


  • Gary Louris– guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Marc Perlman – bass, guitar, mandolin, drums
  • Tim O’Reagan – drums, percussion, guitar, conga, vocals
  • Stephen McCarthy – guitar, pedal steel guitar, banjo, lap steel guitar, vocals
  • Richard Causon – piano, accordion, harmonium, keyboards, Hammond organ
  • Ethan Johns– dulcimer, guitar, drums, piano, percussion, harmonium, pump organ, guitar loops
  • Bernie Leadon– banjo
  • Jakob Dylan– vocals
  • Matthew Sweet– vocals
  • Chris Stills – vocals, percussion
  • Ethan Johns –engineer
  • Ed Ackerson – engineer
  • Richard Dodd – mastering
  • Craig Allen – design
  • Martyn Atkins – photography
  • Chris Reynolds – assistant engineer
  • Rick Rubin– art direction

Track listing:

All songs by Gary Louris except where noted.

  1. Stumbling Through the Dark – Gary Louris, Matthew Sweet
  2. Tailspin
  3. All the Right Reasons
  4. Save It for a Rainy Day
  5. Eyes of Sarahjane
  6. One Man’s Problem
  7. Don’t Let the World Get in Your Way -Tim O’Reagan
  8. Come to the River
  9. Angelyne
  10. Madman
  11. You Look So Young
  12. Tampa to Tulsa – Tim O’Reagan
  13. Will I See You in Heaven – Marc Perlman
  14. Stumbling Through the Dark (Reprise) – Gary Louris, Matthew Sweet



On May 23, 1994.


On May 23, 1994, “4AD” label released “Teenager of the Year” the second Frank Black solo album. It was recorded at “American” in Calabasas, in California, and was produced by Eric Drew Feldman, Frank Black and Al Clay.


  • Frank Black: vocals, guitar
  • Eric Drew Feldman: bass, keyboards, synthetics
  • Nick Vincent: drums, bass
  • Lyle Workman: lead guitar
  • Joey Santiago: lead guitar
  • Morris Tepper: lead guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Black Francis.

  1. Whatever Happened to Pong?
  2. Thalassocracy
  3. (I Want to Live on an) Abstract Plain
  4. Calistan
  5. The Vanishing Spies
  6. Speedy Marie
  7. Headache
  8. Sir Rockaby
  9. Freedom Rock
  10. Two Reelers
  11. Fiddle Riddle
  12. Olé Mulholland
  13. Fazer Eyes
  14. I Could Stay Here Forever
  15. The Hostess with the Mostest
  16. Superabound
  17. Big Red
  18. Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
  19. White Noise Maker
  20. Pure Denizen of the Citizens Band
  21. Bad, Wicked World
  22. Pie in the Sky

On March 6, 2006.

Pay the Devil

On March 6, 2006, “Lost Highway” label released “Pay the Devil”, the thirty-second Van Morrison studio album. It was recorded in 2005, and was produced by Van Morrison. The album features twelve cover versions of American country and western songs and three original compositions.


  • Van Morrison- acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Crawford Bell – vocals
  • Trionagh Moore- vocals
  • Olwin Bell – vocals
  • Paul Godden – guitar, steel guitar
  • Mick Green- guitar
  • Karen Hamill – vocals
  • Bobby Irwin – drums
  • Ian Jennings – double bass
  • Bob Loveday – violin
  • Leon McCrum – vocals
  • Paul Riley- acoustic bass
  • Johnny Scott – guitar, vocals
  • Nicky Scott – electric bass
  • Fiachra Trench- vocals, string arrangements
  • Geraint Watkins- piano
  • Aine Whelan – vocals
  • Gavyn Wright- string section leader

Track listing:

  1. There Stands the Glass – Alize Gresham, Russ Hull, Mary Jane , Shurtz
  2. Half as Much – Curly Williams
  3. Things Have Gone to Pieces – Leon Payne
  4. Big Blue Diamonds – Earl J. Carson
  5. Playhouse – Van Morrison
  6. Your Cheatin’ Heart – Hank Williams
  7. Don’t You Make Me High – Daniel Barker, Ken Harris
  8. My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It – Clarence Williams
  9. Back Street Affair – Billy Wallace
  10. Pay the Devil – Van Morrison
  11. What Am I Living For? – Art Harris, Fred Jay
  12. This Has Got to Stop – Van Morrison
  13. Once a Day – Bill Anderson
  14. More and More – Merle Kilgore, Webb Pierce
  15. Til I Gain Control Again – Rodney Crowell



On October 3, 1967.


On October 3, 1967, Woodrow Wilson “Woody” Guthrie died aged 55. He was musician, singer-songwriter and musician whose musical legacy includes hundreds of political, traditional, children’s songs, along with ballads and improvised works. He performed with the slogan “This machine kills fascists” displayed on his guitar. His song “This Land Is Your Land” has become one of the most popular music pieces in the history of the American popular music, and is regularly sung in American schools Big number of famous musicians and authors have acknowledged Guthrie as their major influence, including:Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Harry Chapin, John Mellencamp, Pete Seeger,  Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg,Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Jeff Tweedy, and Tom Paxton.