On November 25, 2016.

On November 25, 2016, “Park” label released “Dodgy Bastards”, the twenty-third Steeleye Span album. The album draws on the work of 19th century American scholar Francis James Child’s and his collection of English and Scottish Ballads.


  1. Maddy Prior – vocals
  2. Julian Littman – vocals, guitars, mandolin, keyboards
  3. Spud Sinclair – vocals, guitars
  4. Jessie May Smart – vocals, violin
  5. Rick Kemp – vocals, bass
  6. Liam Genockey – drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. Cruel Brother
  2. All Things Are Quite Silent
  3. Johnnie Armstrong
  4. Boys Of Bedlam
  5. Brown Robin’s Confession
  6. Two Sisters
  7. Cromwell’s Skull
  8. Dodgy Bastards
  9. Gulliver Gentle And Rosemary
  10. The Gardener
  11. Bad Bones
  12. The Lofty Tall Ship / Shallow Brown

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